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Buster Posey shares advice he received from Yogi Berra



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Thu, 14 Feb 2013|

Giants catcher Buster Posey is candid with reporters in his first interview of spring training.


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And that. I don't think. So naive to expect. You anymore I'm sure -- the ups and downs but right now right now very. -- This spring in his two futures finished. Yeah. Realized. With us. Well known and Henry always likes. I like to stay in the moment with everything. Honestly that's on track mantra just take each each year and not really compare him too much there and trotted. Try to each -- each New -- -- new year you know exactly what it is not not of course you wanna you -- hole from that past experience and take the positives that you learn. For the most part. You know come up with a new game plan and new ways to try to get better. Your tree down here this yeah. -- Berkshire. Significantly I mean there's going to be some stuff I'd do as far as maintenance with balance and strength keep an ankle strong. But as far as I'm in their eyes every single day. Right now. For treating each year a new -- can you treat this off season. -- -- I try to as much as Erica. Just can't stay look feel like goes -- yesterday didn't didn't do much travel and really other than going up to New York for the the awards ceremony and it's just try to get back in shape and gearing up. So pictures of you -- you very. You move do it. I was a blast you know I didn't really know what to expect to. You're going in the museums a little bit like stepping back in time. Its really neat how they said they have a lot of his personal items. Some of letters -- hero to his wife. Which refinery is great and -- And some other stuff like he's you know he saw some votes. Many of us going over through the the Jersey the use to catch a perfect game World Series. It was good it was a it was a really really cool experience you talked Chechnya. Little bit yeah and one thing. The one thing you talked about us as far as throwing which I think is. I I believe I agree with them on is. He thinks -- guys shouldn't throw. Any further than distance from home what second place you know. Turn your arm to throw through that target not necessarily back -- 300 feet. You know arching your shoulders. The trainers train yourself through that distance and through the target. Lose. It was impressive how how sharp he was as far as. Our -- talent and he was was baseball today. There's some Eagles and so the early years as a from you now. No I used to throw he's -- -- long toss a decent amount pitched. Probably past couple years approach today. At that distance from thus -- -- Him and period left before they do things stand out you vocal -- that it gets to different approaches him -- and -- -- While. Line. They both look good for me you know. For some sin and a few months. Yeah I'd say overall they both do. Things just didn't -- Committed this -- -- straight. Very few -- tended to -- keep spitting -- -- that. I mean it's hard to say off of one session but I think that. You chart the ball's coming now coming -- nicely. Managers few handful of changes that they were they were good. If we have over -- six. Leaders sixer. To. You know -- one point game -- Yeah right down down so. -- it. You I think I think that's. You know after 2010. I know. Personally I don't know I can't. We've -- miles. There is there are certain times where I felt like. You know there is a little bit to have expectations. And even early in the season and you know -- those says about time you can't you can't win the whole thing in the first part of the seasons I think it's important. To draw from that experience in between eleven and and go out and you just take care of business on a daily basis and I think we had a pretty good group of guys in here and you Alex your comeback is such -- professional. Hopefully real candid -- -- expected it to rehearse it for you for the team. I think. Overall yeah I think there's especially when. You know won a World Series there's going to be a lot of attention but I think someone that you put on yourself. So it's important. For me chooses to stay focused on what an NC focused on. That I -- want to stay focused on one and he's so focused on. -- -- We all. She remembers Oscar. Last season I -- is there anything you can it's. Something. -- we will get better. You know there's things. I'll keep it to myself. -- to exploit weaknesses. And say just saw tell you them.

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