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2.4: Stephen Curry's 3-point contest competition



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Thu, 4 Feb 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

I didn't really. Involving Warriors rookie -- curry our own -- diamonds has learned the legacy guard has been chosen to participate in the three point shootout. All star weekend in Dallas the younger curry hopes to fare better than his father -- did you competed in the 1994. -- But never got out of the first round of the NBA won't release the finalist the contestants until Friday. -- the regular season leaders serving on the -- Cleveland's Daniel Gibson Jared Dudley the Phoenix Suns. The Boston Celtics veteran Paul Pierce continued to shoot strong -- shooting guard Anthony Parker also have a nice season from beyond the arc and -- -- -- from the Denver Nuggets he's got some long range accuracy and then there's. The other Warriors guard Anthony Morrow led the league in this category last season so reflective glory almost seems a bit odd. Good filly finds Korey more marketable we have assignments forcing more insider. Also a little bit surprising that Stephan curry got selected for the three point shoot out. Because he's only shooting 43% from the field which is ninth in the league right now. But keep in mind he had a great January. We're shot 48% from the field and obviously elevated him into the competition. The only other person we know for sure is gonna make this advantage Channing Frye and the Phoenix Suns. Now when it comes out of the shooting competition what -- is gonna have a go on form is his quick release and the fact that he doesn't shoot much of a jump shot in the first place. I talked to him last week about the possibility he'll make in this contest and he said he never done it before so that's going to be an adjustment forum. It's a little bit different when somebody's seen you passes as opposed to when your pick it up basketball's off the rack. And trying to shoot at a certain amount of time should be very interesting to see how he does.

  1. wanna talk about this game I think that that's on everyone's mind but before we get that. I Newsnight at that day Jarrod Parker we wonder why you let the game perhaps a little bit early yesterday and today and his. Yeah Bob Melvin says you are going through

  2. week I just don't see that look in his and and I heard and heard from. Parker or not I'm not. That they're there rely on Sunday great you know stress really and Parker were here before and I heard Sonny gray told me. Well straight you a strike

  3. final six today to take it to one seriously home runs by Josh brown and Brandon Moss Seth Smith. How are the days old Jared Parker in the bullpen held Detroit to just three runs Melvin was more than patient Purdue's offense to turn it around. So I mean

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    A win puts the A's in the ALCS, but they have rotation concerns as right-hander Jarrod Parker showed signs of arm fatigue.

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    Jarrod Parker will encounter quite the challenging environment Monday, but at least he's familiar with Detroit's playoff atmosphere after 2012.

  6. shutting down attackers offensive expectations from Parker . I guess tomorrow what you guys have been able to use ..... it was. Some kind of special last night and you know Parker 's Parker 's equally as good as those guys and he's he's

  7. what's your outlook coming into the start how are you feeling physically and especially after to your last three starts were. A little sub par with what you take good. That's. So did I think his size and his timing gets an extra days at this point of the year it's. positive thing for your body is

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    This is just a great player right in the face off the puck went into the core. is able to get it out. And they discuss the Parker Orton got the puck toward the net traffic there and that's great score on the power play. First power play goal of the year

  9. t legendary. How much that was an guys you consider. It and what part of the consideration picking him here. Tonight and Parker . It in the Yeah I don't think had to do it we have numbers we just want to his place that he was comfortable his pitches

  10. happened in here can you go into your thinking on how you arrange your rotation particularly with raise the number two slow and Parker of the numbers very. Well we like all of them and they're all gonna some point in time anyway just Jared had the experience

  11. former Cy Young award winner and Verlander against grade game Parker on ball Sanchez and then Doug Fister. And very early in. Game ..... going to become one day and to have. Have the luxury of having Parker and a pivotal game three because I think every game is going

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    Cologne squares off against Max Scherzer in game one rookie Sonny gray gets the against Justin Verlander in game two. Jerry Parker will face Sanchez in Detroit in game three and a fourth game if necessary. Gangster vs Doug Fister. Both managers spoke Tuesday

  13. teams after tomorrow's going to be going home. And Jared Parker just not sharp he did that relief from the get go and as you ..... this series and I think you could compare and maybe Jarrett Parker can look at what our total Cologne did last not a long time

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    Brandon Moss hit his 30th home run of the season, but it wasn't enough to overcome Brad Miller's two home runs off Jarrod Parker .

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    Bartolo Colon and Jarrod Parker seem likely candidates to start the first two games of the ALDS, but nothing's for sure according to Bob Melvin.

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    Bob Melvin said the A's likely would go with a four-man rotation, so if the team stays in order as Melvin hinted, it stands to reason the A's playoff rotation will go Colon- Parker -Sonny Gray-A.J. Griffin

  17. It's okay. Playing our game. We were in control Move on and continue to play our line. You know that happened. I'm playoffs and being there being in big games where carry that over. We know when you know we know we've been there and we've played some. You know we knew we knew what they want me you

  18. Congratulations Jared twelve men on this season you allowed just one run on four hits how would you assess it sucks it. It was all right and I was able to just get early contact that we were swinging bats down and try to get us in the dugout and you know. Up at the plate as you know as early as I

  19. But just real. Simple what what was wrong with your starting pitcher tonight and how healthy was he actually before that he was healthy it's just he just had a you know we haven't seen them an off night in quite some time. And now you know was a little bit off his command so the first couple

  20. to an ankle injury and the Raiders to Taiwan definitely. To do a leg injury. More bad news for baseball is lose 121. Jared Parker gave up seven earned and in the third was good later mark trombone and Mike went deep off Pedro Figueroa. Good news is the