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11.6: Jim Barnett on Chronicle Live


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Thu, 1 Mar 2012|

Havlat talks about getting back into game shape, and the importance of getting some regular season games under his belt before the playoffs.


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It turns a little bit of so -- felt so. Let's put assistant. What's left for you and and terms of where you are now Torre wanted to be what the other challenges yet to get through by getting stronger communities in movements in the nation. -- looks quick quick movements and things on the pistol at times that's that's most important than any game in this most. But to -- we have the most frustrating part of being a hockey player well for sure I can tell you what it can can read a book about the troops -- But there's well there's so -- -- -- -- contemplated it. Back as soon as possible -- strong as possible. Obviously the TVQ and you heard is that he's the X games with the equipment -- comes off a feel for attendance. -- the game like some. And everybody. You know Willis is important. What the team. That's come from princess. Of that line I think it was a pretty good. Chris Kaman. I think more went through. Hopefully. The -- -- the multiple. And it is ridiculous and when you do. Community here that you. Know. We have reason he's got through it give you. You give yourself on that so it is I don't you don't even personally you know I. But I just feel ready and by the so it's tough to say. -- the I just started moves does today's preakness so just keep pushing pushing. Incurred so very for the prior me you're just go out there as last week -- the -- the teammates today. Well I'm not come up pushing it too much -- -- -- kind of fallen. It's more fun this is. This is a little things do -- -- The you can do and you alone. Just some. Just. -- more worth it. Career about the specifics of your situation -- -- park field number of games -- -- -- for the playoffs so that you feel ready to go to Q and do with him out there. Well I don't know. One. -- -- The more the -- better. He's sort of things we're slaves in one season. Since situation analysts is coming back up to shoulder injuries. That's the same thing so.

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    know Willis is important. What the team. That's come from princess. Of that line I think it was a pretty good. Chris Kaman . I think more went through. Hopefully. The the multiple. And it is ridiculous and when you do. Community here that

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  1. think is the big thing or play against. Defending Stanley Cup champs they've got home ice were familiar with. They're Kaman and what they do to be successful. That alone should keep you on your toes and and keep you prepared to to bottle him. You

  2. things get rolling with a touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree and goes out. How did things change or not change the cap earning Kaman had this offense suggests a different quarterback. We just had to adjust on the fly. But I was took some of the other reporters

  3. us were far. There was much time out there where there are smiles out. it's us that are having a great time plan and it Kaman and against that team and dallas' two good teams that they get to play fair play ends up. Our hockey. so the best time here

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  5. that is I don't have any control over it so. Ought to do with what I can do and knows didn't change be ready when the time Kaman . Just relax you know I enjoyed it worked my butt off and now some of them Good. Did that was really cool helmet. It's great

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  7. Sometimes the pitchers globe magazine back and sometimes the hitters go get our backs took. Clemens and valuable another great job Kaman had sort of had a great job that you feel the energy rising in the crowd and maybe seed in the past few months yeah for sure

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  10. radio the celebrities. And attendance is some sort of multiplied out and and after. After being passed away it was AT&T Kaman and great sponsor ever since And so it's become the penalties should AT&T. Pro Yeah very good stuff while we have you here

  11. discrepancy. So I think he's number I think he came in a good number I thought numbers are fair yeah and I I think the Giants Kaman had a number based on. Compare rubble. Arbitration players with that service time so there but there is notre because no other

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    Eighth grade school. Kaman and didn't do better and incredible performance for the average. hurt the 35 minutes 35 point controlling game. Nine assists

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    inspector general and we'll see how he does tested tonight there but to I think it'll his game. And timing for me together with Kaman and Jefferson. Never good news of injuries. And my underwear and where. He had and I'm. Always good receiver. My good

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    the it doesn't force them into Vietnam and have been submitted him play in new York and relentlessly that the field. Yeah Kaman from I mean yeah I mean Edmonton again and it. Battled all get the right choose I know from Nike to feel strong just never

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    can't thank you my friend great to see you again the best line he said the best offseason acquisition the Giants pulled off Kaman in January when they brought you back back in giant colors for the first time since you left in 93. Tell me about how it went