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Mark Jackson on the Warriors win over Dallas



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Sun, 11 Mar 2012|

Mark Jackson talks about the Stephen Curry and the Warriors win over Dallas.


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These right. But we've played with. High energy great effort. Started off to gain. Took control of it which we understood that was going to be crucial. Force the pace force at temple. And followed a game plan defense and I thought it was a a total team effort and we got great energy off of Al bench Olsen. You mean memories. Is there -- three nights where the wherever I think it affected them. That's what on the talk well we're no excuse basketball team we're in the same situation as we won we loss that ended today. We don't create the schedule. Now as a team that was put in front of us team is very capable of coming in the NB knows. And we did know what what we should have done which was a leader what -- women look forward to tomorrow night. Immediately gave we're we're in the -- But. There are those aggressive setting screens posting up. Forcing you know. One -- best players in the world to play defense. Really set the tone early for us which was which was basic. Not. You know in an interview on your bench and really. It runs right into the Blue Jays have a team. Next game. But really talk them up to entire bench when you're 48 points from the bench as a collective effort. But Nate was special. I love the way picked up full quote was aggressive defense league. Was in attack mode offensively. Made the right reads and I gave us a spark. And it was just what we needed especially. You know after staff had to leave the game Foreman. -- -- it -- days -- anybody giving him we've been addressed. Bill. Once again you you know treat his ankle well what will we'll see notice he was. Able to go back into the game fortunately for us there was. We had a cushion and decided to make sure he was -- We need him the rest of the night. If they're used to in certain situations. If his ankle worsens. Like you have in the past and put him in the corner of the shooter. Somebody will look. That way. Well. I've certainly had him leaning towards hopefully -- -- in. -- -- being able to fuel and not just as a spot up shooter but as. You know one of our primary playmakers. Like. Clay has done more games in this room and drawing contact. I just kind of -- an emphasis for you guys. Well -- objective forward you know expressing our young guys to get better. To be a crime soon to be the same player. Today that he was you know a couple of months ago I think every day of coming in early staying late. Working on different things throughout staff. Certainly makes them a better player and much more comfortable doing things today than he was -- a couple of months ago but. Give him credit. Now. There's a lot of young guys that stay the same and and is some special ones that continue to work hard and disciplined enough to. Be patient with the process and and get better. Yeah. -- -- as I mean. Just another injury. Anybody on the floor could have done that. Attended today. It looked good out there you know prior to that. Any show it. Or it's. Good you -- the same -- here. Nice here. It was a match hey. Yeah. Clearly a matchup you know I mean this is a team that have to starting you know -- And basically he's the only big -- on their team Brendan Haywood didn't play but think of Brendan Haywood plays. -- certainly plays. They had stretch fours on the -- all the mauled them Dirk Nowitzki is just not a fair match up and there's not a matchup that. Is -- our -- with all due respect to -- is not a -- -- a world. You know that I would feel comfortable out there defending. You know the -- Romo all of -- Dirk Nowitzki. And the close out the game you know -- is a pro. And just wasn't didn't feel right to thrown out there at that time during you know he's he's better and closing out a game in that situation he's been a pro in -- treat them. Such.

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