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5.31: COL/SFG Postgame- Ubaldo Jimenez, RAW

Sat, 14 Sep 2013|

Ubaldo Jimenez threw came within two outs of a complete game and White Sox starter Andre Rienzo allowed two home runs as the Indians downed the South Siders, 8-1, on Saturday night.

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  1. 5.31: SFG/COL Postgame- Kruk and Kuip Wrap

    Memorial Day matchup of Tim Lincecum against although he meant as. And one of those two pitched up to his billing and that was Jimenez he was absolutely terrific right now. Mike he is the Tim Lincecum of the last two seasons well he's doing it over power

  2. Giants/Rockies Postgame 5.6: Bruce Bochy on Rockies' Jimenez

    Giants Manager Bruce Bochy says Rockies Starter Ubaldo Jimenez shut them down en route to an 11-1 Colorado win on Wednesday night.

  3. 5.31: COL/SFG Postgame- Buster Posey, RAW

    COLORADO 4, GIANTS 0 FINAL Buster Posey was cooled off to the tune of 0 for 3 against Ubaldo Jimenez .

  4. 5.31: COL/SFG Postgame- Bengie Molina, RAW

    COLORADO 4, GIANTS 0 FINAL Bengie Molina says Ubaldo Jimenez has a recipe for success when he's painting the corners at 99 MPH.

  1. Sox clobbered by Indians, lose fifth straight at home


    Sat, 14 Sep 2013

    Ubaldo Jimenez threw came within two outs of a complete game and White Sox starter Andre Rienzo allowed two home runs as the Indians downed the South Siders, 8-1, on Saturday night.

  2. Moss tips cap to Jimenez begrudgingly


    Sun, 18 Aug 2013

    Obviously it's not a very good to want him to clear right now we have a number of guys struggled a bit. You know it Won some close ones too. I don't really have to say that question. Obviously. If you're captive that you mean pitches well or when he's that good stuff you know pitcher for prepare

  3. don't we'll try to hit it the other way and didn't get it airport with the club since. You saw a lot of well by the Jimenez in the National League great pitcher who was humidity of the recover right now you know what you can maybe live in the visitors

  4. Instant Replay: Jimenez , Indians shut down A's


    Sat, 17 Aug 2013

    Ubaldo Jimenez had a no-hitter through five innings as the Indians rolled over the A's 7-1, evening up the three-game series in Oakland.

  5. 'Effectively wild' Jimenez confounds A's


    Sat, 17 Aug 2013

    OAKLAND -- There was a time, not so long ago, that Ubaldo Jimenez was as dominant a starter as any in the game, one who ..... Coliseum. Rather, as A's manager Bob Melvin put it, Jimenez was "effectively wild."

  6. Phillies select contract of LHP Cesar Jimenez


    Wed, 7 Aug 2013

    The Phillies on Tuesday selected the contract of left-handed pitcher Cesar Jimenez from Triple A Lehigh Valley.

  7. We are with the ultimate enter the National League team. It needs me to respect you think you so much any of very busy day Jimenez and exclusive. Well when you got it went 3 AM I hide behind. After an okay it's it's a great time and coaches and players

  8. Cubs making their splash with international signings


    Thu, 4 Jul 2013

    The Cubs have continued making their move in international signings, and are now reportedly finalizing a $2.8 million deal with Baseball America's No. 1 prospect, Eloy Jimenez .

  9. can you. What's this week. I don't see them at home. We got into the north goes on to the money the local little bit Jimenez . Quote. She thought liberal. I was a book a monument circle from a somewhat some political level but that wasn't. For

  10. the outside corner look I mean that. You know news is obviously looking for some are very and possibly. There's just a Jimenez does their own mind and all those those. Pretty decent pitcher of all. That drew laughter sprain. Yeah I mean. Big hit

  11. Sox jump on Tribe early, win 7-2


    Wed, 17 Apr 2013

    The Red Sox waste no time taking it to the Indians Tuesday night, knocking around Indians starter Ubaldo Jimenez for seven runs in the second inning, and winning, 7-2.

  12. together we have. A lot of plays like. I did in Cleveland so our team just pick another guy exceed that inning announcing Jimenez to step up and take that wrong but it does point that it. great stories on I'd have to take it upon myself this world or

  13. Jack: 'Coach told me to take us home'


    Sat, 23 Feb 2013

    repay them by coming out here that is out of you can't avoid Jimenez that we have to come here and game winning streak. Now all ..... be able to coming here. Played pretty good best we'll put Jimenez probably our best defense in game live in a really long time

  14. Williams credit here for me hope he goes away you know bigbie just off quote about him. You know Catania since world Cesar Jimenez and if they do not and I don't be so what can mean little. Not out of its ups and downs. And and and I really love. Good

  15. get a coaching in Canada as they are playing in. When could show in you've done a tremendous so we would that defense down Jimenez and those guys are playing myself play and how leveling. I was going to a game what it was a hallmark was a calling card about

  16. uniforms. so it's so you know no love lost to them but you know. Bullpen and inundate ourselves and stay away. for his guy Jimenez that that wasn't enough tonight to kind of gotten ahead of we. I know. Doing a damn is great weather regardless and you

  17. often so. You know you know they They'll bring him in give me a chance they have does defense come I would victories this Jimenez this is great business person and it is this the hardest hitting defense you've ever played with I'm you play another great

  18. out there and do better this week it's. The Detroit. Hit sixteen point lead going into the fourth quarter but obviously Jimenez Aaron Rodgers can do as well and after that after I returned for a touchdown for them the momentum seemed to be going. The

  19. he was a very different mind. But at same time you know this is a business and I understand that and I know of course like Jimenez and do it. Who wanna try to keep QNC are you doing so things go. And you know the end of the day we'll see what happens

  20. Well they just played well we made some mistakes. He continues to believe you. Few minutes 2000 and that half a second half Jimenez 2000. Yes sir but what continues. If Patrick Ewing comes out every time we pick them up. He's very good defender Yesterday