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12.9: GS/NJ Postgame- C.J. Watson

Sat, 5 Oct 2013|

Former Bulls backup point guard C.J. Watson joined the Indiana Pacers during the offseason and will likely play a big role on his new club.

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  1. 7.22: KC Johnson on the CJ Watson trade

    depth you know Derrick Rose obviously is gonna play the majority of the minutes. Point guard but they've looked procedure Watson someone who can play both positions. Spelled Eric Karros for a little bit point guard but also slide over shooting guard

  2. 12.1: IND/GSW Postgame- CJ Watson , RAW

    Warriors reserve guard CJ Watson came up huge off the bench for the Warriors Monday night with 18 pts, 6 assists and 4 boards in the 126-107 win.

  3. 12.5: ORL/GSW Pregame- CJ Watson

    CJ Watson talks with Jaymee Sire prior to the Warriors matchup with the Magic.

  4. 2.10: CJ Watson , RAW

    They're out serving. From Vegas and Taiwan. Watch and is that there. As for tonight's game at Atlanta seemed to get him. You will be exposed to. The injuries. That children know about history can start there. Lunch and me getting out first time you had a powerful player. How lecture. That And

  1. Rookie offensive tackle middle like Watson has missed most of this season due to a series of injuries and ..... back and healthy on the practice field Wednesday afternoon. Doug Watson told me on Wednesday that he hopes to stay that way by being a

  2. Quakes sign Mark Watson to multi-year contract as head coach


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Mark Watson led the Earthquakes to an 11-5-3 record as the interim coach last year, prompting the club to remove interim from his title.

  3. Raiders injury update: Watson , Burris optimistic about returns


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    The Raiders would prefer to ease Menelik Watson into the fold, but sentiment may lose out to an offensive line desperate for healthy bodies.

  4. Raiders injury update: Watson , Burris optimistic in return


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    ALAMEDA – Raiders offensive tackle Menelik Watson has returned from injury twice already this season. Neither lasted long, with a setback or separate ailment pulling him back

  5. Sloppy ball handling concerns Allen


    Mon, 28 Oct 2013

    him to be back. You after today. And then miles per should be back practice. On Wednesday and I would expect to see Miller Watson back out of practice on Wednesday. Other than that I think that the injury situation pretty much status close it's been

  6. Veldheer sees specialist; Watson , Burris set to return


    Mon, 28 Oct 2013

    Jared Veldheer visited a doctor in L.A. Monday who was expected to provide a progress report on the left tackle's recovery from triceps surgery.

  7. uncle was limited practice he's questionable. Pashos to not practice doubtful. Tracy Porter was fool he's probable. And Watson did not practice he's doubtful Stefan was new fool he's probable for game so. That's correct Andrew lives and in. Really

  8. might be four week thing and you know my three weeks now wants us that the was going to. This court played institute a group Watson and and it's also or just for for bragging rights tonight that's is out there so. Wanna be able to hold my head high or

  9. hit fourteen other times. Now they could see some reinforcements coming out from the bye week instead it was news he and they Alec Watson that should help them perform better in the future. From Alameda on Scott there Comcast sports net.

  10. Jennings was limited again Darren McFadden limited station McGee limited Tony Pashos was limited. Marcel limited. Minutes Watson did not practice Stefan was did not practice and Cucamonga with a hamstring was limited. They're both of them both them

  11. for since training camp began. Raiders offensive tackle like Watson missed yet another practice on Wednesday afternoon. The latest ..... regular season but there was optimism that they were going to get Watson back and bring him back into the mix possibly as a starter

  12. limited. Darren McFadden was limited he was limited. Tony Pashos was back limited today. Marcel Reece was limited in a middle Watson and Stefan was Bruschi did not practice today so. another big week. We're playing good football team. There. And a lot

  13. Raiders injury update: Watson back on the shelf


    Wed, 9 Oct 2013

    Dennis Allen expressed frustration over Menelik Watson 's injury woes, including a setback that forced the rookie to miss Wednesday's workout.

  14. because the guys you know he's our he's gone you know he's the best. We're better we're Bears need you know. Like Watson play you know Yeah he caught fire you know we have to we have to keep pushing back you know we have to keep stricken that we

  15. Gore: 'The doubters motivate me'


    Mon, 7 Oct 2013

    the market and a good player as he did in the group there. And into LaMarcus you have to you know I know he would agree it as Watson cars. But as far noses compete in and know that we can't when I don't feel amendment to pull one out. He's times. We

  16. signs I mean you know you get to second base and when you get a lot of guys out there. You know I'm always aware of it to you Watson third base coaches to watch and first base coaches. Anytime there's a number guys on second base you have the ability to

  17. Now with Pacers, Watson again a rival of former teammates


    Sat, 5 Oct 2013

    Former Bulls backup point guard C . J . Watson joined the Indiana Pacers during the offseason and will likely play a big role on his new club.

  18. Much of load it. I mean into one of us expected but you know his expect the penalties. You know ours so. Most of them problem. Very the playbook and know exactly what to do you know you can't think him reps. Client states that is always want to call it on you if so what and get focused and Tom both

  19. direction now one more important injury note for you. like Watson was seen working out on the side for the first time since he ..... Allen told me that he expects and he is hopeful that medal at Watson should be able to return to practice next week if he can do

  20. Tracy Porter was full today he's probable. Terrelle Pryor was limited again practiced today he's questionable. And middle Watson . Did not. He did yes he did. And I liked progress and I've seen out of him. Over the last few days. Morgan still continue