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Amy G's Giants Xclusive: Aaron Rowand



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  2. San Diego Padres2:53
  3. World Series3:38
  4. Cuba1:25
  5. Giants3:05
  6. batting practice1:59, 2:00
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Thu, 13 May 2010|

The Giants' centerfielder tells Amy G. about the process of climbing back into the batters box after taking a pitch to the face form Dodgers' hurler Vicente Padilla on April 16th.


Machine Generated Transcript

I did I'd welcome to you agencies -- exclusive on our foot video cam. Now Aaron Rowand for Amy Chi's -- exclusive. Them. Big guy you know I predicted an inherent -- it but. There. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- themes of this thing here or not I'm not ignorant woman. Let's start with your injury here or -- -- He left DL after being hit by a pitch fractured cheek. -- -- that cannot be a lot of guys were talking about. You know how difficult it is for you to sit still basically and not be able to play -- in particular and he's having fun you think. With spotlight for you you're -- gamers play everyday and not be able. Most difficult. Especially with the at the start we got off to him. You play and you know the group. You know any time in this time it's it's it's it's a tough time. You know we did not out there not been able to help contribute and help team win games though. It's it's it's difficult and you can get a little antsy and have been able to do certain things. And once I finally got hit Cuba baseball stuff again amid a little bit easier. Start he had gotten through the plate -- if he came off the DL and you have been hot and track at the plate and great he'd come back. My crease and he here is you had hit a lot you either bring the wall there have been hit by pitches. But not -- not hit in the face -- it takes and do you have any fear getting back into the box after. And a current like fat. Or if he -- for letting them back in the. -- similar. You know the first round of batting practice like batting practice it is. You know the first couple pitches probably that. You know after that you it's like riding a bike to get back on it. He's taken so many at bats and seemed so I hope it is you fall right back into the routine. In the thought actually really country -- about -- think about. That you have two children on the day it happened to call on eleven and it got -- that they haven't handled their Stanley -- that threw the puck hit it. Ultimate lesson was and it was last in. Luckily I left my daughter is an excellent stance so. -- -- -- -- that doctor parent and I got we got back hospital actually went it's hard that are no that's okay. Yeah she she took it kind of tough for a little bit better after she realized that's it's okay. Okay so right now was there -- tuchman has and that middle of the San Diego Padres -- lost the first time last night threw it to another one game. One run game for you guys -- -- -- he a lot of some major assignment in the stands and -- Giants baseball. Tortures -- but we -- -- in the that was kind of masochistic -- really it doesn't matter and they want to watch again. This is it feels good teen no matter what happened. But had. Tough tough -- And greatly went so how he -- as a player and part of the team. -- witness emotional swings the tightness performed. I mean Clinton Clinton -- Morgan the course of the season actually I think helps him. Let's take an example of the year that we won the World Series Chicago passing play on one -- two run ball games every year. Every day we think we've set some sort of record I think it's time for. Canoeing when you're constantly being put in -- in those situations with the -- you know the winning run. In tying run on base and you get put into those at bats. As a pitcher being put on the mound in the situations. As a confidence do you start to. You can embrace. That that pressure situation you look forward to those at bats look forward to. And you know when you know that's access to gain confidence in those situations though. When it comes down -- playoff race and it's in September looking at a close grades you don't see any sort of you know panic over -- anything like that we hear them in the because you've been in this situation -- evolved. And I know you know for the fence playing one run games two against those games back and forth winner loses can be difficult but. It keeps -- -- -- -- he had exciting baseball. You know I think it's it's definitely a tool to. It's become better at those situations than knowledge knowledge your nerves in the best for the for the situation. Puts you at a place where you don't wanna be it's your comfortable let's trust you have to go up and then do it it do. Right apparently got in front air run they're just -- the -- never complains. Think the only -- -- thinks so much meaning to sustain exclusive. On CS and they carried out complicated thing. --

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