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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Questions you want me to three field. -- Opening statement the oh win would start the season off. And a long season there's games like. We'll take it. Doing the things of -- crowd -- guys in the fourth quarter. The whole point looked like points that's a long season. The other -- sixteen points. One area of concern tonight was their transition if -- 23 fast break points on us but. The great thing about that is zero in the fourth quarter defense -- welcome them fourth quarter and gave us a chance to win the game. You know we should -- will be a great looks point 4%. Pretty good job taking care of the basketball which is very important for us moving forward. And the market is -- thirty and fourteen he cared if you play through them a lot he was a force down low. And obviously you know playing previous and I say get to play makers that can make a lot of things happen out there they had five assists in previous -- four. And sixteen points right off the bench your scores seventeen and Jason Johnson. Play games that you don't usually win so. Great start. I was happy that we can do this for a -- it's unbelievable atmosphere in the building tonight and of press about their play well in spurts you have to be more consistent we'll have to win. I'm proud of our guys know we have to get back to work the next -- coming -- on -- So yeah. -- Yeah -- you know. No matter who starts the game -- all the guys coming off the -- accurately contribute. Not to Benoit outfield tonight and that's a concern you know -- out. Just rolling his ankle. Jason's about -- -- about show some good place -- -- tonight we got hurt them less than we did that but Jason's credit you know. We came in. He only made one field goal tonight was a game winning field goal and to your point that last play he's very active on that list defense withstanding we got that stuff so. You know give a lot of credit to Jason staying ready and we start last year right now is somewhat adventurous but he's thrown he has -- job to do for us and we will do that job for us. It. -- Most yes definitely you know. You watch this team and best play against them he was away from the basket. A lot I think you know. In my opinion -- too much he's too talented these two day he's too skilled to be just on the perimeter I think that -- defense so I hope you don't post tomorrow. And now we went to -- and you know -- and time and time again tonight. He's a capable and willing passer so he's he can score he can make plays for his teammates he can get us into the bonus -- we get to the foul line and get easy baskets and that is something that we will continue to do is put him in the post. And establish that paint for us and give us an advantage down there -- -- There. Defensively you know the we're OK offensively I thought our execution no wasn't where it needed to be we turn the ball over for the game really at fourteen. The -- approximately a lot more than fourteen turnovers but. At times tonight turnovers led to easy baskets. They got out ran for four layups in transition. We have to have a lot more focused coming out of halftime to start at third quarter not you know get ourselves into a hole the ourselves. Allowed them to you know get close hopefully I don't that like he did tonight. Our goal every night to place close to forty minutes as possible tonight we didn't do that obviously but we did. Enough good things and made enough plays to get the win but we still have a lot of work to do. Yeah I know he was getting frustrated you know you can always get -- at times and you know he was dropping his head at times might I Chelsea must listen. As you go we go if you drop your head at all eyes are on you your leader. And you can't drop your -- you got to lift everybody up and he's the example that we need on the court. But defensively you know the government did at times. But I thought there are times that fourth quarter he really stepped up to the challenge made his presence known. Both ends of the floor not just offensively where he scored for us no shot thirteen 126 from the field. And that was -- big time scorer for us I thought defensively he also had some big plays around the basket making it the opponent feel us around. That's not allowing an easy basket so. He is much more than just one way player he has he got offense -- that level for us. And I think he's out there tonight. You. Quote from it looked like it a challenge from -- you know what is a note at 328 under two minute mark you know. Defend at a high level. We have to pride ourselves on getting stuff especially down the stretch. But I just a compound in Iraq in terms of get stops rebound and execute take care of the ball and we do those three things we'll win this game. And there is a stretch we had the lead group playing well then we turned the ball over. Then we took contested jump shot next thing you know to tie game again so. I'm gonna pound that rock every day defend rebound executed -- the -- if we do those things on a consistent basis we'll we'll. Will be pretty good position. Yeah. To me it's. -- -- where -- -- it's. That was what was the. No the one thing but I at the end of the market -- chemistry -- They're like Danny DeVito and all Schwarzenegger. They really have great chemistry and they they they enjoy each other on the court and off the court. And you're right you know what you must be coach on the side that that pick and roll between those two helped us out for a little while and so it was it most of for the Marcus. Isiah and Marcus and high pick and roll. And the market took the wind jumps and he made it a little surprised he was so tired fatigued. You know posting up his homework people realize that you post up that many times. You take a beating down there suck it and it felt like credit you play well and a that I pick will most definitely yeah. It is good for us during that stretch of the game. A real solid you know and he did a good job I just wanted to go out there continue to be aggressive look to make plays. -- -- Lions went one for seven you know for four points so wasn't his best game obviously but. You know been the guy that gets better almost every day and he can make shots tonight definitely had some great looks at. He usually makes. And that we got discourage him take shots that he can make a wanna get some confidence. And that's the greatest gift tonight and give a player as a coach is confidence and if you miss a shot you -- next time I want issue that we hesitation. And you'll be able to do that and defensively. He's got to continue to work has got to be able to keep guys in front of him contain the basketball and being good team defender but you know I think that that was going to be fine. Yeah. -- It's. Well I think every game takes on its own personality and a tonight up they play a lot of small ball with all their guards they have Lawson. Nate Robinson Andre Miller out there at times and when you get the three so we were able to get away with that tonight. I like playing -- entries at times together because now you have to. Capable ball handlers and play makers that was a lot of pressure on the other team. And then went with Marcus out there or Johnny. Or bad threes but so we'll see -- I think every game kind of dictate. Who plays who doesn't play. -- Appreciate that. So I feel relieved that. The sense of relief you know opening night and you know there's so much to -- going into this game rightfully so for a fan it's for a mayor for our owner you know it was. A great way to celebrate and to win on this night as was great for the fans most importantly in for our players. For me yes it's great you know among defeated northeast. So we'll see what happens on Friday night. Obviously worker adjustment tomorrow. We'll learn from tonight clean up the things that we didn't do well Monty too much on the court going into back to back instantly Golden State but. Little relief but you know onward and no argument for next game.

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