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11.1: TOR/SAC Postgame -- Paul Westphal



  1. Carmelo Anthony3:18
  2. Darnell Jackson5:14
  3. Denver's1:30, 3:16
  4. Duke3:00
  5. adjustment period3:21
  6. versatile players3:37
  7. free throws0:35
  8. Perimeter shooting0:24
  9. bruised ribs3:55
Sat, 2 Apr 2011|

Westphal discusses the loss with the media.


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Is it pretty chippy game Marcus was pretty frustrated most an attitude you were oppressed and is seemingly endless. It's hard to control yourself and you're getting hit in the face in the neck and didn't help that sort of kept his composure reasonably well -- thought. Perimeter shooting I was. -- -- problem tonight only two threes made. That difference in your mind tonight. Well. I don't know there's any one difference I thought that certainly we missed twelve free throws and 221 and three you can. You know he can do the math and we can shoot decent percentage of those things could have been different game that. Wasn't all about I thought -- that he. That the game was was very. He's so we're chipping areas that you could afford it. -- to have that much continuity in the games. -- football until the third quarter went number one. -- there -- they were there were more aggressive than we were they came where were hitting us first and it was effective. Let's talk about. Physical play and from time enough from can -- get physical and can. Furthermore a mind game thing and see how for the Israeli guy. Right how do you think that is the markets are all the guys aren't into Denver's a team that's known together. And under group in the -- they get like that. Thought I thought that they were very effective at that. That there you know it was you grab -- wrist and you know. -- from behind or whatever I don't know I don't know I -- about -- saying that that they were they were really good at it I thought that they -- -- in her head. Can you call -- game. But it that you added. That. Often and were real. Yeah -- -- -- you run up against a veteran team who who pushes it didn't and find that they can keep pushing it and you know young guys have to learn that you can't turn to the referee for help you could take care of yourself and that it's not always. It takes that that's one of the things experience. Teaches you it's. Not always a straight line will they do this you do this you have to learn by experience and learn how to carry yourself out there. Talk about demarcus little bit more it considering that in the last several games if you can believe her in the mouth and things are happening is -- that you can do besides. -- Office can do anything about that haven't got access to more like that regular basis -- tackles. If it's pretty hard if you don't whatever. Whatever any team since -- you know quite often a look at Colonia -- right circle that. It was out of Duke the next play you know -- these guys are doing the best they can color in -- and see -- they don't see it can't call it the only guys bleed and you say you know maybe the nation is seeing that. -- Sorry. For -- to get. But he surprised now Denver's. -- record entering Carmelo Anthony fourteen for you there's an adjustment period it kind of hit the ground running etc. -- Thoughts on. And well they have a very very deep team and as they come action for 48 minutes of both fans and so. Yeah and it is. Pretty amazing what you can accomplish what you -- Good versatile players who ever playing unselfishly at both ends and they've got a lot of talent that team and they're they're keeping it simple but simple at times. -- -- don't pretty. Are filed the market took from gallon oratory the end and then he. You can kind of go there and because plan you know bruised ribs and I'm still got hurt and it kind of behavior that's not okay how did you feel about -- Well I thought it started with Nene when he flattened tyrant I didn't think you play -- on the lake and play on the ball ministers continue the whole game I thought -- flagrant pro and I'm -- and I think he was more than justify all. And when they look at -- I think they'll probably agree with me. Didn't go our way at the time on that could've started when Nene put -- down and answer you know we can be tonight okay. -- coach. You let your mixing and matching with Tyreke and Beno and Marcus -- a lot. Did you learn anything that three tonight at how they're blending together. Yeah I think we we didn't. We have to. Get into the -- quicker start of the paths stuff. Worrying so much about exactly running a certain play just. Just move the ball and and and trust each other I think that we did it pretty well in the first. Quarter the third quarter was quite as hard as well I think we can learn a lot from it. Coach in the first half -- When there are the first half. You use -- Darnell Jackson home well quite a bit in net for example is. And -- used to administer it decent ponson yet it was to -- -- them. Jason had to -- wanted to give them rest.

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  13. It was awfully impressive. Actually have the ones before when he knocked down looked good in. Now is scary because you're probably going to put in a set where he gets blown it out of bounds blues who knows who knows. He's making a big bucks so you can call us out just how lucky. Always the same as

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  19. There just because. due process and out of shots just today. We'll continue to get up shots and get treatment and who did towards you know. And being held in home. It's a great question I believe so. We've prepared he worked. Obviously. Coming off a long trip. we're recovering. At the same time I

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