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Melvin: When you don't score the pitcher has to be perfect



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Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

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Well. You know he was on it early we were getting very good swings on -- I thought maybe when. Sort of -- little darker we get some better swings -- kept throwing fastballs to listen to him by haven't seen the video to see if he was on the corners all night that. You know surprising how many fastballs he threw it. That we swung through because were very good fastball hitting team. Could you compare the quality of studies pitches and and this performance that I -- first -- Yeah you know he was he pitched fine and I tell me -- you know it is ball strike ratio was a little off for him. And therefore Camille Little bit deeper in the game at the end of the day gives a bases gives up a homer and Cabrera. And when you get in jams you know making pitches himself out of us so it. You know I mean. It just kind of night we just you know when you don't scorer and you only get a couple of hits or whatever was it's. You know you have your perfect. How surprised were you win -- and it didn't come back out and Anthony. And I don't make those calls I mean who who knows what transpired or. You know I don't want -- 130 pitches they end Ben Wallace and doing a great job form. You know you you feel a little relieved when he doesn't come out -- it to Ben Wallace had a great year too and you know we ourselves are we out of position make one swing and potentially try to game that. In no way he threw a lot of pitches and I'm sure they have their reasons for doing that it's not -- my job to evaluate them. Cabrera had not really been able to turn and pitcher or get anything -- and played. And pull for power I think about since that last series that you were in Detroit -- how surprised were you about that -- Well I was it on the inside corner I don't I don't know where the pitch was that he has the ability to hit a ball on the out. Our third and still pull it when he's when he's looking to pull also. You know looked like his approach the whole series was hit the ball the -- to middle the other way and maybe didn't have delay driving normally does so. A little surprised. That he pulled it for home run yet how surprised you can be when -- -- On just how agonizing was the scheme for you knowing there's very little you can do is the manager to get Verlander off this game. Well you know we're just trying game in the stretch and put some pressure on -- and our fan. Our fans are going to be you know which is waiting for a reason. To get into a frenzy and I have two balls in a row and they were you could hear him playing. So we we just need to try to get some base runners and our fans get into Witten and capitalist way they did last year we were just just weren't able to. You know get any consistency other in the last inning where we had chances. You know it is if we. You know run into one we can potentially try to game that it's. I'm not frustrated for me -- room for error our guys are frustrated with the way the game Witten and some idiot that spirit you know again we still. He's still watch the approach of we we expected to go farther in this this year. But at the end of the day we did have a great season. A little more disappointing this year certainly there was last year. Other questions. The tires. -- Well very I mean they they're not even swing the bats the way they're capable of doing it still. You know beat us three games is too so you know once they get hot again like when we saw him earlier in the season are there are points is. Points this season or is dangerous offensive team. Is there is on top of that they have a quality starter throw at their retirement couple guys back involved and can finish it off so. Any tendency to fielder they're one of the better teams in all of baseball. There Bob -- third round Donaldson had to go to his knees to get them all did he make the right -- -- think going to second look like maybe shot had a shot the runner home. You know oil and balls hit that word you feel like every chance to for a double play. And then you know we just. You know the throw was low low in the dirt Casper came up you know and it depicted that. Now I don't fault them for that I think when the ball was hit his horse he wasn't where he was position expected turn and go play. So one more. -- Could you comment on the the terrorist performance coming in it is difficult situation like that guy he's done you know. Since he came up for us I mean look at his numbers. You know over the course of the season since he came out there have been fantastic I mean he's he's been in use any number roles and for himself in a position and a you know be a guy that we really leaned on hard late in games and certainly in a game like that the first guy call out of bullpen try to shut down in a rally. So these key easy accomplish a lot to -- typically -- I was -- proud of.

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