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6.22: Warriors GM Larry Riley on Maggette to Bucks Trade



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Wed, 14 Dec 2011|

Riley talks about the importance of the pickup of Kwame Brown.


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What's this this thing mean to -- It's the addition of size that we wanted. If you haven't -- Kwame you will see him pretty quick and you don't doubt the fact that we've gotten. A player who reds involved he defends on the low block he's gonna help mark Jackson's defense because. When he's in the game and he's worked in the low block defensively you don't have to go down there and double team. And it doesn't care of your defense where you've got to do as many rotations. And it's a situation where he also rebounds so we've got some defense and rebounding it fits with the philosophy of what mark would like to do with the team. It's something we wanted to do from the standpoint of management -- us and a we took a look at all of the options. I think it's a key factor to us that we were short term contract. And we I young man at age twenty now and the who's still motivated by NBA basketball and and want to -- the world that he can play. It's a situation that. We think gives us flexibility in future as I just mentioned. It also fits with putting some size on the floor and those are the two main entry forms isn't. You look at it as a win win the -- and -- And prison can policy. Years -- I do think it's a way -- it's a situation where we got two things just like we've been saying we got some size and we have. As an organization looked at the long range planning -- looking at the cap. And looking at that had our flexibility. Those things are in place and now we got some work to do. Kwame missed the first week through no fault of his own but we have supporters -- movement behind as far as that's concerned. Because of the way the rules came down in the way that all of this thing operated. We made the decision to go in that direction knowing that this could be the case it was calculated we understood it. We had a plan in place way back last summer we started talking about things continue to do so set forth a plan put it in action. And this is what's been the result of it. We're in a position that we like and we're looking forward to playing that first game. Actually looking forward to playing the first pre season game Kwame probably won't be a big part of that I mean you can expect that because. He's limited he's gonna have. Just a couple days practice. And so we're going to be facing me and as we go along but we expected that as well -- great distances it. What does this mean Q what is what is what -- says to me is that. Here's a young man who came up all of you know the history we all understand the expectations were really high. We spent a great deal of time talking to him and ends you know trying to get to the bottom of okay where is he mentally. And were convinced that he's at the crossroads right now as far as whose -- concern. And it can't take it from his side and see what he said to us he said I'll I'll take a one year deal. -- I come in here and prove to you that I play. I know it's in the back of his mind you're gonna have to pay -- next year. And I'll show you. And that's you know in regards to your question. All those things were evaluated that's where this young -- it. Now I never saw him as a as a malicious or bad guy or anything like that anyway there were always some people who had questions about. Where's he going for a number one pick in the draft what is he doing all those things that we're aware of that well he's 29 years old. All the stuff was at least ten years removed and I'm concerned about worry is today. And totally comfortable. With with where he wants to be in where he wants to go. And comfortable with the fact that we have in here -- an opportunity to work with. -- -- What his overall conditioning is that he's he's in a position where he has let himself go and that's that's one of the things that you get concerned about. In this situation like -- in. If you go back to period of time back in 98 in the and when we were going through that kind of thing and what happens now you're gonna see some players you going to report and you're gonna take a look at him so it. -- if so what happened this gap. Kwame stuck basketball shape and he told me that he's been writing been conditioning. But he hasn't had people banging on him. And and doing those kind of things it was hard to get in games and a lot of our players were able to do some working out but let's face it many a more limited to just taking care of the card Diaw and and doing some things like that so. Overall we're pleased to worry is I'm really pleased with the fact that we have Joseph on wind on staff here he does a great job conditioning athletes. Understanding that he's probably a week behind. We're not gonna kill it in other words we're not gonna put him out there on the floor running into the ground and get him hurt I've seen that. And so we're gonna bring him along and topple his conditioning and he may start -- some reduced minutes in all honesty. Wouldn't be surprised at all. If that kind of thing happens and then mostly -- from there and you. Yes. We were pretty much prepared. To make a move. As soon as we knew what was gonna happen with the other dominos -- and candidly. -- -- -- that -- a little more importance there. We get -- the we have the word. From the books. And that saying he. We've reached a deal in regards. I give credit to our organization people who work here at the right Bob Myers worked through this whole process -- -- did a great job. He kept us in the -- -- Kwame was concerned. And I stayed in touch with agents and so forth and did the parts that I do about. In all -- we cut it feel right after we found out that we're giving me. Anything else and he was too bad we targeted for that position that. People. He got here last night yes he arrived last night light. And they've got a morning news going through some work -- some physicals and that kind of stuff that's what's happened here today. Kind of -- Well I Mark Jackson was very quick to talk to congress. They're going to. For all of these guys and we're in the situation with numbers. With Kwame. Lou Amundson and you -- whose -- was -- five concern. And then we get David and you know to play pool and -- can be -- you don't go either direction. Messages -- were serious you wanna be a good team on the field you're gonna compete for playing time but the way the league operates. If you stay in shape and stay ready there's always going to be an opportunity for -- and we don't know what brings that about. Whether it's foul trouble or hopefully we don't have major injuries or minor injury guys -- -- -- game and what the schedule that's compressed. So we like the fact that we have a little more strength up front more depth than what we -- hand and I think it's necessary. I think our players understand. -- in this kind of situation. That's a necessity. First this. And more potent. -- -- -- I would I would judge that. He. The roster is not good it's. Good it wouldn't be surprising if we went into this season. And tinker with the and were almost the point. When we open the season saying to ourselves for the soccer player. This is our team let's play these guys a few weeks and and see what it. We always investigate great possibilities that make your team better yes but. We're not. We're not -- tinker trade as soon as we could we be tinkering you'll probably be in other areas. And we could add some people to this roster. But we're we're getting closer that opening day time when a lot of teams. Including us obviously this is our roster despite these guys. So -- Three team blockbuster thing the wars it. It's. Like. It's it's more distance. And what we get a good will be right there -- we won't we won't stop working we knew we want to acquire him. So whatever that takes work in the -- all the time. I'll give you that -- in that same answer when divide our apartment yet on July 1 next summer but also in January of this year and again we'll continue to work those things that's important to us. Morgan told him. -- with a little bit. Having a couple. And hours. What's. It really ask for help and it isn't so much Kwame shot blocker he's going to get so. But this that the physical strength back there and effective he will be willing to slide over when you see him in there. It's a lot different seeing somebody who has rotated that's maybe only about six person today and we've we used to get into those situations. And -- it would him. -- -- -- -- that was obviously cancer. And we evaluated things. As to where. Our philosophy. Right now which comes from Joseph like. Let's get the best players we can do it but it's always taken shocked. That making this team made really good team we're going to get there some point anyway but. -- stretch it out if you don't have -- and if you can go get a really good player but let's go down that road. Let's go down that -- And you might say to meet the negative side of what you're talking about is okay you used your amnesty on Charlie Bell. -- I mean in all honesty. How important is that. You know -- people who -- -- and not I don't agree with some would've said we should -- amnesty somebody else there. I'll grant you there might have been some value two years from now or three years and now about and seeing somebody else and willing. To sit here and do nothing and wait for three years ago by so that I could use -- names. So. But it's in your question we looked at all of which made the decision to go the other way because we want to get after. And we wanna make this team better sooner than later.

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