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11.25: Warriors Postgame



  1. Roger Mason2:03
  2. Monta Ellis1:09
  3. Gregg Popovich2:11
  4. Antawn Jamison0:30
  5. Tony Parker1:57
  6. AT&T center1:13
  7. Jim Barnett1:16
  8. Hammond0:43
  9. San Antonio1:33
Thu, 26 Nov 2009|

Damon Andrews and Garry St. Jean break down the Warriors loss on Warriors Postgame Live.


Machine Generated Transcript

Just a remarkable set of three games for him like he was fat side. Just his pace to his game and he shot selection in his abilities to get to the rack and that you know he. It was just a great great performance ended up being seventeen for 26 from the floor he was absolutely. All one points in the first half with 28 points and I think he missed maybe four shots in that first half. The first player from Golden State to score thirty plus points in three straight games since Antawn Jamison your -- on. Pretty good but Antowain went back to back for fifteen. Against the Lakers in Seattle and the third game I don't remember who it was against be about 36. But that that's a great achievement for Hammond. And there's a growth in this guy's game you can just feel it ever since Jackson is gone Charlotte I think he's. He's really stepped up his game and and he he's earned respect from his teammates that he's trying to play defense every night. East east put the ball on the fourth floor fearlessly. And that. He's just playing with a confidence that I didn't see. Before really stepping up as a leader too scary like -- the way Monta Ellis is maturing as a player with that said let's take you back out to AT&T center. Bring in the guys with columnist embroiled in Jim Barnett and guys you purple Gary -- Monta is maturation as a player it continues to evolve. 42 points tying a career high would have great effort for him this evening. The great jeopardy kept the ball club close tonight as he did last night in the first half Jim I think. If you come down and your play at Dallas at San Antonio a lot he's -- very happy for display. Yeah especially where they performed that first half but they were simply magnificent -- those 28 points by the way went twelve of fifteen. The third quarter was their downfall I do think of fatigue the fatigue factor set in their because -- too many turnovers and do you get a good team they capitalize on those Dawkins mr. fundamental was fundamentally was very secure tonight. Tony Parker hurt and they got any word on and on the court. Probably get defensively Brodeur quite as sharp the legs a little weary there and Roger Mason junior hurt him as well. But then they came back and got down by 22 they cut the lead again to ten. And you know Gregg Popovich had to bring the horse is back -- so. This is a pretty good trip down -- nothing to be ashamed up. Leslie have wrapped it up here guys I think what the lawyers have found is that they found a little bit of their own identity. They know they can be competitive I think it's going to be very important as a hit into the second of the season.