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Amy G's Giants Xclusive -- Xavier Nady



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Tue, 9 Jul 2013|

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I -- Jim -- or vice president. And assistant general manager Bobby Evans by my side which track we're fixing Giants right now that's our goal is over the next five minutes you ready to do anyway that's lyrics we could use all the help ever ever looking did not quite -- -- the moves today Jeff Francoeur signing why bring Jeff Francoeur for the it's into the Giants organization. Well he's got a track record did you know with a veteran presence. -- start -- -- AAA. Let him get some games under his belt he's been out for a little bit last week or so and and then well. CI -- doesn't bring him up here hopefully to help this at least in some some type of role in the outfield. This is something that historically it seems to be -- Giants moved from Cody Ross to pat -- to Xavier Nady is this that. Dipping the toe in the water to see if maybe there's a guy or a piece that starts the ship turning back around but. That would be ideal it's hard to put those expectations on him early on anybody at this point the goal is set. You know make sure that we stabilized ourselves in that veteran presences is lacking right now in our young guys coming up and playing in a part time role is very hard to get him a chance to play. On an everyday basis at triple and a a veteran club here and play that role is much better. For. One area that's been up and down for you this year is pitching but so it was starting pitching specifically. From 2010 on your starters have logged a lot of minutes you go to the playoffs a couple of times when a couple of World Series you can -- the role awful. More pitches is that starting to take it stolen some. To start. Well I think we've seen turnaround in some of these starters most recently were CN. Better better outings quality starts I think our bullpen even showed last night with a start that Lincecum gave us. You know how good they can be and we're getting healthier and and get stronger but we really need to put up the runs I think that's our weakness right now. I twittered and asked the question at CSN cozy to -- what question do you have for Brian Giants brass. If you wanted to know some of the what direction they wanna go this one comes from Brendan Cassidy. This is why shouldn't the Giants be sellers right now why shouldn't they look at their rod are their roster and organization say. We shouldn't be -- explain why. Well quite frankly I think. Is still up for grabs I don't think there's any clear cut winner right now this is not a -- division it's gonna require 95 wins. We do have to put up a lot of victories in a row to get ourselves back in the race we need to be at 500 and above you really SS options on the trade market. There's guys that. You could be in demand as we get later in this in the deadline but that's not really our focus right now we'll have to be adjustable as our as our club plays in is the performance. Dictates so.

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  1. you will for the National Football League. And you put Super Bowls in that building very very regularly. And by doing that Nady every other year or every two or three years you can now build a magnificent at a I have heard. That exact planned and that

  2. type of role in the outfield. This is something that historically it seems to be Giants moved from Cody Ross to pat to Xavier Nady is this that. Dipping the toe in the water to see if maybe there's a guy or a piece that starts the ship turning back

  3. point. Well he would have to in some ways it if you use. All the song is our fifth starter in the type was starting at the Nady get hit. In the more so the fact that we a lot Casilla. And he's been one of our premier setup men the last three of four

  4. and mountains. And I went early. Longer than three. But now than you would wrecked on like there. Aren't that one winning and that's being a lot but Nady would go line. I didn't lock up Aggies are. And now in the three heat yes.

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    KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) Xavier Nady and the Kansas City Royals have agreed to a minor league contract ..... Pirates, Yankees, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Nationals and Giants. Nady spent last season with Washington and San Francisco, hitting a combined

  6. after them hard you know library yeah I out I would think. Who have the worst times the one thing the worst way I would give Nady . Yeah get a B. Former managing me we got to grind it may get the drove. more pleasant about the flag right. flag is we

  7. wearing his own uniform number seventeen. Jenkins on the back so. I think there's a chance that he gets on the field. In Nady takes over as a maybe a slot receiver in the reads and one of the reasons is because. the move on to look at the you know there

  8. exactly. And I've been form but he's been doing a good job of keeping his head in the game. JD obviously. The big It's Nady sit next NG GA. Was able to give me opportunity come out there and some This club we've been battling the whole year get a

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    to ulcers and when it went to see young guys like Randy Crawford Randolph. Some guys and it. And a veteran guy like Xavier Nady and just enjoying days they've hardly heartened respondents didn't see it. Like I said it never gets old it brings

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    game about how great it is to have Gregor Blanco back and healthy but despite the three hit night for him. It will be Xavier Nady in left field on Thursday as she continues to platoon. The two left fielders reporting live from AT&T park I'm for

  11. would double America with Pablo. And walk very slow right Bronco great game. Week. We're going to have him. Him and Nady . Nady who will play in the mall. You know these two guys. We'll be sure in time out there and greater. I think Derosa

  12. And indeed I mean it is the replay it just didn't look like Nady did anything you know look like and what you just heard gave ..... we do helmet swinging bunt iron. He feels a lot better. But Nady is good good day Martin first round it is going knocked 01

  13. have another guide it to pinch run and there are few candidates who. For a pitcher on this team Buster Posey is one Xavier Nady is another. So I guess and another set of legs. And they didn't have to make a forty man roster move to get back

  14. All wins are big throughout the year and our coast. Virtually. I'm relaxed and your thoughts on the addition and Xavier Nady and his first two games cut cut. Blew everybody away and off the bases. I always he's been doing it for awhile

  15. and they're gonna activate all three of those guys they're gonna purchased the contract two players. No surprise savior Nady is coming up to join the team. Outfielder he might even start left till tomorrow is gonna get some starts as well as help the

  16. Really hasn't been yet in left field forming a platoon and Gregor Blanco there gonna have to find out of may be getting Xavier Nady up from the minor leagues might make sense there's somebody else out there on the waiver wire that might make sense

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    suspension allow him to come back he got Justin Christian. And I've ever had Gary brought the double play. I've got Xavier Nady got a proven track record she knows that he's already hit two home runs at triple A Fresno that they bring the next

  18. think they knew something was up probably before whenever the trade for Hunter Pence and when they signed Xavier Nady so could Xavier Nady . Be a guy who comes up and plays left field. And gives a little power he's not Melky get two or three

  19. over and are you saying it's time for receivers. And they got you guys did the towels and you know they did in jeans you know Nady more quick receiver that you as far as me being is this a more comfortable position for me you know that's what I've been

  20. 129- makena A


    Thu, 19 Jul 2012

    Can we began our program by heading straight out to ORACLE Arena where sportscasters are staying by today's top story. Think Nady time I think thinking it. Backpack late September of games eight Ron pierce can. I can't tell us. Yeah. Up and act like