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1-on-1 with Jim Harbaugh: Coach's Halloween plans



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

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-- at the halfway point of this season and the bye weeks a year I know you don't spend much time looking back but. Maybe if -- reflection very happy where this team is right now. Well you gonna say there where exactly are one of me were. You're happy where he had exactly where you would like to be would be eight now after playing eight games. I think we're a good spot. Six and two who were playing good football. Then you watch the tape and see things that doesn't team can improve that every coach's. We as coaches can improve that and that's a good place to be able to play good and you can get back. -- intense and I know at the end of the games with the he's got a better about the nuts and all that after the Titans when you went with a hand slapping in the players seem to like that do you ever choreographed that Jimerson just after in the locker -- you just go and had lived. Now it's just just felt like the right -- to do the right time though is. Are you gotta look any terrier my job well done. It's. You've driven the pace car. They're Indy you've got to play golf -- James Garner you love the Rockford Files grown up. You met Willie Mays where it is sitting in Winston Churchill's chair in the war room ranked. Wow. There is right up there go right at right without that was a big thrill. They weren't where -- Jerricho. Where they grade our greatest historical figures. Leaders. At any time. It's could see. Where you. -- worked through the war in his bunker. Also. And we're very. Sad and held -- just a prime minister. Those were great thrills hurt you know. Myself you know this. Guy from. From the midwest. Dad's a coach that there'll be there in London. Instead outside above Buckingham pals get to see those those sites I was I was really me. From the midwest and from -- also don't forget that also from follow up to pick -- the cut by I don't know if you're aware that. Jed York traded a picture of some guy dressed up as you for Halloween -- a lot of people are going out for Halloween dressed as you did you know that. I did not know that yeah we're well aware of my brother last year Broward -- well. A lot of people -- you and the best part about that costume is you know. Cuts down on drag very easy to put together and it's a good job stood. You beat the it's pretty good together. I'm going as they. This year. I'm -- as the scarecrow -- about it is that right that's right that's right but that's beside Jack is going to be. -- flying monkey. K he's got to me -- and now that he's going to be north. -- sounds like everyone's represented -- -- I think there's going to be one of quite a few inches thanks Jimmy I'll talk -- -- all the things that.

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  13. comparisons were you watch him take BP you're just like. The only comparison. That does him justice. Is to compare and Willie Mays okay well you only got you compare him to because he has. Natural power a he has a great arm he has good speed he can

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  20. actually implement an play. For him last year but anyway. So anyway. Jim Harbaugh said that the one guy he really me as Willie Mays . And so this comes from Cisco 69. Will the Giants be told of the request and the Giants have already been told. He