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Warriors GM Myers explains Warriors' draft process



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Wed, 27 Jun 2012|

Warriors General Manager Bob Myers joins Jim Kozimor on Chronicle Live to talk about Thursday's NBA Draft.


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Conversation about the lives up flyers and -- welcome into the show you feel a little bit of the pressure the stress or you sleep in while right now -- 24 hours from now you got to make the tech. Well I think you -- its not just me I'd say that first off it's a group of people and now we have a great group of people. We're very very involved owner and -- -- who's who's actually a very astute in the basketball area that I Jerry West to it helped guide me in. Also great group of assistant general managers scouts. So I would tell you I'm not sleeping well actually my only problem but I -- we've got a great group of people. To make this decision and I would say that. It's a little bit of a misconception I think within every organization it's often discussed the general manager he's in a room by himself with the door locked say we're picking this player. I don't know any organization like that I would tell you that every organization that I think is successful -- consensus -- healthy debate. I just walked downstairs from our draft room and I can tell you. We don't have any as is Jerry West would say shrinking violets in our room if people have opinions that are saying it and that's that's that's whether on our staff so we're excited we feel like. With a healthy respect for one another we're gonna make the right there so then what is your job really is it to disseminate things -- -- appointment a little these opinions come up because that doesn't seem like it's any easier Seattle. Of what you guys are willing to give. Pretty strong opinions and -- well I'll tell you what if you're gonna pin me down which which you will you might sounds like I have to give what I think is the best suggestion for our group. I don't own team. I would say that I love the Warriors and grew up here as a fan but -- they -- does. The best thing about our owner I think -- he does listen. And I would tell you that that we've employed a great group to guide him and I'll tell them what I think in the end and I think will go along with that and I think the group will go along with that some excited. We're gonna make a good decision for this team at seven at thirty at 35 at 52 I'm confident below to some good things -- have a better roster. And now what about 7:8 PM -- him tomorrow night and we did right now -- the most talk about the draft and the players in this draft just how strong is it when it's when it's all draft comes and goes how strong is -- It's strong I think it's strong it's depth I think at the top you'd say there's a sure fire all star potential hall of fame player at one. I'll tell you after that. It's almost in the united holder and I think that it is something that I think this draft may be a little mislabeled in the fact that. A lot of people said it was a great draft I could use the word great with his draft in its depth. I don't know that you could say this is a great draft we can point to six all stars -- five for sure all stars in the first ten picks. But you can't say at thirty more like or 35. You're gonna get an MBA player that can be in the NBA for a long time for the Warriors needs. Their strengths in this draft that will be able to address those -- -- you have to do it another fashion. Now we have that this stretch should fill some of our needs certainly it's there's great players the small forward spot there's great guards this could -- And I I was quoted as saying we want a starter. And are tickets that I would tell you wanna starter doesn't mean that starter needs to start for our team right away. When I was referring to as you wanted to ask the players that can start in the NBA I think you'd like to not if you can help it. That's the player where he does not have. The ability to start in his career I would take some players -- Thompson who drafted him last year he did not start. He was behind Monty Ellis was very good player. But we saw a player that had potential to start. We have our board up there now it's there's no doubt who are starting to guarded so if somebody comes in some plants and I don't think that's unlikely but we'd like to find a player that can push. All our starters you said as recently as Friday elderly have four picks. You don't necessarily want to walk away with all four picks how active do you think you guys to be and will you be disappointed if you do have four guys excellent. If we select forward -- it'll be because we feel like that. For us was the best option that was present. It won't be because we haven't examined trades won't be because we haven't examined consolidating the -- it'll be because we looked at all our options and trust me between. Myself ours just in general managers Jerry West -- scouts. We are -- every single scenario -- we've been very active group we were very hard working group we were here lately last night or early this morning to read your late tonight. I told my wife. She -- what's next two days going to be like consider it's just you know in hand with our daughter some of the award. But -- I think it's it's it's it's our hope that we. Have a nephews now if we could consolidate a little bit. I'd be good to not have before but if we have the forwards because we think we can draft for really good players -- help us -- yet you've had a lot of individual workouts with guys one is a local kid Damian Miller. From Oakland and it's kind of a unique setting for him. In fact when he came -- there's a neat story about until it just gives you part of this as you wanna know personalities and guys thought that he gets to his official NBA work out with a Goldenson awards this is a good story he down he showed up to work out forests and you know he's a local kid. And I walked over to loneliness has -- going he came a little early there was a workout before it's because he recovered self. And I said do you have any problems getting here he said not locked. And I was thinking well you park your car and walk from some part in practice and I walked from where I live to the work. You know that that says a lot of things to me this is not an -- again this is a very humble. Down to earth type of person which is the type of person like on your team he had he walked the streets Oakland. To get to an MBA work out for a player that probably will go in the top ten player we like so I think. Shows you a little bit about his character shows what he's about and down for me that's a very very. Positive thing to have a player kind of -- It's close a walk over to these find out about these guys just what it takes for -- it is to wanna be an NBA player on the take that interview with another step though. And that is if you're working on a guy who's a point guard there's no question about it. Is there are still some question about staff -- and how his rehab for his ankle is coming along. I tell you what we worked out Damian Miller likely work at any player because we think he's a good player. And we think we're gonna draft we think is the best player at the seventh spot so I would. Think it's -- let people read into things when you were kind of player out of starters position where I would tell you as the job of our front office the job of our staff. Is to build this team through assets that's something that Jerry West always. -- hit upon as we need to get more assets on this team and that. Certainly load is going to be -- it was an asset for this team -- another team we have to look at all those type of players are you take a look at. Your roster makeup right now in you've got the four assets or picks how open for business argued does that mean that. No option is off the table or there's some things that you look at your roster and say we really like. These positions we just want to work on this other scenario how open for business of the Warriors. Wide open. And why we haven't won we have to win and we have to be a team that has players that not only are good individual -- could collectively and win. And I think when you reach that level where you have a roster full of players that have shown they can be successful individually not just. During the regular season but ended individually successful in the playoffs. And fit together as a team so I would tell you were open to anything and that's not to say anything negative our current roster it's just to say who were constantly looking to improve. And more importantly were constant looking to win we we have to. Mean that's clear that some people wanna -- that's who we wanna see is that a team that wins more basketball small forwards at positions that a lot of people point to the Warriors is beanie get a little bit better. Your assessment of not only Richard Jefferson you guys acquired in trade but also Dorell Wright it'll fall off and shoot the ball a year ago but. But how do you they see them as NBA players sitting in the Warriors thing both did a great job I think Terrel came in in his strength is shooting the basketball he's got great length to his -- Nice job Richard Jefferson story at halftime where. We were down we were down pretty big. I went in -- to see one team doctors and a lot of times the coaching staff will huddle before walking into the locker room at halftime and I was within earshot of our players locker room and you could hear one voice. Kind of admonishing the rest of the teams in this isn't gonna cut it guys this isn't working here -- our effort and that voice is Richard Jefferson. He's been to the NBA finals he's been on many playoff team so that components that he brings. Is something this team needs to to hear a voice that's been their before and knows. The path to getting there. So in different ways both for great force last year that we talk a lot about the drafting young guys coming in those are a couple of actions it would just mentioned there's a guy who could be available. Brandon Roy great player in Portland but he had the knee issues he retired and then. You kind of urged him to come back from every year is represent. And play well help to make that decision along the lane not out what I did was I did. Obviously is working for a team I can't talk to him while he was employed with Portland but when they chose to amnesty in my waited -- the dust settled and he was. No longer. In the NBA so to speak. And I called them up as a friend more than anything that is represented the Warriors but as a friend because we represented player. You close so I was at friend's wedding I'm so it's not just a business relationship. And I called him and I said you know you've had too good -- career I I hope Brandon. That the NBA's doing your future I hope that you haven't played your last NBA game and I say that. Not as a general manager this team I say that -- is a friend has that watched him get drafted six that watched him. Go through the summer league become an all start to to the playoffs. As an agent you go through these processes get close to clients so I told Brandon -- Whatever happens I want to be given another shot all right -- have you talked to since that decision that he seems to have made that he wants to come back a lot of teams who have been linked. Have you spoken to him about the possibility of becoming a warrior I talked to move to a friend again it's about on that -- I said you know what Brandon I've said. I like -- we like Q let's talk about your interest it -- it didn't work out is that some everywhere apparently have to see him right I mean this does mean I think -- you know every team that will evaluate him in their own way and at first I need to hear that he's interest in us and here what is parameters are and how he fits with us and we -- Q with our group and ultimately again I'll go back to. I like him but I am biased but I know I I have to hear what the rest of the group things that you would ownership thinks but again I certainly talked to him. And and and -- I'll talk to when he's retired he's just a good friend of mine and we've been through a lot but I am. If he's healthy. Not only can he help. Our team he could help anything. Obviously he's he was a great player in the NBA right overriding NBA question he's a -- it's been very active trying to. I get as many assets as possible how active will it be on draft day tomorrow. You know it's very active the issue will be will you know Jim everybody knows it's active but sometimes you're activity. Doesn't lead to achievement I think John would -- -- don't confuse activity for achievement so. We're going to be active we hope it actually accomplishes or achieve something every team's active I think you're doing your job your active the fact we have four picks are activity level is up here. That'll continue. We a lot of things on the table and I'll give you a little nugget here that are going to be. Decisions made on the clock so to speak if there's players there that players gone. And I think that holds for allow teams I think if you see trades tomorrow my guess would be. It's going to be that type of thing where the player puts on a hat. And walks back in six David Stern's hand goes in the back and then puts another -- really and that us for us but for a lot of teams I think is going to be some on the clock type things. That's will play out that's might punch not I don't playing for sure but that's my hunch all right can -- make the 52 pick -- I like -- played very well in the Euro campus on no you can't -- Exactly -- here's my Dominique could you are you ready ask her for Bullock she is the kid from Poland and a small forward yeah. He was active and in the Euro camp ground like that is that is that it was fair he was here he came once okay pulled hammy that's not a good start out and I could not get a guy that not -- a -- guy you know came back. Very athletic worked out well great -- All right that's all we know that's who you know what that's all I can do obviously can suggest and I'm one of those strong voices you've got in the in the war room right across the hall from the war room tomorrow at this time the Warriors will have a player.

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