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12.28: DEN/SAC Postgame- Andres Nocioni



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Wed, 23 Jun 2010|

Geoff Petrie and Paul Westphal introduce the newest King, Samuel Dalembert.


Machine Generated Transcript

Spencer coming -- -- -- me great pleasure to introduce everybody knows memory games Samuel Dalembert. We acquired last week and entry for Spencer Hawes Andres Nocioni. Really excited about. His arrival I think you'll find him to be. Excited. Engaging and anxious to. Enjoy entertainment yeah definitely help us on the floor. Our expectation is that we will improve defensively. As -- Proven history in Italy have been a terrific rebounder defender shot blocker. We look forward to it. Us I don't play from the Kingston and -- be part of team. We just echo what just it's -- Samuel is a proven commodity. He's. Brings something that our team is that is been desiring for for quite awhile. We've always. Said we need to get better on the boards and that are protecting the basket and he he's one of the best he's enthusiastic he's a great teammate and he's right in this primary season. A center who can compete. At both ends of the floor particularly -- working is just excited to have him here. You wouldn't. Of -- I'm very excited and -- -- use and believe it. You know homes and done. At colonial. You know what's coming here and -- noted that the committee can feel that seems to want you outlaw. You know success -- -- Kansas -- and speechless. You know quickly to -- him. You know make -- in this thing. We will also. Wanted to -- did you know I'm looking forward to as far as the trade. You know the teams with. Certainly when. You know it was in the past you know and they were there was. Course seems to team's interest in -- You know from from the -- I know that Sacramento was it teams -- be shown me. No consistent you know to the youth being consistent trying to make -- -- and and you know getting here and in on us just. Just feeling good right -- sometime when you. You know okay this is just it's and then when I mean I'm not just going someplace where. But you just didn't needs to not to make it happen so. I mean you feel much better. It's obvious that -- that your good fit here do you think you fit in with this team in this organization. Oh is he goes to them -- wanna go West Coast I would like to one of them down flown. You know finishing news finishing with on the grid that's really quickly as we. I think I can be and finishing games offensively for those guys. You know you know my game physically it's no -- and you. You know I'm I'm I'm new from the minute movie but in the ball into the -- position. And I think pride in my defense and. It's just somethings. It's something I've been a -- seven -- you know I'm -- into this afternoon. On defensive minded -- I think I can just you know these teams are moving forward and good piece. -- you Crennel from fox I was you know look at the rosters of your other teams before it came time. Ran out of time so I'll -- -- -- the question have you ever had a guy with -- abilities and talents playing in the middle for you. The I I've coached teams shot blockers before it goes back -- -- mark Weston Oliver Miller are both very good shot blockers Phoenix. But it's. As a player never played with anybody -- bush what's ambulance and a I just think that there when you look at the teams that that have success in this league. One of the common denominator since most of them can can really guard the basket and take care of the defensive glass and that's. That's that's what Lee has shown to be able to do and I'm sure we'll continue to do for us. And jeopardize that you've been targeting past several quite awhile does this change the way you approach this year's draft them. And a question from from a number of them people list. Thousands administratively and I don't think it doesn't need any impact at all are thinking now radar. And two of them were pretty comfortable Sixers have players that we would have taken. Either before a -- have to history. Coach my top open him up with Samuel does he instantly perfect and offensively that he brings it and change we can do -- court this year. We'll certainly always change depending on our own strengths and weaknesses your personnel but I think. Samuel who is a good percentage shooters good free throw shooter. I've seen -- be effective catching the ball -- the pain I don't think that. He's necessarily. And and I'm willing to be proven wrong that you're not necessarily somebody -- throw -- ball into the low post in. And go to work fifteen times a game but I know he can score in the low post as well around the basket he's had a nice touch and and I think he's got a well rounded offensive game even though he's. He's primarily known as a defensive player I would expect. Double figure points points and Samuel I don't think that's too much to expect at all. -- How would you characterize your offensive game that I know coming over here. People back east refrain that that part of your game that wasn't wasn't as developed as we could have been at the state your career. Only we would once in. My career it's it's and we didn't want team and what they've always been asking me do. Excellent product now. Mean they had so many. Personal -- do not require them to school and that's that was their jobs you know. To do and -- was. Okay who god is -- go to clubs like in his elegant actual position on the school's. You know -- he's not impressed -- me to be you know we want to. Still -- on the influence in the and so prisons. Things and this is coming so. Always been kind of -- content to let -- and t.'s defense. -- -- Oh yeah. Other things that you them you know if you look at that we use -- -- -- you know went up to me it was I would hopefully yeah. And you know there was nobody in my formula kinda but -- I just you know actually I don't -- -- I don't like -- other -- to -- this felt so I'm the kind of guys sneaking behind him and and you don't do that actually things in Mosul. If you know we got over the course it was just -- guys and you know things to one please vote and I'm just gonna feed -- -- going to see looking in when you get. He's got to stop here you know I'm here to finish for you on -- -- -- to -- actual position -- went into -- I'm waiting to -- to walk and walk with him and get it done. They're switching gears a little bit have you been decorating and you kinda. That exists here yeah -- you know actually in school and who wants us to feel this could well Haiti and I'm going back there. And get something -- well done and hopefully before the season's gone and and we can -- what I want to do and -- stuntman. It's their teammates and vote. Oh yeah equipment of the grid when the -- -- -- -- went maybe that's something and things we'll we'll conduct on and you know when someone who didn't have some camps for the keys and and John have some some good times. Won't lose it. Mobile core players. Particularly tough weekends obviously you know because he -- that area I think I and it focuses its -- -- You know Carl -- -- And you know -- -- kind of couple there's a final -- hopefully we. It was a -- entirely too -- -- royal ivy and came to us now when that when you know what's coming he said though Manuel looked tired. -- was it CC pretty good in places that you put -- -- so he's he's got an upside potential in our minds to kind of guys as you know. You know compliment you on the wrong you know giving you who loves to kind of stuff you guys doing so. You know I'm looking forward to look to get him in Austin what can we. Knowing his weakness and strength and you know knowing what I can do maximizing. This responsible. -- -- his back on the floor. Lighter -- question you mentioned soccer. Do you still play what position did you play outside -- about the World Cup I just didn't you let me you. You know and I used to do what happens accidental. That's it was announcers in the with him. No -- it was definitely. In and also I think by putting one pleasantly cooler when he was here -- But you know it's it's exciting and you know -- -- dispute that he was -- -- excellent. And ousted the numbers can mama gives us an -- -- -- Ahead. A mama you know from well hopefully -- we will was with the Brazilian. You know as a -- who is with him. So to keep the tradition and that's wonderful music.

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