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Tommy John Surgery

Eric Surkamp continues rehab from Tommy John surgery



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Tue, 24 Sep 2013|

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Areas finals I got it -- its a little weird for me to see it in dodger blue but that. Reaction from your former teammate -- has been nothing but positive glad to see back in the game 'cause it feel -- to have overcome Tommy John surgery talents. But I just -- -- up. It was a -- grind. Yeah Ellison wasn't my plan that you know I'm not living my plan. Something that I had to go through. I'm OK with it through the process took my time. No slouch to working out so that's basically why I came back and I came back strong. The end. It's really comforting to hear that my former teammates are actually happy for me. He actually talked to them in there in Philly when he signed with the Dodgers I know he actually tried out in front of the Giants to. I'm -- again -- just supportive that your back in the game when it comes down to this -- I know how much you know about the history of this rivalry how much you loved it when you are giant. Is it difficult at all to be on the other side did you have any qualms about -- the Dodgers are does -- come onto -- wanna play baseball -- -- system that plays for. Comes down to me wanna play baseball. Can't do anything about it in the doesn't want me. You know I have to play baseball for a team that wants me to go out there in uniform compete with them and that's it just happens to me ironically the Dodgers. And there. At the time we're in contention and a team that's not in contention is not gonna sign me -- why would you want me in your bullpen for the remainder. Of the season. So I can't help you. And the Dodgers were the team that felt that I can help them and the Giants and comes on that. Last time and I gotta go he's got to stretch the fans stretch and letting me -- Imus that this Santa -- bailout deal. I'm -- they still do but what would you like to say -- Giants fan -- Just stake in first to memorable times have had here guys were part of a magical run in 2010. And to two -- him on the scene isn't chestnut. You very much appreciative for your support. Who is you know -- a difficult time getting hurt but. You know I had everyone's support and and trust in and I basically is that is -- get back. Wasn't you know revenge or anything I got on the from the love for the cities and sisco and got the fans not -- fan of baseball than. I respect him so thank you and I appreciate everything you've done. I appreciate your time thank you for -- Brian Wilson.

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