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Melky takes Giants to the wire; A's go to extras



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Wed, 5 Jun 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time now put the Wednesday's morning -- There's a -- area dot com. I'm done and respect for their morning minute for Wednesday June 5 great game in China basin for the Giants Tuesday. The Giants baby Blue Jays 210 very tight game on his torrid second inning homer was the difference. But my story with Tim Lincecum brilliant start seven innings three hits one on one and six strikeouts. It never feels good you know. Personality do -- have a lot of work to do so. You know assess the performance jumping up and down right now I'm just happy with what we did today and tomorrow's another -- Is did not fare as well in Milwaukee Tuesday Oakland led three did nothing before the Brewers tied it in the eighth. Game into extras and Yuniesky Betancourt RBI double won it ended ten USS this homered twice in the losing effort. And the 49 as a side three time Pro Bowl special teams -- Kassim Osgood to a one year deal. His official position is receiver but he says he knows Jim Harbaugh doesn't want him here necessarily for his pass catching prowess. And don't forget to check out our new show Yahoo! sports' -- lives of those -- most weekdays at 5 PM would -- from all over the Bay Area. And from the national sports teams do. I'm done and we -- and this -- fit your morning minute. That was to win -- morning minute time CSN Bay Area dot com.

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    I mean. Record if we keep fighting and keep battling it. I'm not going to pretend they're your children Yeah. Yeah Betancourt if pitchers I was just trying to see the book excuse me. It's kind of he left a couple times. You can you can reason

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  3. did a home run today and you got on the board with a two nothing lead. But it was some of the other guys you know it was Betancourt who killed them really know that he he played great defense you guys are it's a home run. And it is that is the Giants

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  8. just five days ago. I'm just. Hopefully it's a good shots and play play well make the cut. Referred Jason and and that Betancourt to. You know be. You right there and and sit having a good time. Make sure to watch sports net central tonight after the

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    first two days we have to do as good Matt and I were up to and that's not third person night that was it that was meant Betancourt and I were. Looking forward to that challenge on Saturday and we both we both played really well and the cotton and that

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    impressed his pro am partner Matt. Betancourt we had a blast out there I'll tell ..... 61 was well. Five on the leaderboard Betancourt could say they're in contention for ..... on the school. And just as cool for Betancourt and Alameda native who grew up a Giants

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  14. don't write so get into the social work that's Williamson's. Been. And that's that he could become a you don't Betancourt before those who have who have reversed and it's script and let that. Happen. I wrote about in Atlanta opened up a cup

  15. super as the prince I don't care what you know the talk about defense and we And nobody took a lot of the secondary allowed Betancourt the defense totally blew it isn't it Dolphins field gives us more opportunities him. Preserve it sounds like a Tony Romo

  16. Looks like I'm no longer an issue they went out of their way to make sure there stop the run but do you think the line Betancourt has the speed to keep them with the kind of yeah. I think so I think the guys here you know very talented. Rondo Of course

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    gets a second any job in hand use whatever is left after that. the well. The good thing about going to secular state first Betancourt didn't wanna do with you sliding feet first but when you scored. It looked like Rosales ball came close you have those

  18. future. The actor John Hurley who we heard and at a friend of sports central is this week with the local pro golfer Matt Betancourt out of Alameda. Of course this year's event also features a slight change in venue as the it's what country club replaces

  19. actor John Hill Hurley who we heard that he's a friend of sports net central. His this week with the local pro golfer Matt Betancourt out of Alameda. Of course this year's event also features a slight change in venue as the Monterey Peninsula country club