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Warriors tighten grip on six seed with win over Spurs

Tue, 30 Jul 2013|

Rumors surfaced earlier this month about the Wizards and DeJuan Blair, but the now free agent is reportedly in "serious talks" with the Mavericks.

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  1. 12.17: Highlights- Warriors fall to Spurs 103-91

    Randolph got his double digit points but he also provoked more drama. Drawing the ire of his head coach for not boxing out DeJuan Blair speculation. About a possible trade continues to several reports indicate the dogs. Aren't necessarily looking to

  2. 1.24: SAS/GSW game highlights

    t miss a beat and hopefully take that all the way to the middle. 5853. later in the second Tony Parker did this to DeJuan Blair with a dunk. Part of that is the quarter of 77. World. Second half coach Tony Parker doing work again little little

  3. 1.4: GSW/SAS -- game highlights

    made it look easy because make shots were created by his teammates. Maxed down that window late in the third quarter DeJuan Blair pretty good second round pick out of fifth we will miss his first shot but he won't take him back in the Spurs. Take

  1. sights and sounds of the city Matt former prime minister Tony Blair right chemistry here. He adds yeah I don't know if he's ..... on Sunday so we don't enjoy a pint at the can the last mr. Blair expected to honest talks are of let's do it. It will be busy

  2. story. This is adversity at its finest begins. This is quite a story the best one I've seen all day a high school football Blair named golf. Severely injured his got the final high school game last season that rate below the End up having multiple surgeries

  3. Mavs sign DeJuan Blair on the cheap


    Tue, 30 Jul 2013

    Rumors surfaced earlier this month about the Wizards and DeJuan Blair , but the now free agent is reportedly in "serious talks" with the Mavericks.

  4. Wizards: So about those Blair and Nate Rob rumors


    Mon, 15 Jul 2013

    Randy Wittman made it clear he believes the Wizards roster is far from settled which is why rumors of interest in DeJuan Blair and Nate Robinson are (at least somewhat) intriguing.

  5. drop in coverage and my dad. Yeah I was a primary and in the because of it. It was a situation where I came off it. Take Blair . You know I had heard a lesson stand up there about California it's. Are you today. Especially in. Yeah materializes

  6. Obviously. About yourself doesn't just me. And I think we're different got to accept them because they have been especially splitter Blair economy is now. You guys play a little bit so that there's a big bodies that that we do we actually.

  7. NBA free agent watch: DeJuan Blair


    Fri, 26 Apr 2013

    After passing on DeJuan Blair during the 2009 draft, the Wizards could have an opportunity to bring the rugged forward to Washington this offseason.

  8. are some of trouble scoring is pushing it. Go as far as I can every And the have won five out of the last six years yes Kyle Blair nineteen what did you like to be part of such a successful program. Is good you know we have Did you guys saying you know what

  9. success can be contributed to be stellar supporting cast. But it hits in five spells solid group of guards including any shots in Blair the had been bottled Dell's success and should make some marks on the score sheet tonight but. The Padres are two games out

  10. among the young guys that Beisel and opened some of all the with the played actually a wouldn't talk about on the list. No Blair Roma of that with a lot more comfortable and you have More events than he did last year and so it was so probable all of the

  11. time you know. He he got a good receiver in those guys of job you know and allow him make those throws me and I say it's up Blair . Home eating allowed a shot from last year and a lot of assassin get but he got back up to stay in the game finished. Definite

  12. change to try to protect the catcher. Who isn't actually blocking the plate and that's what buster made sure he's he's Blair bring pages so you know I wasn't blocking the plate. And he said that day yesterday so you know but. We all know Bruce had

  13. beginning to get to from some guys who understand. You know our goal to has over ten years thirteen years of experience. Coach Blair and it's one of those things where we're teaching guys what we know what experience so we try to get the best he can.

  14. what you need to do as well as dressed but you don't want to overdo it. Last thing in my and mobility you'll be the minor Blair incidentally yeah yes. Didn't get it winding that they'll get to this hated into this mean they had to zip. He is over

  15. back it felt we're also think that it it didn't go so. Because got to give myself an firm or give our football. Although Blair It week you know had a retain and you know pretty much just. I mean you know who's on a streak of winning and you know I

  16. fought. He was two ways this fight can play either he's gonna come. Then tried to apply pressure light all 41. opponents Blair was always going to come. And try to I'll box Floyd Mayweather boy known. On in this fight. I'm not a on the stroke on

  17. 9.5: Raiders practice -- Tommy Kelly


    Mon, 5 Sep 2011

    golf loses. Too loud though no zone it is to golf do I wouldn't just futile defense. As we know there's few coaches Gary Blair offered him. You guys to play my and a lot. That's enough reason that we got outplayed me. This is the master bathroom

  18. big uncle lesbian around the league you know. Going they're playing very you know he's not indifferent. Between three Blair had big it is you know. I gotta say see out of uniform you look you look magnificent my friend that then yeah I heard guys

  19. and we. That suits street turning point it's just best. After the comeback potential double play. Just. Went to pass on the Texans girl and discredit the good time. Blair back to trust let's do it too much. Can you got to know it.

  20. It was a little too she. Actually made some people and dizzy and I just like some of those Japanese an player expression Blair witch project that it made people uncomfortable. We don't wanna make that we wanna wanna. Be real impressed but we don