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Barnes: 'I was just trying to be aggressive'



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Sat, 17 Nov 2012|

Harrison Barnes scored 18 points and grabbed nine rebounds in 35 minutes against the Timberwolves.


Machine Generated Transcript

That's -- you're coming off your best game as a pro. And that went over Atlanta but he had another occupation and I guess one of the premier defenders this league has ever known actor apparently don't what was your mindset coming into that I. Wanna be aggressive I knew you know from the defenders so try to attack. And go on extended road -- was -- for your young career. Talking about these upcoming three games in particular the first one here tonight. No we knew Beckham coming -- calls just be mentally tough stick with it and don't give all of what happened in the first. We got down in the first quarter this is a very good defensive team and and yet you scored a 104 -- tonight as it turned out. What did you do in the second quarter to get at least it has such a big second quarter 31 points and take the lead at halftime after -- like well. Odds are detected temple the first you know they kind of slowed things down a little bit I was out there -- second half -- just more aggressive. When you take Andrei Kirilenko off the dribble -- what you were aggressive tonight again. -- when did you decide that. -- -- and finished over a great shot blocker. Later in the fourth on the houses try to be aggressive and it's not -- to try to get them. You say about the bench because they. Five point three tonight at barber at the reasoning one I mean you know. Know Carl Landry and assaulted stepping up big wreck at the end of the game on me doesn't mean he does some of the best score was. Never seen his lawyers and team rebound like they have been doing and -- that's a great success story for you right now that I'm sure mark Jackson's. Is talking about rebounding the ball and also getting out of the break that the defense is doing out there. Yeah we know Bogut out you know all the no vision -- rebounds it was a horrible. Harrison congratulations on the win and we'll see on the plane another good Emporia. Thanks very much.

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