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2.2: UTA/GSW postgame -- Mark Jackson



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Fri, 3 Feb 2012|

Jackson talks about the positive things the Warriors did en route to their large victory over the Jazz.


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Well yes. I mean you can expect that night in night out we we really in the second half separated ourselves. Offensively we excuse that we took care of the basketball we limited their second chance. Opportunities and we defended. Thing of beauty unselfish basketball. And even. -- -- look at Davis struggling early on shooting the basketball -- continued to battle. Couldn't be more satisfied with the effort collectively it. Instead saying course you want to have gotten playing time together this year did you feel that maybe their rhythm together stern come around. Put it too small and not good enough and they don't take care of Iraq and that can play together. It. No. It there they are dynamic. Backcourt. That can score and at their best. Put them up against anybody in the game. We know what they're capable of doing. And now the challenge to them is not to tease us and I don't have numbers like this every single night. But they've battled defensively. They took get a basketball. And get quality looks. And now sets. And another thing that they they were involved. Defensively going to rebound the basketball. You know we have to do it collectively and they did a great job of getting in the mix. Assists tonight words to each other I guess that's what I'm asking about the rhythm you feel like maybe there. They're picking up there am I reading too much into. Hello -- you're probably reading too much into it. -- Not think both guys are unselfish. Willing passes. Underrated passers and they do a great job of making the right place and tonight. They just so happen to be -- guys and both guys. You know. Got each other goal enough essentially. It took get a basketball. And the thing out like we're gonna turn I was committed no excuses guys looks and my bad and made shorter and you know. Come back and do it again. -- -- -- Skateboards or that the -- -- by that -- in the first quarter was was great. He's gone against legitimate home run hit and Al Jefferson who can flat out score on the block. Oh we read we total -- is the same way we did you know last always faced them we're Kwame and Drake. We trust those guys defend the moral one not that he's not gonna score what will live with them when they're making tough shots. And then we'll make adjustments. Accordingly. Padraig did a great job battling keep him in front wasn't worried about fouling. Almost active diving to -- -- offensively. And pursue the basketball -- And at first quarter he really gave us great minutes. We've been experiment these last two days and given him the ball early on offense that. Some that you think gives him more active on the other rendered. No thumb -- May -- I don't know but I did it today the guy works his tail off. And I'm I'm making a conscious effort to at least make sure. He gets you know a touch it to down and if I can do that the first play. Great Michael continue to do it because teams a signal that but I'll make sure home. That when he does his job lead he deserves a get a touch is frustrating for a big man to continue to no matter who you all. Continue to do your job set screens rebound block shots. And then never get a touch every now and then you've got to slow it down and release. Let him get an offensive touch and and it is actually good on the block you know he's -- he's got to get to a spot. And he certainly has responded. You tend to a standing communicate with the team a lot more so in the average coaching tonight was no exception. Is -- communication functional as to what plays to run with this do you or is that there's most of that communication. Motivational nature. Well my goal. From day one is to not be an average coach so I don't go. With what the Norman is. When I'm in church -- stand up. The whole time so I guess some accustomed to it. An end and when I communique were my guys. It's it's really. Something I just saw -- reminding them of something or give them a heads up. I'm not like I'm not a coach that's gonna. Be calling every play. -- ideal world I understand that did because I got a good seat I've prepared them for the moment I trust my play is that equality offense. And make the proper adjustments on the floor so. It's probably just like I said I stand up in church told time and I'm comfortable that way. The team started from the other side of the court than usually does does that factor at all on your routine do you feel. And -- impact of batters just negligible. Now -- -- very -- guys we have practice we have shootaround we talk about what they're trying to do. Against us. So guys understand. Obviously as much better in the second half tradition shoals when the defense is a funny event so you can have great communications. The communication which your guys let him know what's coming. But it ended today we put that put them input that we put them in position to understand what we're trying to account which Entrust. That there there on the other -- communicating. Is it to not have a let down in Sacramento -- The kings is that a big win against what they're talented basketball team. How -- goal. When we were six and twelve. Reported on the board. Was to be eight and twelve. Believe he says you know. Good -- says right division down and make your point and our goal was eight and twelve. And we don't want to minimize. Small goals. Because it can propel something huge. And we're excited about accomplishing the goal of being -- twelve and now we move forward. Towards -- the next -- -- -- Respond to a serious complaint saying we'll book. Mean they didn't have Raja Bell. Mr. Earl Watson. Who might that's an agreement. -- Okay -- other than that that thing is in situations like that. Players like that are in a no win situation. Because of a dominate and put on an an outstanding performance though they were supposed to was at backups. If they played bad. Then it's because of you know they took for granted at the end of the day. Jamaal Tinsley is legitimate NBA. Point -- Cost ought to back up where have you -- on nine points thirteen assists to turnovers. Legitimate floor general. He got Gordon Haywood who played who's been playing spectacular. CJ miles out -- so these are guys that are in their rotation David just go go out and intensely and he's he's legitimate. They didn't just throw in anybody. And their their winning basketball team that's very well coached -- plays extremely. My guys had it coming out party collectively tonight. And I don't think it was a fluke. I love the way that they practice the last couple of days. I love the way to -- it bounced back from the end you know on the bench to close out the last game. No excuses they responded. And it had to carry over effect the way that they practiced a way to -- prepared. In a mindset I don't think they stumbled into this you know dominant performance. It. Tomorrow. I will write something I don't know quite obviously what all right. But we will put fault. Ideally another goal and look forward to conquer in that one. You know we wanna be greedy as a team. This should be a coming out party for all of us what we now. Take advantage of what lies ahead is going to be some tough teams ahead there's going to be some help. Top points in the schedule. Always played what we're capable plan -- doesn't matter where we've played who we play we feel comfortable. You know I thought it was the right time to do it. Had six and twelve and everybody. Taken that we were so far out of it you began to think. You're really not that far out at that point heavily rule five and a half out. And sometimes you just have to be reminded. Of what the goal is what division is and then. To go on accomplish and we we have every right to feel good about it you know some teams put two in a row its hold on to be expected. We haven't gotten to that point yet now we want to build on. Team -- -- -- points in the first eight games this season. You've surpassed that mark in the last twelve do you -- offenses I'm turning a corner. Bill also and they were pushing the ball more -- they were never told not to push it. But we're making a conscious effort of getting stops pushing the basketball and trusting. How early options we have a lot of weapons offensively. And when we get stops. We can really be tough to defend in transition. But the did the whole goal is limiting the opposition second chance points getting stops and then. I'm pushing the basketball we got some good decision makers. And we take care of basketball we're gonna score no matter who it never was an issue when it's you for the job -- I took -- job. I knew that this team could score so that's not a surprise.

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