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3.17: Andris Biedrins will not travel with Warriors



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  2. Jarrett Jack0:58
  3. Andris Biedrins0:36
  4. Andrew Bogut2:00
  5. David Lee2:02
  6. Carl Landry0:12, 0:18
  7. Harrison Barnes0:44, 2:10
  8. Klay Thompson0:43, 2:08
  9. Marreese Speights0:17
  10. Toney Douglas0:23
Wed, 9 Oct 2013|

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Top six we know for the Warriors are all going to be very good. Pop but I'm beyond that Monty what -- -- Depp does this Warriors team that I think they're pretty strong and you look at the best value -- Personally look -- -- -- second and Carl Landry the two key got to the -- last year. And they sort of replace those guys with Marreese Speights who is a bigger guy than Carl Landry can do some of the same things but his little bit more -- can play both forward and center. -- -- bring a Toney Douglas who the better to bring them Varitek wasn't on -- tech's best today. Maybe not quite the offensive player but also what I've -- close to -- even two. So you got those two guys there and many of you you lose Jefferson a lot from lesser used Andris Biedrins loosened dead weight. In replace that with so -- up coming up business for this team is gonna be a potential all star it's either going to be Klay Thompson. -- Harrison Barnes and maybe even Andre Iguodala Al thinks so but while those two guys. Those alternate those guys and you have been an all star could be one and more of those we'll come off the bench so that right there means you've got a pretty -- bitch but. Money you mention the name Jarrett Jack in a lot of Warriors fans say that was the guy who was that we're in a heartbeat and his team during the regular season today and someone is gonna step in that role. Obviously -- dollar 'cause he's a guy -- four positions you can play points shooting guard small forward -- for whatever you need a better defender. If you asked me -- look at him as a guy who can really confuse opponents. -- about the bench who's gonna defend him with the guys defend the other team -- to make a decision on that so. Derrick Jack with the team veteran voice may be coming off the bench and you really have a lot to say let him do a lot of stuff curry but I think it would -- a better overall player I know he has. And I think -- compensate for that. All right so the Warriors -- bringing back all five starters from the end of last year. And yet add Andre Iguodala and so you gotta figure there's just do the math someone's got to come off the bench. Has Mark Jackson made up his mind of -- the starters are in that one guy is going to be the sixth man. If he is Americas in Miami yanks fan so far he is saying. You know I want to be fair to everybody would not sure who's going to be doing that just sit. All -- will say right now is that his starting center Andrew Bogut you're starting power forward David Lee they're starting point guard is Stephan curry he's not -- with a big guard a small forward we do know. It's gonna be between Klay Thompson. I Harrison Barnes and it would dollar in my guest at this stage. Is that he -- -- without a start and probably Thompson the start although Thompson coming off the bench for the first two pre season games. All right it'll play itself out as the pre season continues and you go to the website CSN Bay Area dot com read the latest from our Warriors insider 28 years right in the Bay Area I'm barely got all money pulled thanks for joining us on Yahoo! for the return goes.

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  1. ve close to even two. So you got those two guys there and many of you you lose Jefferson a lot from lesser used Andris Biedrins loosened dead weight. In replace that with so up coming up business for this team is gonna be a potential all star

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    Warriors center Andris Biedrins will exercise his player option and return to the Bay Area for the 2013-14 season, according to his agent Bill Duffy.

  4. Jarrett Jack and Andris Biedrins hosted 45 Special Olympics athletes at the Warriors' practice facility on Tuesday.

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    jump shot Warriors shoot 30% in the first half. Collect to this season. Then in the second guess the Ramos shot about my Biedrins . It's a bit Jay left that a lot. You don't have shot maybe. Warriors were up by one and they were outscored by 27

  6. for their first four game win streak cents a glove wrong last season. Lots of good defense in this one Jefferson Andris Biedrins blocked very long green. That's Sealy. And Jarrett Jack to get up Dion Waiters happening goes the length of the

  7. gets it to go. that he missed free throw he was clearly hobbled. Blake Griffin was not he's got moments later. Andris Biedrins Jarrett Jack. He was tremendous this afternoon get a ticket does get a Carl Landry that's just sweep us. All tied

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    one against any sort of coverage. The problem is that the Warriors would have to throw in a Richard Jefferson or Andris Biedrins . Into the deal and they have player options for next year so ultimately. Adding them along with the Harrison Barnes

  9. Andris Biedrins has made a positive impression on Mark Jackson from day 1.

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    Lawrence. It's rude not to flash. Third quarter Andris Biedrins get into this one want simultaneously. Hold tight ..... by the way that's as many they had all last year. Andris Biedrins is the first warrior with ten plus boards. And no

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    Andrew Bogut is not expected to play in the second game of back-to-backs for the next few weeks, which means he won't play Saturday night. Festus Ezeli and Andris Biedrins will have their hands full with Blake Griffin.

  12. here from David Lee. With the agility. And that's nice believe it's eleven. Final two minutes of the quarter Andris Biedrins . Thirteen point lead for the dogs that did great fourth quarter watch carrier. Kind of fight through a screen if

  13. Curry says he participated in about half of the Warriors' workout, that his ankle feels strong, talks about being more of a vocal leader, and comments on Andris Biedrins .

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    what he's got right now is size and defensive mentality. I think right away you're gonna see is the only and Andris Biedrins battling for minutes at the back up five position. And it is really shows you can handle some of the defensive schemes

  15. presence at the the Warriors have over the past decade it. Aussie is a much bigger scoring threats that have either Andris Biedrins Adonal Foyle or Erick Dampier is rebounding and shot blocking prowess also are. Quite have precedence.

  16. that was put it away more value foolishness. Mo Williams they Kenyon Martin this time Clippers win one well well for. say Biedrins is day to day it must be weird according to the NBA's concussion policy before returning the Warriors next game is Monday

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    in Toronto Ontario Canada today to take the Toronto Raptors after you go in the starting lineup over Andris Biedrins thing than it. about troubles early about really haven't played decently inside today. Did he was aggressive in pursuing and

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    streak that's got. Referenced that they you know after having his brilliant game Monday would play off the bench Andris Biedrins still. But in the starting role. And it was a step curry getting a lot here to derail would not scored the previous

  19. are they fluctuating minutes of Andris Biedrins I know Mark Jackson and Biedrins ..... to say he believes that I just Biedrins and think she's got a pretty ..... s got to get something out of Andris Biedrins I think you reached out to him

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    Are gonna take give back to Charlotte to hear from the coach of the Warriors and heavier word on Andris Biedrins playing time after those three fouls in the first quarter tonight here's Mark Jackson. There's some good infancy and recently