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4.13: Closing night at the former Arco Arena?

Fri, 7 Dec 2012|

With Power Balance bankrupt, the Kings will grant naming rights to the old Arco Arena to Sleep Train Mattress Centers.

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  1. 9.24: Kevin Johnson on Arco Arena

    was built and opened in 1988 which is not all that long ago so so we get right down to what what what is the current ARCO Arena lacking that the other Arenas around the nation now have. Well let's just put in context first of all are the 1988

  2. 12.7: Highlights: Wade shreds Kings for 34 in Miami's win

    Dwyane Wade was brilliant on Sunday night with his girlfriend Gabrielle Union in attendance at Arco Arena during the Heat's 115-102 win.

  3. 11.8: GSW/SAC Postgame- Paul Westphal

    Kings coach Paul Westphal spoke with the media after Sacramento won its second game in two days when they dispatched the Warriors 120-107 at Arco Arena on Sunday night.

  4. 2.28: Jim Kozimor reports on the scene in Sacramento

    gonna bring who joins us live from ARCO Arena to a as he's getting set for the ..... Well what we're gonna have here at ARCO Arena is something that well they don ..... and we're joining us live from a ARCO Arena they do move down to Orange County

  1. Kings to play in newly-minted Sleep Train Arena


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    With Power Balance bankrupt, the Kings will grant naming rights to the old Arco Arena to Sleep Train Mattress Centers.

  2. to win right here we have our winner on that could go all the named the arena that the Warriors playing ARCO Arena . And again. Art ARCO Arena . So that's Sacramento kings' training camp there okay and the owner of the way. That's a good question

  3. that we didn't think about posting that a well I'll pipe that refuse to believe that this will be the last day the ARCO Arena are here in Sacramento in the power pavilion I think our Vancouver. that the Peter Rupert MBA in. We'll monitor

  4. 11.19: NJN/SAC Game Highlights


    Sat, 20 Nov 2010

    Jersey Nets rolled into a sac town facing a kings squad. They have lost six straight suite ticket to the world famous ARCO Arena in the second quarter in this one down three Chris Humphries to. Guess so Lopez and I stuff that's up fourteen at

  5. there on the same page in. You know I wouldn't expect it any other way. Well next game right here at Arco Saturday at 7 o'clock as the the Spurs he's come in for tickets go to kings that common we hope to see out here at ARCO Arena .

  6. then duplicated via radio is here. And we had your favor. Are you set for Saturday night you got a big one going up at ARCO Arena trying to get your belt back yeah outlets. That's the plan so lay out Brady goad says a couple days left so this Upton

  7. All right thank you Gary deal that would get caught up on everything let's start right here in Sacramento California ARCO Arena and the California kids Sacramento's favorite if you're quiet it would take pop Ellis out. For the WEB over 101000

  8. And open up the sound of the cow kings fans congregated at ARCO Arena and that's where Tyreke Evans and his mates are trying to bust out of a five game slide a little. Home cooking dinner at third

  9. 1.9: The Kings/Warriors File


    Sat, 9 Jan 2010

    Blew an eighteen point lead and suffered their fifth straight loss with Carmelo and the Nuggets waiting for the kings at ARCO Arena tomorrow night. Let's stick trip. Backed ORACLE Arena the fabulous Christine knew has all the dirt from inside the

  10. 12.24: Highlights- Cavaliers vs Kings


    Thu, 24 Dec 2009

    Chicago they had a nice little present waiting for them. King James and his merry band of Cavaliers there to greet them at ARCO Arena . We start in the second half where Tyreke Evans played like a king. And LeBron wasn't too bad either third quarter

  11. Back out to ARCO Arena to bring in the guys were caught it fits in Guys I'll pose questions that it just spoke to just a second ago. Team chemistry

  12. the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium if they could you know it's ludicrously atmosphere is all gone there's nothing wrong ARCO Arena . They're really not sure if they got an amazing I mean I don't know I think it 12425000. No I admit I do you for

  13. attracted you to this kings job. Also much I I've come in here on the other bench. And seen how while it hits in ARCO Arena and I I just think it looked to be part of rebuilding it back to where. The kings are factor in the discussion and BA

  14. 6.12: Kings Press Conference


    Fri, 12 Jun 2009

    You're looking live at a press conference of the kings ARCO Arena where they're announcing Paul Westphal as their new coach let's listen in. It. World forward to work and together. Is back