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5.20: The Weekend Riff with Matt and Mychael



  1. Jerry Stackhouse2:03, 2:13
  2. Antonio McDyess2:04, 2:15
  3. Rasheed Wallace2:05, 2:11
  4. Chris Webber1:56
  5. Matt Roth0:11
  6. crazy horse4:46
  7. King Kong4:09
  8. Michael Irvin5:23
  9. ping pong ball1:40
  10. Animal kingdom3:49, 4:54
Fri, 20 May 2011|

It's throwback weekend as Urban and Steinmetz discuss the important sports topics including Matt's prolific high school baseball career.


Machine Generated Transcript

Art everybody -- the weekend. -- urban alongside math I'm Matt Roth is always fight he'll. Or near iPhone and I got a loan. You know now that -- a problem. The engine at the open -- or were there and just do anything basically one it is easier. The record. He'll take -- doesn't do. Hit either like the Giants. But the sad -- You know -- he's not your problem is the pitchers can. -- position. -- mourned. I gotta believe you can barely bend over field on what was it today. Exactly why. Well first I don't know alive means. But the spectacularly average dad. C'mon -- played two sports the affable where. So were you particularly baseball. The player that the tenth grade I hit 308 my sophomore year -- that played third base three or Lleyton and yourself Warriors that. 07 -- that it's not maybe like two forward. Everybody is. Now not a week now my only could pitch Rudy Wright rooted drop kick off and -- that age groups -- all -- a lot earlier today. First let's talk about him being. What is it with the ping pong ball. It is the only time there removed they've gotten I think it just meant to us this and months ago. -- he's not just -- it was a bust or number one overall. Chris Webber isn't legit number one overall it wasn't even the number one wasn't it pretty heard it and look at just mr. Jerry Stackhouse Antonio McDyess Rasheed Wallace and then -- went five. It's just that. Put him up against Rasheed Wallace. Jerry Stackhouse made my point when it Antonio McDyess it's not a bad it made my point about it as more of a bad hit actually live and learn. Just made my point He was available Warriors don't. Seventeen years old right. And I right now without the original that was real good teams passed on -- they're knuckle -- that. W eleventh pick in the draft about the knife in the past or Paul players when talking about. Every year you can do that yes you can do that I -- laughs yeah that was -- does not take up the blitz the chronicle I've blitz it was. Now on the Internet and the rest of authority. And I I got positive feedback from. Overwhelmingly positive deposit I was there for you guys units -- -- were in studio be here today. To the right assignments. You know your math assignments. That are you better look like I enjoy spending time when Mayo go so what was it like for you. And for the first half hours great of their room by myself talking to myself right that's. Saw him in person agrees with your all's well but I mean once we are all doing -- thing do you -- this attention and you answer. Sequestered in a little. -- positive. I'll make you feel like. Now under real less of a man now that you know what the check cashed -- up. All right next cash should stop. Preakness I'm like yeah. Animal kingdom are concealed identity yet you -- -- and Sheldon Russell's. Going to be on third down or Rivera and -- know right Sharks. -- -- so anyway I am and review the names the preakness. Horses astrology. Norman add your instant. King Kong -- flashpoint Shackelford Charles Shackelford. From lunchtime Mets get back here -- -- to Shackelford course. In this thing pictured it. -- Shackelford. -- We also that's where Wales. Oh yeah at midnight into. I had Syria He did He hurt yeah. Don't let the darted Chad. In energy. It's like. Midnight interlude I like that it's racy. Get it crazy horse racing. Dial then. Dialed in at -- sports phrase. Animal kingdom isn't He perfect concealed identity and mister -- I'm gonna go. Just randomly I'm gonna go based on names and I guess I'm I'm gonna pick. Midnight interlude the jockey is Murton and our team Garcia herb Martin Garcia of -- Palmer team just -- you know are close like that. So there you have it there's your winner you've got midnight interlude by Hitler and Garcia winning. The preakness the second leg of the triple. I'm not saying this but I am Michael Irvin meant assignment failed -- not a shocker.

  1. against us and of the top names by but I think he should have more office just making it. I had to do all these little things McDyess and he's just quit it just me with enough. So like I. To me I think that's pure luck that's that he hasn't. Is where

  2. the World Series. And like I was the only guys government to go what I said. Last week and I did not want take nothing like McDyess not have a good pitching staff for not a good ballclub. Because I I watched every pitch in the World Series in courts plus

  3. 1.24: SAS/GSW postgame -- David Lee


    Tue, 25 Jan 2011

    there. You know or Tim Duncan admitted Ginobili and parker make those guys whichever one it is whether poisoning I was putter McDyess tonight. They find a way to to be effective. run a whole lot of stuff what did you run all five guys on the floor threaten