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12.5: ORL/GSW Pregame- Corey Maggette



  1. Tayshaun Prince0:33
  2. David Lee1:09, 1:11
  3. Corey Maggette1:41
  4. Klay Thompson1:16, 2:05, 2:24
  5. Harrison Barnes1:37
  6. Pistons0:32, 2:22
  7. Warriors0:04, 0:49, 1:13
  8. Florence1:46
  9. Dallas0:38
  10. game road trip0:06, 2:36
Thu, 6 Dec 2012|

Klay Thompson scored a season-high 27 points to lead the Warriors past the Pistons to open the Warriors' seven-game road trip.


Machine Generated Transcript

John who put up a little bit -- curry and the Warriors guard and has seen them. Seven game road trip and Detroit. Would they start off quickly first quarter -- -- says let's get the work he's been pretty warm out there and also now he's still I don't wanna act. Curry from three point range. 92. Early on Dunn still in the first quarter curry drove the tally of the rookie best this is the only team to. Jams that -- Second quarter and out Pistons -- and come back Tayshaun Prince still hasn't -- work. Long way -- Dallas and Detroit down 3630 body and a game high 24 points then. Off the prince miss Andre Drummond -- good exit with a put back dunk. But the Warriors -- like to have the -- third quarter now step curry it is time to take over. Three point range again no problem 4540. It's -- curry hit the jumper. And go ahead and give them the -- why you're adding. However he was able to get his teammates involved the pick and roll -- David Lee. David Lee drove it down to him -- Warriors up a few minutes later curry Klay Thompson it was red hot. And it's hard Courter baseline jumpers got Warriors up not that curry with the scale. And go ahead and give it to play one more time to get the hottest hand in the third quarter back. 6750. June depth at that point. And then curry on the fast break Harrison Barnes all look dal -- lot of former warrior Corey Maggette. Flagrant foul what they call Florence. Well he will be fine. After that time winding down in the third water check this out. And the lead. And three. Okay. He scored 39 in there. Klay Thompson had a game high 27 points of the fourth quarter we go cart back to work great corner. That's not broke don't fix -- fourth straight game with the -- twenty points in Tennessee is. Warriors win. 104. To 97. -- the Warriors snapped the Pistons five game home winning streak Klay Thompson led the way with 27 point that we mention. -- -- Snapped one into points and assists and evidently it was a force in the paint twenty points eleven boards great way to start at seven game road trip.

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    6750. June depth at that point. And then curry on the fast break Harrison Barnes all look dal lot of former warrior Corey Maggette . Flagrant foul what they call Florence. Well he will be fine. After that time winding down in the third water check

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  13. think the sale impacts with the Warriors are trying to do on the court at all I think you can even if you look at the Corey Maggette trade they made last week. That's actually a move they would have made regardless of whether they were in our house

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  16. Stewart. And is for the student at both ends before. So we're in the situation where we had to give up players report Corey Maggette . Is here for two years. And it was a productive player that regard. But we also. Or in the middle of making change

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    Hope. Well in order to anybody it was an eight. Looks like Maggette will be out for the last two games. courses. And the moral ..... results Moments anymore. have to talk to the traitor that Maggette hit. Moral me. I'm saying he would to took him out what

  19. seventeen points in the first half then Davis the work. He had nineteen in the half our quarterback Jarrett got the blog Corey Maggette shot and hurt his wrist. Left the game and did not return. It's it's a sprained wrist that may have helped the