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HIGHLIGHTS -- Warriors 115, Hawks 93

Fri, 29 Mar 2013|

The Celtics may get Courtney Lee back for their game against the Hawks tonight. One thing they know for sure is that Atlanta's center, Al Horford, won't be playing due to the flu.

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  1. 3.5: Highlights- Warriors vs Hawks

    field and really got the best of the Warriors inside 47 rebounds the Warriors 39. Fifteen of those rebounds a lot like Al Horford to go to his 27 points and a season high. 29 points for Josh Smith the players lose their ninth straight game on the

  2. 2.25: ATL/GSW -- game highlights

    20 Jo Johnson from Howell for bird keeps Martin happy lives and yeah. Talks is actually a turnabout fair play Johnson Al Horford on the In Atlanta was up 6741. Still in the third and eighth Eli trying to get something going. Move nothing but bad

  3. 2.21: Highlights- Warriors Rally to Stun Hawks

    swagger. Coast to coast were all tied at world for the to play and keep your eye property one of the contact. They truly Al Horford get a visit jumper and the ball goes. Out of bounds off the Warriors for the Warriors history and Watson for the collided

  1. gone either way on the road and all of a sudden it's a different. Looking road trip so it's it's not it's not like Horford planned road. Other throws us this in the fourth with where Castro was when he fielded the ball how to decide I didn't get

  2. well. Yes. Resilience this early there. Was in all the trade deadline we were. We have to make a decision on where we want Horford who. Internally management wise coaching wise. We make some some decisions that. some players. organization have been here

  3. Lee awaits doctor's 'OK'; Hawks' Horford out


    Fri, 29 Mar 2013

    The Celtics may get Courtney Lee back for their game against the Hawks tonight. One thing they know for sure is that Atlanta's center, Al Horford , won't be playing due to the flu.

  4. wanna win a Stanley Cup and it's true that this group this organization's. Great group because. They know how to win and Horford coming in them. Who. Do you call you. Played does that are what happened and it's. An auto works. Well. The experience

  5. LIVE: Hawks vs. Warriors


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    The Warriors are without Andrew Bogut for the third straight game, and the Hawks are without both Al Horford and Devin Harris. Watch the NBA action on CSN Bay Area and follow along with In-Game Live!

  6. But he he not down a couple of shots the more wholly made great reads when they double team them both times we went to a Horford that. Pass it out of the double team. Turnovers tonight for the most part the right around finally. Six you know what team

  7. know OTA. Bottom to you don't know work that we did you know use them rid of forward you know and come out to his who wrote Horford they're Bruno. It don't be like did you know Woody's very. And B I don't know it certainly hurts their records

  8. Had juror cameras still and on the board this still been the guy they were targeting yes you know the Warriors have had kemba Horford had been available. And the Warriors would have picked one of those I mean it would have been like doubling down on their

  9. know that we're at an issue you know you have talked accused us into that. And sore this conclusion. He's still working Horford . Were. There. Well they ought to pick I was surprised about a stamper home. You know was so much more matured crucial watch

  10. notes are you successful that it. The last couple weeks there's two weeks and third home and our situation there's been Horford stay on the field. He's got to convert third in Annapolis so army folks do is get positive yours first them an opportunity

  11. 9.5: Raiders Training Camp Wrap


    Mon, 6 Sep 2010

    know I think he's he's gone out and. Shoulder and you know would seem to do some things to improve his and he's done those things so. You know that's America to. Not doing your job I'm playing well. Horford Comcast sports net.

  12. you can't judge that until you can actually get a life situations so. All in all the performance with the ball was. For. Horford are here guys in the first first opportunity. With this pretty good. He's been working at it into the what when you. We

  13. Special people we've got to prove to Horford goals would be better situation. Grows gators their local. Turned it was a move. Situations that reserve. The Sharks have been

  14. 12.23: Joe Staley on Chronicle Live


    Wed, 23 Dec 2009

    and nephews at at. nieces or nephews you have to for the seven year. Actually been very small family I have we'll see. Horford and Rivera have like three cousins in my mom's side note for 'cause mom's side and I think. Two cousins that are over