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Scutaro on facing Verlander: 'It was a fun at-bat'



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Tue, 26 Mar 2013|

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Speaking of well traveled up Roberts joins us and we've got an announcement that that is traveling east like. Giants day's big news today into the new a's analyst for Comcast sports net about. You know I disorder really say thank you to all the Giants in the Giants fans because they really took care of me and they may be one of them. And now you know I get a chance to go back home and get a chance go back to these big intense go back to Oakland and and really analyze for the team and I grew up loving. And you and I'll be doing a lot of those days pre and post game show it's hard to believe right we're. I days away from Major League Baseball yeah I mean but it feels so good you know I can't wait for it to get started -- Are right so. Who is on sat right there. I think in my class with regard to the -- you know that some of -- -- -- taking care of itself right right as they -- Rickie Weeks down. And Adam Rosales -- -- corporate -- they don't have Rickie Weeks -- an -- -- two mile weeks sent out. Adam Rosales on the DL as you heard -- to talk about and just today. Here are not Regina who may or may not have made the 25 man roster anyways got a hamstring issue and the ball game so maybe he's DL bound as well which which puts Lowrie at short so that became a bit. It's are dwindling but there's still some decisions to be made as to who's going to be the regular second it. Yeah but you're absolutely right things are starting to fall in place for the a's who spring train and all of a sudden injuries happen to. You know you have a guy like -- so guard stepping up you know Sizemore got hurt -- got hurt. And all of a sudden now Rosales -- hurt so the bottom line is Erick Silva who's had a great year. In -- -- so far he stepped up to be the guy right now. And I just believe that here's a guy who is a career with one -- hitter in about a 180 at bats. But it only takes one good spring training to make fewer big league ballplayer or to make the 25 man roster and he's right now he's playing. The best at second base he could be the opening day second base. Did you hit like 512. This spring I mean is that enough to make you think are at this guy has no pedigree but he's a viable candidate to start on this team. Absolutely you know nerd powers of the how how how about -- Minnesota got you know the -- been tremendous and you play spring training and everybody says those stats don't matter or the stats do matter immediate 500 if you're the leading hitter on the team in. You're the guy who's played the best that position. You should get the start and clearly Nakajima is not a 100% comfortable already they don't think weeks is the answer now you've got injury questions. Let it be Salgado Lowrie to start and as you progressed to a 162 games. Everyone's getting a chance. -- and now they don't seem to think that weeks is the answer that and didn't get the feeling the organization's given up on this kid I know you're a big fan. Has and you're still believe that he can play at that level. I still believe he can play at this level I just believe that there's a difference between triple in the big leagues that you have to learn in order to be a big league player I would really love to work with this kid because he is similar to what I used to be. He got hit from both sides of the plate plate second base had a little bit of speed but I just think sometimes his mechanics they they throw him off at the plate. He doesn't have control of the bat here and I think it's because. His mechanics and it starts with his back elbow which is really high and he can't control the bat in an at bat gets him in trouble he's got better pair up. Yeah he's got a lot better. Had the ball on the ground and you made your money in the five and a half hole and pull the ball to right feeling getting on base two mile week seems to be guy wants to lift the ball and go from rocks yeah. Adam Scott I think it's because that back elbow when you get to elbow high you have Alou playing your swing. We have they doubled down to go straight to the baseball and I think that gets him in trouble because the swing is not consist CE a's fans are going to be much. Better hitters by the end of the how much you get in and day out. I did -- let's talk Gil and assess -- this he had a home run today which is good launching point for him and you know appropriate to use the word launch -- this guy hits. An absolute ton higher Greg Papa and we us yesterday saying that. He can go 4040 right now if he wanted to meaning they won't turn it was to steal forty bases buddies fast enough and he certainly has the potential to hit forty home runs this is it is he there yet. I think he is there but if you try to think about 4040 that runs the into the injury risk which is the only question mark about this guy is can he stay healthy. For an entire season last year he had two or three different ailments and still. 23 home runs if you keep in the lineup for 500 at bats that he's getting a 35 or forty home -- let me ask gave. Been around this game a long time you've seen a lot of kids come up with superstar pedigree. He can you think -- a guy who you watched. -- do with any jaw dropping things in his first year in the bigs it's is this gunning to get some comparisons were you watch him take BP you're just like. The only comparison. That does him justice. Is to compare and Willie Mays okay well -- you -- only got you compare him to because he has. Natural power a -- he has a great arm he has good speed he can also hit for average. And I just believe that going to last year. He now understands what the big leagues allowed -- play in the major leagues or minor leagues he came over here from Cuba and he played right in the big leagues and he had to learn. On the job and I think he did a tremendous to us or usein raw tools of Willie. Or you say this guy can be as good a baseball players will I. I'm sick yeah. Well that's how it to be a most valuable player -- the American League which means that if you could win -- most valuable player. -- you are on the same play as any other MVP has played this. Game the -- district court in the ball. I like it's off all day long that the -- he kind of reminds me of a mix between. Manny Ramirez and Vladimir Guerrero he's got better detritus when the Guerrero but he gets his money's worth on every single swing and many Taylor. -- -- Taylor you never see him check swing thing or gets on all right if he's gonna go he's going to go. He just has the body yeah although young will leave many. I'd then quickly about thirty seconds here guys wanna touch on Bartolo Cologne. Do you think this -- still gonna be in the rotation three months from now I mean what do we expect. From a guy who was a pleasant surprise last year but clearly not -- in top physical condition coming off the PD suspension but he expectant of the. I think a hundred innings did you get a hundred innings out of Cologne you are overjoyed I think because of injury concerns durability concerns you've got pitching depth. Just get. I don't know twelve starts and we had maybe fifteen you're happy yeah I think so because you know that when he takes the mound he's gonna give you seven that it -- this guy understands how to pitch I just wish that this was the same guy who in 1997 when he came out what this is that with the Cleveland Indians right I was hoping that he would be and just our rotation. If he wasn't there we would've -- that well. I don't know I have every right haven't had money on the yeah Atlanta is the elements and it's still lament you always -- let's yet again Dave Roberts welcome to the Oakland -- broadcasting -- -- opening day coming up on Monday we're going to be out of the ballpark for an hour special. 6 o'clock start over on Comcast sports net California. -- hasn't been feeling pretty good way to end. In the new season.

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