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6.10: Matt Steinmetz on Lakers' Derek Fisher

Wed, 24 Jul 2013|

We look at some news and notes from around the NBA, including Derek Fisher's decision to re-sign with the Thunder.

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  1. 1.12: LAL/GSW pregame -- Derek Fisher

    Fisher joins Damon Andrews before the Lakers vs. Warriors game.

  2. 2.17: GSW/OKC -- game highlights

    gamble what it's like screwed that one yet that was a move that you learn from Jeremy we here you really do that to Derek Fisher the other night so Westbrook was taken I don't remember that exactly. Dorell Wright was a pretty good tonight for

  3. The Town Game -- Hook Mitchell gets his shot with the Warriors.

    work out with one of the rookies and in. You know one thing that's and then recess that will. But at this time. Derek Fisher gave his jet did there this is like you know you'd be wasting your time because I mean Baghdad today and acquired

  4. 11.11: Chronicle Live -- Matt Steinmetz

    Comcast Mets that I met you feel the same way Matt almost done. Well I think so I think god basically it looked like Derek Fisher was disappointed with the last proposal we've got to go take it to the players. And I get the sense the players are

  1. was special. Now that it's so fun and caught up like. Yeah I mean those kind of had a little bit ugly the last two weeks Fisher . It's tough. You know not I agree I'm not out there not. So a couple of stats QB rating and all that stuff you know I

  2. executed. The strong points weak points how we dealt with things rest. You name it we go through at all and you know sitting back Fisher and evaluating where we were. We want to improve our penalty kill sure that was a great improvement for our hockey club. Where

  3. mean. Obviously I'm human side I can hear. Going to. You know I'm kind of Thought about it. It doesn't. Count them Fisher and I need to be ready when the starter comes out and I told when garrison gonna get outs their play baseball. Thank you for

  4. Fisher : Defensive linemen must 'protect themselves'


    Tue, 24 Sep 2013

    such as the broken ankle 49ers nose tackle Ian Williams recently sustained, said St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher , on Tuesday. Fisher , along with Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis, is one of just two NFL coaches on NFL's competition committee

  5. building to the ground below and saying what you should watch out for gravity. Lew Wolff and it those of the majority owner John Fisher who doesn't say much at all. Basically have told the city of Oakland four years we don't wanna be here. We don't really

  6. all all along that stretch place. They get back here today this came space station and paralyzed and they've really got. Fisher and Willis should that it swear I saw they thought that hurt our future. And I talked to. Use and run don't loose cannon

  7. soccer and there was so many secondary to you know draft pick and Stefan had met with Michael I For example and he didn't Fisher thing now with within their do you feel a sense of relief and maybe. For you know he got you know all this plus you know you

  8. just he's come hello I'm very impressive about right now I think just give the timing down. It's getting the time ago Fisher because. When you got it when you get a new guy especially quarterback. He steps in. And he doesn't really know. His received

  9. Oh yeah the when we don't want me is it kind of just took that to an awful. You know on song. Right away it's turn this Fisher . Comfortable on the got rid of this would be possible. you know with a nationally it's hard it's hard to figure out themselves

  10. Patriots release Tuinei, Fisher


    Sat, 3 Aug 2013

    The Patriots announced the release of two players on Saturday.

  11. injury part. So is how tough is this how competitive is this NFC way. it's very competitive. That never count out Jeff Fisher that team is gonna be better yes. You know if you talk to me. Three weeks ago before I heard about Percy Harmon and a you

  12. NBA Notes: Derek Fisher re-signs with Thunder


    Wed, 24 Jul 2013

    We look at some news and notes from around the NBA, including Derek Fisher 's decision to re-sign with the Thunder.

  13. McPhee says Laich will replace Ribeiro


    Mon, 8 Jul 2013

    George McPhee compared Brooks Laich to Mike Fisher , Mike Richards and David Backes.

  14. Is closure coming to the A's-to-San Jose saga?


    Tue, 18 Jun 2013

    Chuck Reed's risk of suing MLB is minimal to his political aspirations, but A's owners Lew Wolff and John Fisher could face considerable blacklash.

  15. Little yes yeah. It's different feel this pressure world I think is there. Just have fun with it. That's our mentality Fisher 's goal of the game so far. But it's you know it's. It's one game. And and I to to continue to play its been along

  16. Tampa Bay. To shore up the pass rush I know they like their draft as they did last year the Rams got a lot better under Jeff Fisher and they had a real good draft. In their eyes. And the Cardinals got Carson Palmer they should be better best division in

  17. hear us last night was tough but it's and move on Different rooms that we. news alone shoes on. I saw him. It lucrative Fisher lost those games now is typing it out so savor this. Fought back. Beat them and not present themselves. Special teams and

  18. that point. Where's the next couple days of practice before you he's earlier on again what do you work what we're just Fisher . Didn't get the legs moving and obviously do the drills. With the same intensity that. You know in the game you play Agassi

  19. NFL Draft: Chiefs tab OT Eric Fisher with No. 1 pick


    Fri, 26 Apr 2013

    Linemen went early and often in the first round of Thursday's NFL draft, including the Chiefs selecting offensive tackle Eric Fisher first overall.

  20. Reports: Chiefs will select Eric Fisher with No. 1 pick


    Thu, 25 Apr 2013

    Multiple reports indicate that Andy Reid and the Chiefs will make OT Eric Fisher the No. 1 pick in tonight's NFL Draft.