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2.4: Stephen Curry's 3-point contest competition



  1. Dorell Wright1:17
  2. Grant Hill1:07, 1:38
  3. Channing Frye1:05
  4. Andris Biedrins0:13
  5. David Lee0:41
  6. Vince Carter0:47
  7. Steve Nash1:37
  8. ORACLE Arena0:04
  9. Robin Lopez0:30
  10. Warriors0:09, 0:44, 0:54
Sat, 19 Mar 2011|

Suns 108, Warriors 97.


Machine Generated Transcript

Golden State has been mostly anemic away from ORACLE Arena and -- plays defines that better than Phoenix where. The Warriors have not won in six years -- Louisville in the starting lineup has Andris Biedrins. Recovers from a sprained ankle that whole first quarter -- curry inside it. Cole yeah this the done. Have baby boy he's trying hard he's trying to still in the first Buddha. On the defensive end. And comes up big watch him block Robin Lopez the former Stanford starts at -- walking -- After -- can I get it done when talking about blocked shots later in the first. We're trying to get something going on offense inside to David Lee -- scrutinized -- Warriors within 82 quarter off the still Vince Carter goes in for the wide open I. -- -- Yeah. Insanity no more Warriors had fifteen turnovers and a half a late second quarter. It's Marci Gortat with the Dodgers Phoenix opened up a twelve point lead the reporter good Suns ball movement and Channing Frye. The Grant Hill open in the corner he drilled -- three of the -- lead is twenty but the Warriors not done. The grandstands behind the back to Dorell Wright for the big -- for the Warriors. We're back here at the report later before the world right. With a three pointer huge second half. For right -- the doors were within eleven a few minutes later right again. A triple Warriors downed Japan he had flute points in the second half but the Suns just too strong down the stretch. It's Steve Nash to Grant Hill open underneath the -- -- when it. 10897. And sweet this season series from the Warriors an eleven point loss to start the road trip -- with Wright's thirty point second half. Just too little too late. Lee contributed sixteen curry added fifteen the Suns snapped a four game losing skid of their own. Has the worst teammates simply owned this season eighteen off the best record -- Nash and hill have percentages of -- not enough for me ask the kids mark's group.

Video Results

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    penetration and open threes. Nobody contesting shots. It was just a tough start for the Warriors and it isn't just Channing Frye it was a number of people that knocked him down nine for fifteen in the first half. They just really had rock and

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    they can be successful batters Nomar. JaMarcus Russell is this starter in this league don't ask him to mop up for Channing Frye . Billy rod whatever his name is because student victory by the way. yet in the hall and rightfully so because you

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    ideas. Son has won ten straight at home against the Warriors heading into this one. They get up in the first quarter Channing Frye the a big first quarter Monday story on Thursday he hit a couple of the reason is nine points in the first quarter

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    in the event by Denver's Chauncey Billups. Celtics veteran Paul Pierce New York's Camilo RE sign sharpshooter Channing Frye . And defending shootout champ Dequan cook of Miami. How are happy to welcome step carry into the program stuff first

  1. There was people. It's Frye did taste of the competition. Again. He the same time help and a charity out and I'll raising awareness and just did not hear

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    It's Marci Gortat with the Dodgers Phoenix opened up a twelve point lead the reporter good Suns ball movement and Channing Frye . The Grant Hill open in the corner he drilled three of the lead is twenty but the Warriors not done. The grandstands

  3. you got to tick you off the dribble. Ultimate from the line or in the line market the same thing about so veterans or Charlie Frye 26 again though that you didn't know. Don't work well known until he got the Washington area many did but but yeah but the

  4. Marcin Gortat for the fifteenth EST 919 Suns up eight after 13 quarter pick up the loose ball outstanding cry in the corner. Frye chipped in fourteen and thirteen at the sun sports Milwaukee 92. The 77. should check out Comcast sports net Bay Area tonight

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    Please Charlie Frye expected to miss the next four five months. The Raiders are thankful right now a pilot Fuller back in April oh I'm happy that

  6. " Frye is hard worker. He'll be back..."

  7. should be back here leave tomorrow. That I might not certain of it yet so we get back and get to keep up with them. Charlie Frye had a procedure done on his wrist today. Against sleeping he'll be back here. And you'll determine how long that's going

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    know to be good to be as good as he can be. Now I am ballplayers did miss practice on Tuesday the most serious being Charlie Frye will have a procedure done to his wrist on Wednesday. And acting injuring his knee earlier this can't Jay Richardson had a

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    better on Oakland you know hopefully somewhere in that area. I'd lastly with the injuries to Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye you'll likely get a play quite a bit Thursday night in Dallas what what do you hope to to show the Raiders on Thursday night

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    bet it'll depend on how the clock goes. As the end right Kyle bowler look funny when Jason Campbell goes out however Charlie Frye is expected to be back at practice on Tuesday after missing the Thorpe That could change things. Reporting in that with the

  11. mr. with a headache but he should be ready to go this afternoon. Reached with a sore foot and hunger with a knee. Charlie Frye did not finish practice get a sore wrist Seymour did not work really more about rest issue just taken care of him. Chris Johnson

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    that. It was a thirtieth pick in the draft last pick in the first round I was. I came I came to draft class that Channing Frye and Nate Robinson to be exact same here in the exact same team so I was third in line there about the last guy on the

  14. As the dynamic now with a lot different. We have a lot of great football minds in there no cable isn't. In the run game and for Texas some of the things that offensive wherever last year it was it was remarkable as far as picking up those. Then when the Jets came into town all those exotic blitzes.

  15. of expertise three point contest at curry Daequan Cook Chauncey Billups and oh yeah and learn you know. Paul Pierce Channing Frye I've heard of maybe three guys that's less huge insider that guy. And there goes all yours yours are had did last

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    stand everything from. McCafferty's. Got to get built on moments over fighting here in my view ourselves as yeah. You got Frye season. If you knew we had this smothered pork shops. Yeah close out trying to put the correct way to Sam is hoped stops

  17. of this due the effort was appreciated. All right Bautista followed yesterday the other two guys who got in the game Charlie Frye is undergoing MRI right now. Seem to be a lower back strain. And felt the same this morning as it was yesterday after the game

  18. Charlie I was the quarterback he had a nice steak Charlie fright eighteen of 2580. Yards. And a touchdown he did address the media afterwards. Just outside his locker. It's. Because Rolen in the first half I felt good. It felt like throwing the ball well. It all ahead I told coach at halftime I

  19. with a quarterback you know folk song. Probably hit reasonably you know when we're do you try to get better. How to Charlie Frye seem at the end of that second quarter when. When the team goes down and scores right. Don't and hang the same time you want

  20. as the go to two man but eventually gave up the respect happy. Led the Raiders to wins over Cincinnati and Pittsburgh report injury involved me. Charlie Frye coming off a tough in Cleveland throwing three interceptions. And zero touchdown.