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Lincecum faces off with Sabathia in Yankee Stadium debut



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Sun, 6 Oct 2013|

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That's your first postseason certain. Kind of give us and it was in my life so angry Tony -- for opposing starter decent grade Justin Verlander. -- -- You know obviously you know -- banks -- -- he's in his career. You know I actually ever candidate. Really why I just trying to. Try to take everything else sounded the price of what is your home. And treat him. I don't know his first real moment my first postseason start -- yankees any old Yankee Stadium. In 2006. And and you know it's a close watch on T in Basra and up and all magical moments there. -- here and standing on the you know. I'll post yankees past -- you know it was a pretty awesome experience. You know so I did it it was my job. You know his abilities as anxious energy. For positive and a lot of young guys it works against them. Yeah that's -- that is to usually do better and none of us pressure but. You know himself like a veteran and you know that's. Or does it Q4. If you compare your performance. Fly over here last year it's like -- -- -- -- yeah property itself. You know I just kinda. The former LSU starts. It's it's happy it's over ours. Stuff. -- thing. And -- -- -- to the other. Obviously. You know condenses I hate this this at first Atlantic realized. Game one. Choice outs. You know I don't think is quite apparently in. Different situation you know -- home so. You know I asked them irons. And these guys have. Propensity to sell this is where this council did you guys it's Gaza I Zito well the last the last game me. Yes it is that and I think Ellsbury. It is. This is our operations -- that yeah. This -- is an. Off day -- and does different. Was. We're up following him. -- Did you realize you're gonna have to -- reason because he seems -- -- -- your team's not scoring there's assessment. You change anything at all and or mentally or physically it's nothing nothing game. Seats six. Yeah absolutely do. And I think you can you it's a little differently he's very easy not easy. At this level and nothing's easy I see you differently. -- hate me more aggressive especially when you get to three currently. We work best fastball. And then. Afterward solo home run game. That's not enough in the sixth seventh eighth. That's changed everything really really careful an -- this -- You know over the same tight ends -- -- taking off -- -- Yes. This is kind of -- -- walk. What did you as anything he's others who were going. Touched on his job. Just go back and we'll. When she obviously matches pretty. It seemed a little bit accurately. That off these guys that are always or abuse and that he recently. Yeah I don't think it's ended up there. You know obviously. You know this. You know -- and show us sometimes and tonight you know it's my business times. Umpires. She's you -- and you know obviously the post season I think all the adrenaline and everything on contracts. Just comes out. You know obviously a huge game. You know they say anything and you know the -- -- so. Yeah especially -- that it. It's a long time so. I. Know him obviously. Just. Much. --

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