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Allen: 'We need McFadden to be healthy the entire season'



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Mon, 30 Jul 2012|

Dennis Allen talks about what he wants the team's identity to be, the importance of McFadden staying healthy, and what he expects from Terrelle Pryor.


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It's. He's everything that. Tough Smart disciplined football team. And that's it and that's where you're gonna win in this league in in that's the way we're playing -- there -- there. Fast. Yeah he looked good I mean I think we all understand that. He's an explosive playmaker for us and and we need him to be healthy. For the entire season. I have expectations of him to develop as a quarterback on a daily basis. I'm not certain any anything is forest. Where I wanted to -- -- on the depth charter how many passes or anything like that. I just -- and get better every day and that's what he's come out here. And tried to do nothing to see if he continues to do that in the -- he's going to be our. Oh why am I don't know that any by just jumped out at me. I'll write off the practice field obviously a look at that at practice tape and and get a better feel for both sides of the ball but. And you know I thought overall the practice was good. In other candidates on the roster other than Ben Gordon -- that for returns that you see here but -- home. You had a little bit. Yeah well wolf we'll continue to evaluate guys as we go throughout training camp. But right now those guys. -- Yeah he's got a -- in in. You know well I waiting. Were. People start hitting. You know I mean I think. You know that's that's how you play the game I mean you play the game in pads and so. You know we're gonna look to see. Well when you step up the intensity with pads you know we gonna be tough enough or we're going to be Smart enough. And we're going to be disciplined enough when you -- put the pads on things start moving a little bit faster. We do right things every time and and so that's what we're look for Korea you guys in our program and you went up pretty good. Pretty good I mean I think you know I mean they've ever been through practice were some -- in the on the ground but. You know it into the day that teams are able to come out practice and that -- uniforms.

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  20. football camp and now. You know again of the you know with Richard Gordon in there injured mass street there in the battle for the number ..... along that. But really we'll take a good hard look at Richard Gordon and mastered this week. This been almost since college the