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2.3: Chauncey Billups replaces Chris Paul on All-Star roster

Thu, 11 Jul 2013|

The Pistons on Thursday signed Chauncey Billups to a two-year contract with the first year guaranteed.

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  1. 12.25: LAC/GSW postgame -- Mark Jackson

    situations. Hurt us a couple lies so she's tough for the top top of the circle. Makes plays for himself before others Chauncey Billups a veteran knows how to create contact. Home. They outplayed out backcourt today. That's gonna happen I still

  2. 12.12: Chronicle Live: Larry Riley

    introduced here you can see an opening practice you'll hear my Taylor sent Mark Jackson. It's just a moment. Chauncey Billups as far as what I've just read also went to the Clippers it is for a couple of million dollars I thought I might

  3. 1.5: Aaron Afflalo

    individual but more importantly. Plan would always great players have a chance to win every night. We understand Chauncey Billups will not played in nineteen Carmelo Anthony not likely as well how does that change what you'll do on the floor

  4. 1.21: Highlights- Nuggets Win a Classic at Oracle

    think he's made it three years game one 318 is the overtime and the Warriors ball. Kind of big fast and once again Chauncey Billups Mr. Big shots at 37 points eight rebounds eight assists. And they hope the NBA's leading scored 223 points and

  1. Gary Plummer can in order was our linebackers guys you got to protect those guys you have to protect and it makes quarterback Billups though up because now he'll appreciate him a lot more because he knows. One of one of Bulls star fire he's got them though

  2. opportunities that you can think of you break everything down scientifically and found out that. You don't sleep in my system Billups make immediately on the throw him on the phone Murray owns and this time ago. So he can help me with. It's definitely helped

  3. NBA Notes: Pistons sign Billups for two years


    Thu, 11 Jul 2013

    The Pistons on Thursday signed Chauncey Billups to a two-year contract with the first year guaranteed.

  4. Billups wins NBA's 1st Twyman-Stokes award


    Sun, 9 Jun 2013

    Ex-Celtics draftee wins inaugural award named for Jack Twyman and Maurice Stokes meant to honor the ideal teammate.

  5. Is an honor on the give you. Saw him under wasn't it gives us defense Billups Monica. Going in the homeowner doesn't have been there they know. So and you feel like he's well. Your column willow in

  6. Gerald Daniels buys him that we were too. On to the third quarter now with the Oakland not looking for more semis or astute Billups doesn't it still counts opposite. Then we have what for the dogs he will connect on the first drive that he tries tries

  7. gave out always trailing by one person Meachem drives inside this is an out to I can't hunger for three and the Bulls. On Billups and eight with the Eagles answered back late the first thing you know let's visit to riots I don't drink that 30 my fifteen

  8. Yankees pitching so we're we're we're gonna. Pitching most of the season and what's been successful as. No do you Billups being with This being often so it's because they're trying to they intended there there's been. I'll put him on the

  9. could come off and Kerry team by himself. So grisly double volatile Bledsoe has been playing very very well you can you have a Billups is there is so you can cut. He's just go down line for those guys when a guy gets to files or Chris Paul's case. You

  10. health reasons with the trees tell the 600 Basically it's just opened the whole place up never more so than the second hall of Billups comment please take place trees out but the one thing is restored. Is that integrity at all that's the key figure if we

  11. swinging a bat and a it's good go to law school for six weeks in. It's learning to do this get this thing to figure out Billups surgery long. We'll have to move forward and maintained. You were around and hopefully better food gets back is that really

  12. LeBron James Drew Gooden Chauncey Billups Kendrick Perkins Leon Powe just a few of the big names to play for the Oakland soldiers. During their high school years have to

  13. 3.2: Sharks practice -- Ryane Clowe


    Fri, 2 Mar 2012

    should he should have four points but I wouldn't give up one goal but. You know finalists whoever they knowing anything Billups left who gave the Phillies. most. You know here calm yet confident team you don't think Campbell went nuts and there

  14. planned and enroll in over owner of the I have serious. Second. Straight game one played a tremendous backcourt yesterday was Billups and CP three. And of course you know those guys certain amount of success against you Monta did you guys take as some sort

  15. 12.26: Hue Jackson Press Conference


    Mon, 26 Dec 2011

    few. Back after world war and he nobody town definitely is you mean so that. Two more days for guys some rest and treatment Billups who. That's what it was easy to put together this week. What does it do as a coach when you. You work on this incredible

  16. 12.25: LAC/GSW -- game highlights


    Mon, 26 Dec 2011

    night's 105. 86. These two teams have played each other three more times this season you have a good show benefited big from their guards. Billups and surpassed twenty points Blake Griffin went the way it's going to. And seven boards.

  17. people and it's us a lot of a lot of things to grow and grow from there. Has a lot of things you can take from this game of Billups in this league present James Casey and four mile an let's put this game I was rushed the field. That's how close did that

  18. four time all star. Forward Carmelo Anthony at three team trade. With Denver and Minnesota. New York also got so hot to Billups and three others in the deal along what that Nuggets they receive Wilson's salary Felton. got an. 22 round picks. From

  19. park are sportscasters. Are standing by. It makes generate. Hello and welcome to sports that's essential if I'm Larry Billups live from AT&T park where Giants band that's 2011. Let's take a look back the giants' huge win over the San Diego Padres

  20. 2.10: GSW/PHO -- game highlights


    Fri, 11 Feb 2011

    And about the mountain and he's they're pretty easy put back the Don't and after wine in his second quarter and Phoenix Billups and I feel he dresses in the corner at all today. opening of the three. And later in the second Steve Nash Jared Dudley