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YSTL: If Bogut stays healthy, it's a genius move



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Fortunately the Warriors last night they got their incredible -- I think that they can go all the way all the way -- the final. So I made. I guess not get rattled pit stop did you like -- digest live story about a month I gotta be. Connolly on the tape now I thought I looked up there are a lot of fun and I thought that it I mean I believe that want to the Warriors for. Half of -- his life but it's it was the most impressive and complete Warriors team that it seems that spot. Then they have to read those like one quarter of Chileans like exactly. I actually temper our enthusiasm he has generally the top of the charts we should temper enthusiasm that the Atlanta I'd say just -- -- -- -- showing any. I let up again killing and better move to -- I'm fifth -- We really needed to -- Oh yeah eight I think getting. What his follow the lawyers for a long time has to be extremely nervous about people projecting them in the putting them in the Western Conference finals. Are talking about the most talented team ever I mean. This is not the way Warriors fans role they like just wait they hear that wait for something really bad happened so but they're they're good team. -- we can just. Leave it at that right I think so. I've been told in my -- now that it is time to play game it's called choose or lose its own Villanova colon and a familiar with the scheduling this game. Apparently it's very popular. Don't choose or lose presented by Farmers Insurance case got what what do you more impressed with -- played darts for 38 and 31 minutes of the Warriors suffocating defense on Steve Blake I was. They -- back. I was more impressed likely -- 38 I've done that you know -- things that you really struggled with last year was being consistent throughout. In the entire ballgame and the fact he scored 27%. But he kept it going there and that was really benefit -- am. They won the Santa. And what impressed you more. If if you consent to have Steve Blake and I didn't really how -- of let me get. Mean Clint doesn't even know -- is going to be a starter until two days before the season started and it went for 38 and he's kind of a quiet. I have heard someone say that. In the Bogut. They have never even heard him talk until they went to China and we're sitting -- a bus together I love what I mean he even really quiet guy he's not on you know not getting all the clubs that is. His back backcourt mate does that he's he's a really good player is a really good young player I love your mother doesn't. As does a move like nine and trying to hasn't and a nine iron I feel left out there like until I'm up -- can switch it looks like an. I got my sense is it midway through very close to -- can't watch Andrew Bogut last night reminds me my good friend Bill Walton. When he was you know Portland TrailBlazer a clip for the mountain of a man could do it all blocked shots past how that is Andrew Bogut is going to be the not man the new Bill Walton. I sure as heck hope so because I worked with a number that's we're just -- a week for him to fail but -- I was that. Kruger added I believe those names out of tonight's -- it's more times I do think that Bogut can be incredible and he was shot and just little. Pirates of how good he can be last night we saw blocks which saw the defense he does not shooting -- because I think that's gonna come with time and confidence and kind of did it getting some rhythm back. But he's a great five and it's already have those guys in the NB BN BA these days so yeah. I think he could be really. Read this is probably Manning got the new deal -- is like the 36 now -- the Warriors to the right thing signing him not shaken a little bit of a spin the rest of the year to get the 36 of 43 -- hit a good last night -- it. Yeah he looks pretty healthy and they probably you know he probably would have gotten more money if he was. Really healthy and had a good year and went on the open market so like I think they I mean you get -- they gotta hope they did the right thing rat I would say of course not. Course not a terrible a terrible idea. Andre Iguodala. Last night you have Bogut inside -- protect and really has got behind the back gets it back to get on the floor but I love his his defense of presidents' presence out on the point. Talk about what he's gonna get to see the missing link to take his team to what we think Politico I think he might be because one of the things. At first by a cartoons -- lose fifty seconds there was what impressed me more clay of what you. Defense I think the thing that actually impressed me the most but the fact that this team was able to have both. On the floor at the same time last night and that's because they Iguodala because last year. They had to decide they want to have their shooters or did they wanna go what the defense -- set and now that he's on the team they can both the same time. He's a great addition I mean it gives them more depth it gives them great starter. And I think that whole intangible thing about. Being a free agent that wanted to come here and and really wants to make it work and that changes the dynamic for the Warriors so he he adds that which isn't anything you see on the floor. He's you know again -- one game please keep sent -- one game world. Getting carried away here that's really do yeah. Yahoo! Sports -- on his bike week. Right up -- we can sell more normal I think I'd rather talk about -- with and -- -- earlier the other kind of that it -- victory -- -- element I mean she didn't need to score last night but I how to talk to the warrior people. Part of the game last night they were concerned that he did not shoot the ball well Newton in the pre season out -- from two pointers shoot threes inning. He was fortunate last night scored so we're not concerned about stuff curry losing his shot. No you're not I think he's a little bit off right now for whatever reason he's a little bit rusty whether it was the trip to -- no word yet I and hopefully some of the minutes last year but. He's gonna find his groove Seth Curry who's seen since we saw that David and he is an incredible here. So I think the fact that clay play great last night. It's a good sign because that's not that direction that it's going to be able to take his time and don't be surprised if tonight click a little bit of an off night and that people like that down -- Did excel against Chris Paul I think bring it on Chris Palmer aggression while wearing your post -- secrets -- dress up as football for the entirety. I was that they -- but he will definitely car or a very passively like it in my dress up another hit maybe Burgundy will be courtside. -- They're asking me here to talk about a game -- Toney Douglas and I'm not familiar with Toney Douglas a. But if you -- -- the friendlies -- back out one he's a back up was that none of us are familiar with it OK here a couple. It's game one I don't think don't play well last night at thirteen point shooter good defender I was at the opera I'm. Well and I think the good thing about Tony that he's always been a thorn in Seth -- -- now that he's on the -- that -- -- -- talking about it so someone's idea but good thing I'm.

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