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6.23: Brandan Wright on Chronicle Live



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Fri, 17 Aug 2012|

Bruce Miller says his confidence and poise are the differences this year.


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Mean. You know the difference now between the new election and at this point is I would have to say confidence. Boys. You know just being in the huddle and knowing the offense as opposed to you know scrambling trying to learn -- last year and and I trying to learn on the run. -- had a pretty good idea coming into the pre pre season camp of you know what we were install and an assist -- huge confidence boost for me. On the field in the huddle in the classrooms learning so. Yeah I think there I think they're much farther ahead that we were you see. To spy you know they're play making ability they know where they're supposed to be they know what they're doing. I think that's a big difference they've they've they had a great offseason minicamp OTAs and they're doing a great job this pre season and -- I think that's had a big. Big positive for them as has been able to make plays and we're ago. Oh yeah. You know my my -- point of view from that is you know wherever they need me and now let's go back to last year playing fullback go wherever they need me to go. Whatever they need me to do and and -- played. I'm going to be ready and I'm gonna give my best shot tonight I do it as good as some of the guys you have on hand now. Well in that bit. How would be ready. You guys. Yeah. Has been great they'll have. Like you said their own style. He knows something about in the nations special that's different from the other guy. And I think that our our offensive coaches do great job of using and and I have a glass in his blog informant. And watching those guys -- done here this is a lot of fun. We'll just on the Baghdad. Brennan ran me over. Had little on. Guys is that that'll probably be decided on play call. You know Brandan Wright ran it in there we're we're trying to get some yards and we're gonna blow through there but. With the Michael you know he has a great opportunity a great skill sets -- bounce outside and run down the sideline and make plays so. I'm I'm aware of who's back there and what the style of play calling is. That's always find get away from here and play some other guys get tired then. You know Patrick Willis and -- -- today so it's going to be Timmy -- did over there and then play some different guys. -- I definitely think you know what I've seen from from Houston. No matter what they do what they showed there a physical defense they play hard and you know it's going to be just meeting did end there. Live action guys go full speed and that's been here. -- no way he does a great job he fits in well. I believe he's played -- coach Harbaugh before -- San Diego so. You know just a confident quarterback he's confident his skill set and again whatever they ask him to do is always ready to jump in and Smart guys always able to catch on quick and I noticed. I got mine today. When it out today. -- You know his same mentality same mentality coach -- He hasn't changed any thing it's just the blue collar hard working. Seeing that we're gonna be and that's our mindset as a group. That was that was issued. Again just you know. Now there's a real no correlation between army and and football players but. You know we're we're battling against each other and -- -- so I guess. That's that's the mindset -- that. -- AJ and these days he's been a great job I think. The one thing about AD is he's fearless I mean he runs and and he hits guys. No matter how big and strong he's he's always ready to hit and that's what they like an idea he's done a great job was. Without making the transition picking -- the offense you know from the fullback spot and it's gonna continue to grow in and get better.

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  18. I counted I think right there it gets like ten back and go Donnelly and. Credit to that could see him because he's trying Wright missed our shout beat Olivia tragedy huge pro wrestling fan well done favorite I really don't I don't watch much wrestling

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