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11.19: Drew Gooden and Ricky Rubio



  1. Drew Gooden4:57
  2. Amir Johnson5:16
  3. Al Harrington5:27
  4. Rudy Gay3:22
  5. Joakim Noah5:28
  6. Jason Terry5:11
  7. Shawn Marion5:10
  8. Amare Stoudemire5:18
  9. Dallas Mavericks5:15
  10. Chicago Bulls5:32
Sat, 19 Nov 2011|

Drew Gooden and Ricky Rubio stopped by the Comcast SportsNet studios to promote the Drew Gooden Make a Wish Charity Game.


Machine Generated Transcript

Guys guys that sort of -- sports net central. I average -- Buick here would mean who's a Spanish sensation. And the new rookie. And he's glad to be here and I'm glad to have him here and I wanna open up questions for him and the scenery is or how how he's going about being in California for the first time. And let alone you know -- frustrations of playing in the NBA so we'll see what happens so Ricky. How did you start playing basketball. There's always say thank you for -- imitation a gamer. So exciting complaining. And you know. And played basketball I used to play in my mind to whom I'm all voted to this so finally end. I I just thought the played basketball and soccer because race over these payments to. So I am playing both -- let him in I'm. Tuesday. Basketball. So now I -- from a sports family also -- How whether Howard is games covered over your brother and a father -- you know your family members -- bristled competitive games. -- day -- McGraw used to play a lot when we to the nuns always have a fire and day. That's right there yeah every day who are playing games and he was kidding me because it was two years all of them mean with all aren't all the things. Fun and I was -- momentum team because you always see me. I'm you know I'm glad it was finally I had those same stores through. Okay now come from Spain and you know plan -- basketball how long have you been playing professionally. You know in this thing you can -- around proficient you when you're right -- mean he's -- -- night hearing in the case though. I'm sad to play him. The first game would've brought in when fourteen years ago so. What's new for me you know run -- everybody see. Fourteen years I'll keep playing with the -- us. But. I do good you know our feeling good that. That's here and you won a championship on her -- day yeah woo woo and you've been attendant she would the national team. And in. We remain that -- we. Got the ticket to the Olympic Games and on the next years so exciting to about that. And we were so happy because we won two years in a go and and we repeat type of so doing. Two years and are always it's hard to do it you know us. What. Okay now my next question is you know everybody -- -- wondering you know Ricky Rubio is is going to be a hard adjustment from playing in the NBA. And media NBA player I don't see much of adjustment from playing basketball overseas. In the NBA. Would you think you have to look for and what you think -- be different and for the game -- on the court or on the court Delaware media Delaware magazine. Video movie one day for you know. You know very -- what do you what do you think are you overwhelmed about that or are you ready for that. Now I'm ready you know and made easily -- different from Europe because. You played more games. You know maybe Derry you played -- 60s65. Months and you play you Rudy Gay TV and you play final or -- all of the things. I hear you made a feel for tied for weeks so physically you have to be ready and fun. I think that the rookies and feels that when there isn't -- while there yeah you know. But I think that can handle the days possible and you do this and he may be here is more physically and in our league and be putting things that you have to learn but it. It's basketball one. All the players that played basketball in telling them that during that you know so. We'll almost say I'm a fan of yours are there will only do they -- to watch or YouTube. You know who does Ricky Rubio got a couple years back and and I just started you know watches film and watching tapes on YouTube has seen enough so that you can play in. Always -- exciting player to watch because you have a lot of tricks -- real flashy. Or you're gonna see any that's a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at the at the cow palace yeah I am glad to being -- team to look at the I got him out there aren't any thoughts and not thrown in Panama had a good saves on plan a little bit player slash GM so I got -- -- -- a -- -- Yeah I'm trying food. To make everybody enjoyed that game because I think that best abilities is again that everybody -- -- everybody kind of -- The devotion of the game you know so. I think that you've. Did the people who comes along and enjoy a lot. Perfect you hear that the people that will come tomorrow will enjoy it and if you guys Thomas is going to a great cause and make a wish foundation huge huge part of his deal. And has to Drew Gooden charity make a wish basketball game is at the cow palace the -- him. You can get your tickets at Ticketmaster dot com once again Ticketmaster dot com 6 PM Sunday don't anyway there's going to be a lot of great at least here we got. Anywhere from Shawn Marion and Jason Terry won them -- championship last year with the Dallas Mavericks. We have Amir Johnson coming and we have Amare Stoudemire we have. Kosier got up the some of the guys on the same as well as we got here we got. Leon pose a hometown hero or go to with the Oakland tech high school we have Al Harrington we have Joakim Noah. Back to back national champion at Florida and is now the Chicago Bulls Rick Anderson very Joe's one of my -- team -- from the Cleveland Cavaliers. I -- Gomez goes on Eric Gordon the -- right from the wars a local town -- so. The list goes on and -- once again is going to be tomorrow cow palace 6 PM did you tickets at Ticketmaster dot com.

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