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9.9: SD/SF Postgame- Bruce Bochy



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Wed, 9 Sep 2009|

Giants Manager Bruce Bochy laments the fundamentals after the his team failed to do the little things and lost another game to the Padres on Wednesday.


Machine Generated Transcript

That was one part of it and -- There's no getting around it you know there's different situations. We -- -- -- -- we popped up bunt. And crucial situations and we you know we do it today -- Still though it couple pretty good hitters and there were a couple of them. To swing the bat gently over who is the fourth inning to mind. It's just -- -- -- we get some bats going here -- -- rooms aboard. It's sportsmen -- timely hitting. Right now our mission. -- just now asked to explain. Why France and there and was there any thinking about taking the -- off on 31 and was he the best fighter in that situation. -- why reserve there because he's -- that's been our punter on the bench. Since his speech. And he -- You know we're we get super good hitters behind him -- is gonna it was Sanchez. You know we we wanna try to start evolving. You know we could take 31. Of its ground ball Ingram being -- answering questions. It would be we so. You know he had trouble throwing strikes with the score around so we elders who have openly wall there. Comes out and execute. And we -- done. -- -- Well it's ego is so important for us. You know because we don't score a lot of runs and we have to execute. Sure it's frustrating. Just. House party game that. You know. You depend on you know we get guys over. Sometimes is you know that easy we understand. Do things we have guys that should be review but. For some reason -- -- -- time pitchers are doing pretty good job you position players. -- time you come down. Your work I -- but every day. So you can. Person about the frustration of just you know you guys faced a pitcher that's not -- much in the majors and wade LeBlanc and hit a great outing as you guys just a matter like whenever you get a team facing -- as you are this time of the year that they're giving their best. -- -- I'll be honest you know it was frustrating. So good you know going into the game. -- was thrown well and we're facing young kid it's come off a good starting dutrow Royals last start and you know with -- healthy in the lineup we have out there goes the focus -- we get some runs on the board you know scorers. Waited two run home course I was a shot -- arm goes right back in the ball game.

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