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Warriors go cold in second half, lose to Trail Blazers



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  2. Mo Williams0:14
  3. David Lee0:55
  4. Brook Lopez0:08
  5. Klay Thompson0:51
  6. Blazers0:04
  7. Warriors0:34, 0:42
  8. Delaware0:56
Fri, 25 Oct 2013|

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-- is final tuneup for the regular season taking on the trail Blazers first quarter Andrew Bogut. Given by Brook Lopez Bogut had four points and on -- second quarter stepped curry. -- Mo Williams it's seven of 22 from the field. Later on curry. Seventy. Third corner off the dream on dream mess -- Late in the fourth we have a scary moment for the Warriors are still looking. No monumental event fouled hard and -- Okay. Warriors would not they lose 97. They finished the pre season. Three and four they were outscored 2417 that side because something important Klay Thompson not pictured in your highlight package had sixteen. David Lee sat out due to Delaware Barnes is out with the inflammation in his foot.

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  1. HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors 102, Nets 93

    of east bay former Stanford star Brook Lopez make home. Homecoming early first ..... ll finish up high at the one time Lopez set shot from the wing it's late but. The Yankees still open Lopez had a game high twelve points in

  2. HIGHLIGHTS -- Nets 113, Kings 93

    score but it looked one more time. Some advice due back in high school third quarter Brook Lopez making his presence felt Joseph Johnson will miss the Lopez working so hard on that glass eventually they'll get it to go he had eighteen points

  3. 12.10: Highlights- Warriors steal from Nets

    big Fella Mikki Moore Duncan over Brook Lopez lawyers led by twelve of twenty ..... was behind the Stanford product Brook Lopez on the value Mets took the lead ..... off former Stanford cardinal's Brook Lopez he definitely present in the loss

  4. Lee most deserving of All-Star bid

    the biggest gripe curry certainly at the top of the list. But I also have to put Marcus all on there and maybe even Brook Lopez in the east you know Marcus hall. Very easily could be the best setter in the Western Conference and he was an omission

  1. keep even their pieces in place that's likely Alex if this is really what they needed to you first Penske Lincecum Javier Lopez is also on the docket. So they start building from here because it said they can't have the same window that all windows

  2. Javier Lopez's first choice is to re-sign with Giants


    Sun, 29 Sep 2013

    When the Giants get around to addressing a new contract for left-hander Javier Lopez , they'll find he's eager to talk about returning, too.

  3. conference that team and Allen Wilson. Probably won't mess up one time. Yes I'm really that I have to ask that Javier Lopez they honestly can't think of us a wrap this season and represent. That bullpen and you've had such great. Season with

  4. until five days after the World Series. And as soon as they get far along with they wanna begin with Lincecum. And also Javier Lopez . But I you know two things that price Zabian said that really work starters. One he said he would do that Barry Zito contract

  5. or we didn't that trade him and that's the mindset. We're new focal song and Javier Lopez that and among good heavy lifting as you put it. Well Lopez we still want to re sign. So that hasn't changed. he's very key to our bullpen in his

  6. Report: Giants place Lopez on waivers


    Mon, 26 Aug 2013

    Giants left-hander Javier Lopez has hit the waiver wire and it's a near certainty that a contending club will claim him.

  7. Report: Pence, Lincecum, Lopez all claimed off waivers


    Mon, 26 Aug 2013

    Although all three players were reportedly claimed, the chances remain remote that any of the three will be wearing another uniform by the end of the week.

  8. fortunate. Then later on we depended a great job pick and each other and in some big outs. Marty do a great job. It's. Lopez is going to be ago there and and Claude did a good job when they scored we'd bounce back and we put runs on the board that

  9. for drug production is very as you form your roster you look forward you opted not to trade Hunter Pence Tim Lincecum Javier Lopez . But if this team continues to struggle loses maybe ninety games. How can you justify bringing them back. Well I think you

  10. read the book and and share time quotes about the book. Javier Lopez actually proof read the book for me he was not happy about ..... see if you think you're lucky if they're out why Javier Lopez is not. Real happy to Atlanta and cooking hey I'm Dave and

  11. Yes sure I mean obviously there's a lot of power and it's the reason at 41 homers but it's. Yes you know. When I was up there but we've with the speed that we haven't I don't want to know that we have a shot and we shift on there and this was and I unable to get there kind of perfect placement. And

  12. prepared come through it. Couple games oh well. first please. Aren't just in just one more on what is your factor in now. Lopez vs Davis over overs don't. Well I go to garage on the ball very well Pursuit of and ago. Romo at that point. A matchup

  13. Extra Baggs: Bochy's bold move backfires in 10th, etc.


    Sat, 10 Aug 2013

    base and one out, and Gregor Blanco's backspun liner ended up in a glove. So it was on to the 10 th inning, where Giants manager Bruce Bochy intentionally walked one hitter to have Javier Lopez face the major leagues' home run leader.

  14. Extra Baggs: Bochy's bold move backfires, silver lining, etc.


    Sat, 10 Aug 2013

    Bruce Bochy intentionally walked Adam Jones in the 10th to have Javier Lopez face MLB's home run leader. It didn't work out well for the Giants.

  15. Giants' Lopez : 'I'd like to finish my career here'


    Fri, 9 Aug 2013

    Javier Lopez has been a pillar of consistency for the Giants, but his contract is almost up. He told CSNBayArea.com he doesn't want to leave.

  16. we see progress. The same set of Hunter the same for Javier Lopez and also for Hunter same across the board for everybody half ..... draft picks stress if we don't we sign him. In case Javier Lopez he's a guy that he wants to see it as market is and that we

  17. we have lots of doubles festivities it. I'll to play it over that trade deadline that names out there and Lincecum. And Lopez and it was. A lot of anxiety in that this group the core group might be broken up. Iron and it did seem like today but out

  18. Thanks. Yeah I don't come in bases loaded Chad it's a very game horse that's. There's a little bit of trouble repaired last inning form. Justice trying to get a ground ball right there and look you look Leah. It is hard not to get mr. Guerrero and Crawford's veterans for shortstop so. Clippers but

  19. that's right up how cool is it for you. To hear that Javier Lopez the Giants is using your song coast in clean as his warm up ..... restraint did all right let's get it going here because I Lopez loves to hear this song we want you to hear this song. Colston

  20. be discussed regarding Hunter Pence Tim Lincecum and Javier Lopez . It's been a difficult season for the San Francisco Giants ..... Hunter Pence through both arms up and had a big smile Javier Lopez quietly gave a thumbs up. And Lincecum told me that he was