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12.9: Brian Sabean on Chronicle Live



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Wed, 9 Dec 2009|

Giants GM Brian Sabean spoke to Greg Papa from baseball's winter meetings in Indianapolis as he and Manager Bruce Bochy continue to look for that elusive big bat in the middle of the lineup.


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When you don't look at offense and obviously the Giants have this. This window of opportunity for the next 45 years of one of the most dominant pitching staffs in game if not mean those now. And offensively they have you know I think there are twenty ninth in runs scored. So if you can add a player that it is an added component to increases speed. Abilities and your pitching staff by having extraordinary defensive contribution. And -- middle of that lineup that drive and nine runs. And and hit. 2530 home runs I'd say hey let's say that would be pretty welcome. For a team that -- situation. That is super agent Scott -- royal widely considered one of the best AM agents in all of professional sports but apparently he wants the job is. General manager of the San Francisco Giants but that jab at. Is filled in effect we're gonna bring in the GM of the Giants right now if you look at the chronicle live presented by auto trader -- got -- -- majority of -- it is our chronicle conversation subject. They JAM on the giants' Brian say B -- now we just heard from Scott Boras kind of telling you he had had a bad here and there have been given your given hearing about that for for months and years say just no big deal. Why you know I would I'd I'd never knew that we needed that anymore that's I'm shocked to hear that. Then I'm the last to know. Scott Scott's a very smart man his dumb enough money to -- a club maybe that's the -- should go. He did my job would have been open at the end the other end of the years -- -- was there for the taking -- and I and I do want to hasn't been an engine. I do want to ask you about a couple of his clients which -- obviously lobbying for Adrian Beltre and Matt Holliday but. You know last year when you went to the winter meetings you were roundly criticized by a lot of baseball people for reacting to quickly -- give Edgar Renteria. In -- twelve months later you're you're backing off a little bit you try to get the temperature. Of the market in the off season is it strike you as peculiar if you jump into the deep -- with two feet they criticize yet if you lay back and try to get a read -- things they criticize you as well. Well -- -- you can't win because everybody has the benefit the second guessing though. What's interesting about this year and I mean this sincerely is my 25 when immunity. -- this is slower than molasses the pace and I don't know if it's because there're so many teams. Would little flexibility are still trying to figure what their budgets are more so. I don't know that anybody has a feel for quote what the second tier of free agents of value doubt whether it's us. In our willingness to us spend the money -- more so the agents. To get the best choices at hand and I I have low expectations come on this is that the you know the meeting was. In total committed to action by all thirty teams and here we sit there on Wednesday night with -- most teams leaving tomorrow. And quite frankly really what's what's been done the granderson deal was really completed before the meanings of those started -- as was dragons so there isn't much business. That I anticipate it will never happen none you know. Tonight or even tomorrow before people get out here suspend -- video. I think fact finding mission in the world. Maybe people wait until said he like we wanted to see who's non -- of the would put more free agents in the market those guys is of being in the weighed against so what you are -- whether Mario actually decide not to -- put them on the market. A bit about how much ground work have you have you been able to lay down Uighur people here Massa scouting staff that you brought to Indianapolis that he'll be able to. To go to later in the in the offseason Bryant. Well what we started long before we got here we started actually Europe. The week before we get some gentlemen whose meanings and and then plans tomorrow. -- -- -- not only on the trade front -- on the tradition front and again it's just it's it's a slow pace and move -- to go at that pace. We haven't watched anybody that I would truly interest it and and I think at the end of the day we're going to be an -- people and we've got -- We've got multiple choices and we have more than one thing to do. As we know when we're gonna have to spread our resources. Art and and I actually do wanna go through us some of the areas you wanna go through and the offseason but you said you're not lost anybody you were truly interested in. Does that include Brad Penny because he did sign earlier this week he took the physical now officially is a member. -- St. Louis Cardinals a safety signed a one year deal seven and a half million dollars he has incentives and they take the deal is high is nine million dollars. How close did you get to bringing Brad Penny back as a giant next year. But yeah Euro Popeye saying correctly we did. Let's try to engage for an early and they weren't willing to step up to the point where they were comfortable. Knowing the markets at the end of the day he'd probably want their for a million dollars more so look. -- oh we -- in the benefited of the dough early to look try to come back. -- -- was kind of contrary and so what our business at hand is which is improving the offense and it just didn't get done and he's in a good place in Saint Louis who made a concerted effort system work so. As you as you way adding a bad verses maybe a fifth starter. Where's that decision are you comfortable at Madison -- starting the year as your fifth starter Brian. But I would we don't know it yet you know we we know is his level of talent though we know his competitiveness. You know he's got size and strength and the and the his got a real. Deceptive -- deliveries. What what you don't know is you know how he is -- doing a rotation. All who Sanchez. -- as the fourth man. You know every fifth day and how -- begin the game. So we may have to decides oh they well they -- is also the fifth guy and you given the opportunity and if he is do we go on strikes in the bullpen or be do we look at chances to brings some anyone more experience. And make sure that Madison's in waiting there even has a chance to make it seem as long and so. It's very similar -- -- situation could we go that route yes can you. You have one of the best choices. Any organization could have because of I always thought of around Michael -- baseball. And his abilities alone just like -- his but -- is the right thing to do. And the reckless at -- -- in time because both these guys are future and you know. When we have them here we wanna risk and go contributors and we want to feel comfortable that though they belong. Bryant publicly you've got to swung -- your. Stance on an Buster Posey over the weekend -- some quotes for you said we got together is an organization were. We determine he's not quite ready yet to start a hundred big league games force and then pudge Rodriguez signs with the Washington Nationals this week that elevated deal in many people's opinion for a 38 year old guy who's not a Frontline guy anymore chilly here. Six million dollar contract in -- say it. You know may be that he will be our guys so we're where's the catching situation we know Bengie is gone at. Miguel Oliva Yorvit Torrealba that endorsed by your your manager what are your thoughts right now as far as your starting catcher for opening day next year. Way it's a great question because the reason things changed it it is it won't save -- is not ready. We don't know if it's fair to him -- with the you know. Well lack of games played in the minor leagues and if you look at testers. And how many games they catch before the our show -- -- catcher you'd be surprised this -- probably only cut. The -- on and Tony game's total. Since he signed a professional contract. And more so you know one if he's ready in the middle of the year or certainly at the end of this year it's not prudent on our part references to give somebody. Contract that is reactions to what were countryside for which is two years at three million. But I it just doesn't make sense and because of that we've had to look. Well readjust our -- now having said that. Saturday which again is the other attended -- Tim -- may be more names in the catching area out of the weekend compared to but. When I don't overpay for quota place holder. Because at some point in time Boston -- will be ready to play in the big leagues and and be our catcher in the present and obviously going in the future. Since it it sounds like you would like to add a corner infield. Infielder and a first baseman and third baseman. And you're kind of open -- to either. But -- have to look at that Pablo signed a ball. It in a perfect world the -- cobble a sign of -- third base and go get a first baseman or the right third baseman is available like Adrian Beltre. Who Scott represents would you consider moving Sandoval to first base and go get a third baseman. Well at this point Santa walls -- third base only Sarnoff last year. Rome early in the season especially that you can play the position. Having said that as you we all know he's going through. You know intensive conditioning programs planned event as well on our return of the state and and so regroup and restart his. Conditioning in January and it might be a function of what kind of shape he's in and how mobile he is it whatever way we can get him to. Verses that position with the seen Elliott might be easier on the market to secure an improvement at first based on what's -- third -- the other some good first and what would pit fit. You know what -- will would -- our resources and how we have to you don't get more than just one player in Europe to help us win more animated games. So you would probably go after a couple of players here and they're the one -- ought to throw out there there's some good first baseman out there but the best one. How far is Adrian Gonzales and I don't know off the San Diego Padres are seriously considering. Trading this guy no other owner John mowers is gone through an ugly divorce now into his second offseason Jeff Moorad has stepped in at. To run the tee and there were some rumors last year the Ned -- he was gonna make a play to keep him with in the National League west to bring into the Dodgers. Brian have you had any conversations with the San Diego five road to Padre people at all about Adrian Gonzales. No absolutely not and I feel him as a franchise players go to new general manager new managing general partner. I can't a man -- that they can trade that type of player and if anything put the worst possible backlash from the fan base. And quite frankly. What they're gone through is -- the exercise that we all get caught up in. If teams call or your job is to listen a lot of times. You're able to gain valuable information to find out who people willing to offer. In a while you have no intent move in the -- nor any chance to move the clerk for sick. You get a lot of information fatigue from teams just probably about certain prospects and you can use that information -- the wind I don't believe for one minute -- -- get traded but. This is baseball it's just like what if anything can happen dated today. That's kind of what I thought but if they do get if they do put about there. Is certainly somebody that today helped the offense Bradley thank you so much for your time stay warm in Indianapolis -- -- so it's a little bit chilly there. Well you stand side is -- -- -- -- -- but take care saves thanks -- up.

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