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Chuck Hayes impressed with Kings' defense vs. Wolves



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Wed, 27 Feb 2013|

Keith Smart didn't particularly like Dwyane Wade's "block" on Marcus Thornton's breakaway layup.


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Yes it's. -- -- -- Mean well obviously the couple guys that can turn the match up pretty quickly and you know LeBron and Dwyane threw an incredible game took a Superman type game from both of those guys. I thought our team did a great job you know coupled -- eternal with that in critical moment but I thought. To get the game into overtime to give -- one bucket with the ball at the end of the game. What a chance to close it out and in the overtimes to keep giving it back to position where we could have. And then the kid we got made a good stops. And we had a a steal. Mean a mile long with a chance close that we got blocked by the winning ways at the plate from a guy who just did you won't play. Well I -- today. Does what he can do you know he's very capable of getting hot and staying -- -- streak I've talked he came in the game early. How about that got -- -- a great rhythm early adult doing it had to wait for his time to come to be hot and I don't you got to the game has 1718 point halftime. And I thought he had that ability to make those kind of shots -- his shots kept us there which -- within striking distance and they come with a big defensive play. And you know questionable block or follow on that drive which you know it goes sometimes. -- world team. You know a -- and yeah I think I thought that you again we had a great day of working on yesterday and got ourselves -- -- play well that's -- -- incredible game effort from. All the guys who were on the floor plan but I'm Vince and his second quarter. Came in and played in close a half hours you know woman those guys chuck. Came in Al Lowe came in Chuck Hayes -- -- came into the great judge you and Aaron Brooks came out and play well. Patrick Paris got little chance you don't floor I thought everyone did the job necessary to give us a chance and we had so many chances -- am looking here. Big play guy doing the victory here there's -- -- when his best ball game I thought we could've we took care about possible. And that would Mason some costly turnovers that this team take turn over the put him into the basket pretty quick written or. Well we head to head. Stay floor was -- -- one -- cousin going to the basket go to nickel what role and I thought you know I did do a good job of trying to get himself in there. What a shot drawing the defense and -- make you play a very. Probably should have won more -- Which we've solidified that their entire team would have been in on the ball and he -- made a pass there you know what. Hey we had every opportunity to have a chance to win that game we got where we need to go. To go but you didn't fall always taught me yet he had a game get two guys and get. Forty during that -- to do to put us away and I thought our guys stayed right there on the number. We just if we play within ourselves that that team that we didn't care. About what was happening on the floor for the most part you know what this seem to show they can play compete -- when anyone know when their minds right and focus they can play would anyone really. But it just comes down to that pocket of three minutes. Four minutes not turn it over and finishing plays. Smart -- he. What do you think you guys I didn't. Ballplayer I'd love to play so -- going there and play a game tomorrow night. And now sleeping a little bit and they get ourselves ready to play you know I'm not a whole lot you can sell the game like this you know and ejected. Because they had every opportunity to win it but. No one cares we move on to the next game and we'll get to Orlando and try to give an effort. His own take our whole team even more so tomorrow because of this long long basketball game tonight.

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