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Klay's huge night lifts W's to rout of LA; Sharks, Kings go to OT



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Fri, 1 Nov 2013|

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Little hope I make a nice scenario today where is there now are you highlight that I am like this -- I especially like enhance the volume makes you do the mustache better than. I didn't -- to eat that would that with the volume of the recent spate of butter cup went down well not much black coffee. I -- out -- asking me if I ask you what is trending. Sure I really mean by that trend they are not familiar we're -- there's always something I'm not in this -- well and I get to cover -- -- in the best interest seeing those that trending sometimes unique. Unique you know Eric yeah I guess yes you have New York I love Scotch. So what is trending on right well our first topic is. Really angry at me trade him over the summer over the summer to the public and he was hurt the first fortieth of his career he was planes bar and that -- Sixers you have to. Nice to deliver the -- can season opener pregame welcome speech that yeah it's only a good idea. Yeah even playing in the game. What -- and as you can thank you don't sell well for holidays that have -- of -- -- it ain't going to be embarrassed for my. Right then was. There's little things didn't go well. I'll put it that apply it to go well and Marc-Andre Iguodala gave a speech he's in a warrior he is screwed up now. Now I know I know now -- now why -- next great all of them sort of interesting there the opera maybe for some really. Like awkward not you normally see on satellite but it you wearing your yesterday. And you happen beyond sadly wouldn't beat. I don't well he. On -- -- you his very first big game. Vonnie play not cars like maybe -- and NBA players usually do it however. After the right I don't know he took the train home after they -- they did beat the other night 83 it could be something he might be getting confident. Eighty money -- it like a win win. That's the first time and a New -- some -- so what was screaming out for world -- yeah I never heard that before you -- these odd man like on this level and that's a righty has the malice in the -- -- -- -- yeah I would be nervous as I was there anyway -- third Ferrari. Reliever athletics reliever Jerry Blevins -- -- act and there's a little bit -- You actually driving and that might shot that was delivering his new Carnahan got steamrolled -- -- strain. 200. Feet down. What is the impact obviously no seriously injured that's the good news is not much for the car that car. Flailing -- got -- he can get the ball that went out he didn't get possession having yesterday there isn't funny but it again. Well how it happened in my Eldorado. Just terrible -- Chances -- your new car getting the -- you find out is an accident. And it and I had penetration happen and let her elder of the car was crushed but the Fuzzy dice was perfect yet but -- over that yeah. President -- apt at learn new things that I.

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    my. Right then was. There's little things didn't go well. I'll put it that apply it to go well and Marc- Andre Iguodala gave a speech he's in a warrior he is screwed up now. Now I know I know now now why next great all of them sort

  2. Warriors embarrass Lakers behind Thompson's career night

    Your season opener and Andre Iguodala first game with Golden State. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in town to pull me out an Achilles situation first quarter David Wade

  3. YSTL: Best Warriors team since moving west?

    first week of the year until the begin the match absolutely and when you think about mark not being there anything but Andre Iguodala trying to on the going to be hard for him he's the kind of player who can do the things you you know he's just

  4. YSTL: Most complete Warriors team ever?

    course not. Course not a terrible a terrible idea. Andre Iguodala . Last night you have Bogut inside protect and really ..... at the same time last night and that's because they Iguodala because last year. They had to decide they want to

  1. Experience. How did it feel. Andre that there was also. We famous overnight so. And you've been. this team for awhile now but it's what events did you learn maybe new tonight about it in the way you guys played in your opener. I really think playing learn some new. I had my analogy when I airplane

  2. couple of. Almost always they'll be somewhat in the starting lineup along with the bench players whether it's going to be Iguodala are courier played confidently. There's almost always going to be someone. playing with the with the second second unit

  3. Good. We can be better than we. I. Training camp in really good for us. definitely good things that we know we can. Teams do. And then we've had some bombs that that is no. still work hard every game. Expect a lot in this group. I think lead. Have an engine engine 48 minutes no I'm not having any

  4. team playing defense in spurts. She shots not falling all the time he's a lot of little things they need to fix Andre Iguodala that might stick with acquisition in terms of a person to sort of put get a lot of leaks and lot of holes there but

  5. the one that said most surprising offseason one was the nets Celtics trade involved a lot of big names. Then you say Andre Iguodala landing with a Golden State Warriors what is it about that move that makes it's so surprising that people go out

  6. We'll try to get some rest tonight. Try to get back in full swing my fifth. Yeah I'm sort of figured out let you know when you consistently so. Not just in the past him over the it was a attack scored. Defensively rotation with the guys so Stewart carvers. The last. That's what it looked like he.

  7. It threes last year. Played tickets still struck. But he just did a terrific job tonight and we get someone like Andre Iguodala just delivering out on every one of these passes drug offenders. You hit the open man you know where he has and he

  8. future. Looking at step tonight. your best player Andre Iguodala played the most minutes. Although he only has four ..... steals and can you comment on his performance tonight. Andre Iguodala showed exactly why we went His ability to make plays

  9. start with the I'm marvel and Andre Iguodala . But anything else junk about it should. Go over Iguodala you know you watch them on the ..... from exhibition season so far as Andre Iguodala . Is one heck of a basketball player

  10. Warriors Rewind: The good (Iguodala ) and the bad (Bogut's back)


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    Andre Iguodala got on the same page with his new teammates in Shanghai, but Andrew Bogut's back flare-up created cause for cencern.

  11. Instant Replay: Warriors run past Lakers in Shanghai


    Fri, 18 Oct 2013

    Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala helped the Warriors close out their China trip with a 115-89 thumping of the Lakers Friday night in Shanghai.

  12. Iguodala still getting a feel for new Warriors teammates


    Thu, 17 Oct 2013

    Andre Iguodala explains the challenges of learning the tendencies of his new teammates, especially big men Andrew Bogut and David Lee.

  13. sending Monta Ellis out but. If you look at what's going on the lawyers Bogut says he wants a return to the Warriors Andre Iguodala . Took less money remember them kings offered more money less money to come to Warriors what does that say about the

  14. s coming back to out there so that was good but. it's one of those things where you stop and take say it again today this game doesn't matter exactly we all I can win. You know got a other side of the same season Iguodala happy.

  15. to be Klay Thompson. Harrison Barnes and maybe even Andre Iguodala Al thinks so but while those two guys. Those alternate ..... five starters from the end of last year. And yet add Andre Iguodala and so you gotta figure there's just do the math someone

  16. three players. Clay Thompson Harrison Barnes and also Andre Iguodala . Burlington slots in the starting lineup one of those we've got to sip is not going to be Iguodala Thompson or it's going to be harder right now to tonight

  17. I'm just trying to get tomorrow's. Office are watching mister curry. We're seeing a team adjusts to playing with Iguodala when you're playing how long did take today a great into into a team that was our clarity together. You know that's a

  18. Giving his former coach at new kings coach. Good luck but not too much first quarter very giving Andre Iguodala I don't. Warriors down four at the 49ers Joseph took over the Warriors Twitter account writing. vs. Andre walked into the

  19. he can win 5055 games of stays healthy. And how does Andre Iguodala fitting in this Warriors mixed they bring back all five ..... who can play 23. four positions. And that's what Iguodala can do for the Warriors point guard shooting guard small

  20. Warriors drop preseason opener to Lakers 104-95


    Sun, 6 Oct 2013

    Andre Iguodala scored 15 points, while Klay Thompson had a team-high 26, but it wasn't enough to beat the Kobe-less Lakers.