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12.8: Warriors Practice -- Acie Law



  1. Vladimir Radmanovic0:41
  2. Danny Granger0:11
  3. Roy Hibbert0:04, 0:26
  4. Acie Law0:39
  5. Pacers1:48
  6. Ricky Williams1:07
  7. John Paul0:55
  8. dribble penetration0:59
Wed, 2 Mar 2011|

Pacers 109, Warriors 100


Machine Generated Transcript

Early on here got that Robert -- big man Roy Hibbert inside. Can't stop that cases -- -- later in the first row right gets hurt trying to block Danny Granger shot and take a look at this. What happened here here. He rolled his ankle and dad you know that -- that hurts for a while and that he wanted to get every tape came back out gallantly tried to get it going that yet little sub par night. Meanwhile Roy Hibbert did not these large. And it starts down hello this in with a dunk and 12 quarter though -- prince coming through any big -- midway through the second goes bring some life back. Acie Law. Layup Vladimir Radmanovic jumper. Cubs on May 23 to three run in this is the the exactly what you wanted to see if he didn't think from the starters -- -- -- -- pretty good ball -- backup up point guard about 61 beats you guys 68 and the John Paul Williams who. There's not a lays it in that Collison comes back and makes dribble penetration and here they leaked out again and a young guy George from Fresno state is quite an athlete that was nasty faces up to eleventh Ricky Williams kept the wars -- it. That's the three yet another now eight point game late in the fourth. George again. This time down low and by stewards he's got its. Up and under. Faces up to him Williams he never cooled off and this time he is once again. Strained -- Neifi scores within three with a minute to play. Red Wings' pockets every on the dark time. I'm money down the road right with three to tie it that was a good look here are some guys broken plays in the best ones they didn't allow the defense to get sent they got a wide open three from one of the best three point shooters in the league who just came up short Indiana Pacers go away on top one on nine to 100.

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