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Todd Helton

1-on-1 with Matt Cain

Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

Todd Helton appreciates the respect that Red Sox show him during his final game at Coors Field . . . and admits he may have gotten an on-field gift from Jake Peavy.

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    re not going over the scouting reports and holly get a Todd Helton holly could get out Carlos Gonzales to make it somewhat ..... Yesterday's game yet if at all there was one ground ball Helton hit in the first inning to of almost like a catcher

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    to be a great player for a long. And I just don't guys like you know my air player Don Mattingly. George Brett. Todd Helton . You know. How. They'll listen the list goes on guys who who didn't pole vault and initially came up again it

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    tough tournament and see what we can do. Bill well one less. Question may be lose the toughest out in this lineup is Todd Helton Affeldt got a three and two with the bases loaded. Yeah I mean what do you do you just try to throw the ball in the

  1. Helton : Red Sox show 'ultimate class'


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    Todd Helton appreciates the respect that Red Sox show him during his final game at Coors Field . . . and admits he may have gotten an on-field gift from Jake Peavy.

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    Matt Cain's big-league debut included an epic 14-pitch battle with Rockies first baseman and fellow Tennessee native Todd Helton . Andrew Baggarly looks back.

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    Jimmy Rollins' close play at first in the seventh inning ended the Phillies' threat and and their modest two-game streak in a 5-3 loss to Colorado.

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  5. Is that if you. You know just. the willingness and you know coming off the bench Helton didn't wins. a little bit of that happening. And some rest and some of the guys then. And you know on the I want to. Okay

  6. to trap him. I got the ball back costar Russell was to be aggressive and as I want to make a move towards the best equipment Helton . It's made the next best placement to best but I could that was defined clinic one. Now it's he's he's pretty good

  7. course and Jim from time to time. Outside I play and I thought sisco did a great job. With a beat engage in a basketball game Helton and that's with team is all about you know why are these guys want to play I know that and we can't get them all in the

  8. tell. A little bit and went to three balls no strikes and my first better than seventh but not so good but not suitable and Helton a good team went. Finally have to ask you about your position this ballclub you've seen this team play so well ought to get

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    range in the first half. The second quarter Warriors down to. Like that that you know they are for the putback puck. I'm Helton they decided twenties and I think that I'll write that. Celtics squad that he's done a put back at just. Philly up soon

  10. to be grateful for everything you know talk about throughout the McCain you know my team to the wings one of those target. Helton quickly to two combined here. You know sometimes you can feel good offensively that may be defensively. You know at this level

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    yourself in a hole. You know we're battling to try to make contact and I'm just look at some for all over the place trying to stay within myself and do too much and home unfortunately it. Got by Helton and use him you know stay there.

  12. the end of the day whoever whoever shakes out in that spot. Is going to be something we can lean on I mean whether it's in Helton and it's hard it's McCarthy. Who who knows these guys were talking about guys who have the top of the end rotation stuff

  13. peculiar is that a lot of teams that same people. Got. expansion. You know I think got him terribly important for us. Yeah. Helton stuck brilliantly. bit deeper that ability. Players in. On the lineup. Alou close as time goes yeah. We're getting appointment

  14. specialty. Good Thanksgiving is just. Just on sort of you know hang out and yeah. You know watchable. On one. Arm. You don't Helton and pretty hoping that the deal with the here and to help The only existing. That's a good thing. Every this. Morning

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    first one. Farm yeah get a taste of what it's like to playoffs and play in post season ball. I think it I can't think that Helton and calculate the Australian. Last year helped me. Often veterans prepare for the post seasons just with the heightened atmosphere

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    that the only change me and I'm. I was at Comerica Peter Derosa who is here and Jason the starter on the dirt kicking and Helton is and then I'm just gonna battle and you know whoever it's it's that. That's all you can ask just one You just don

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    good country did but going to the basket and so beautiful spin move soon. Pretty well actually did. The stood center had a Helton and he's favorite able to outmaneuver him but. Really took a lot of their weak side help or word has been very crowded and