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7.13: Trevor Cahill is happy to have his buddy in Anaheim


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Thu, 5 Sep 2013|

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Let's talk. Barber Giants are off for a seven game homestand commissioner mark -- -- rematch or Saturday in the desert you know Trevor -- the open a sinker -- -- he'd be drivable song. When they dueled on Saturday albeit a good game he went six gave a three run shot it was a quality start botched. They they were going after the first pitch he threw three straight hitters double single sacrifice fly they were very aggressive on his first pitch on Saturday. Well I mean that's an advantage you have of facing a team just. You know back to back -- outside feel like sometimes the offense hasn't ruled it an advantage. Just because they didn't just see you. They can -- better with the fastball they know what to expect you know the break on a breaking ball but. You know they were very aggressive early in this in -- count with Randall was on special meaning he gave up three runs and she is only -- she had the whole ball game. Pitched fairly well. Arm wasn't as sharp with his off speed stuff -- a little bit down but he's been very gets has come and offices and less than two inches and to see tomorrow how he does with those first pitch and -- prior have to throws more breaking stuff and maybe we stand some guys up with his fastball inside to keep them from diving out over the plate.

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  1. Let's talk. Barber Giants are off for a seven game homestand commissioner mark rematch or Saturday in the desert you know Trevor the open a sinker he'd be drivable song. When they dueled on Saturday albeit a good game he went six gave a three run shot it was a quality start botched. They they were

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  3. first ever edible garden. In a major American sports facility. Cahill and strawberry is an The Giants are gonna help encourage local ..... I don't want to ever get carried away and think that that Cahill every time ballpark. So today. We are proud to honor the Giants

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  8. Fitch. Takes on the Erick Silva this Saturday at UFC 153. And real it will be just first fight since December 11. Which was Cahill lost that Johnny Hendricks and news outside of the UFC middleweight and San Francisco based fighter. Jake Shields admitted

  9. might be the first team to strike him in that regard. You look at Parker though it's kind of amazing to think that. Trevor Cahill what it is also their pitchers traded me out season Jared Parker who's actually out pitching occasional right now

  10. to blog get a victory Sosa picked. ability better which that you Lexington posted really that great at bats against Trevor Cahill tell us about a man just I just try to keep the simply don't know try to do tomorrow just. My street to the other

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    retired number one in the hall of of the big statue but you know we go back to 2010. Member of the great year that Trevor Cahill had winning eighteen games. Ground ball pitcher. Ground balls were at infielders turn a lot of double plays got outs

  12. human Putumayo right now. It's frustrating and we're bitterness in the world work and then continue to do when your team. Cahill our club. They are compared to when you better ball. Yeah race and to go to Yeah he's ready to I'm sure he's eager to

  13. lineup I think they got a lot of nice pieces in there. Arizona did not rest on their laurels they went out in the got Trevor Cahill league beefed up their rotation I think they've got. Five guys who can be. Dependable innings guys and they got

  14. there are balky in spring then they basically got a huge hole at pitcher and they'll be looking at GO Gonzales and Trevor Cahill . And wondering if big addition to spread the money that they gave to them. Say you're not making monologue for

  15. for my family and everyone here. Over the past couple years Brett Anderson got a new contract. The same goes for Trevor Cahill . Were you hoping they get a long term deal with the Oakland days. I mean. If they they work will work is open now

  16. made the trade involving Trevor Cahill last week and they got Jared Parker back. One of a handful of 23 years of age the Diamondbacks first round pick just four years

  17. upper body on family it's amazing you know a lot of guys would go to college freshman year they're gonna be a football start Cahill . Maybe they have something else play and for the next again for years but you've handled this like like a grownup he just

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    a guy like Curt Young coming in who's. The you know been. Basically ground up with with the GO Gonzales is and Trevor Cahill and guys like that. Makes it a little more seamless for me knowing that the the histories were there with those guys

  19. of proportion with the host the chronicle live to us. David your friend and I this is not the big game that the game against Cahill Mary this is the Joseph I know are in this game. Never before his Stanford posted two top tens and attempted to get a three

  20. Trevor Cahill on his command issues after he picked up a no decision in the A's win over the Rangers.