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Kevin Love on Klay Thompson: 'He's a guy that's going to continue to have success'



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Thu, 13 Jun 2013|

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Adrian wolves and aroused he breaks about every story going to the NBA and he has this when Jason Kidd. Is now the head coach of the Brooklyn nets. And the nets are saying they kind of use the Golden State Warriors and Mark Jackson a former player as the head coach guy who's never been a coach. And that's so we get this thing rolling we keep everyone around for this. Let's talk about this and Tom Omer open with you is this the future is this the way you look at the NBA where guys who aren't. Assistant coaches and all they just go from playing to coaching is is the wave of the future. While we don't know that we know Mark Jackson did a great job last year you also had some help Mike Malone fantastic. Assistant coach haven't played -- Mark Jackson and I know mark Jackson's always been a fantastic leader can Jason Kidd be that leader will he have held. On the bench and we don't know that yet we'll find out next year you may even find out the first you may take a year do. To figure out doesn't have the credibility -- there is no question about it but there's one thing and Mark Jackson with a very good player that a great player Jason Kidd. It was a great player the one thing about great players being head coaches. Is are the expectations too -- Do they expect the players on the court to really do the same things they did it feel to see the same things they did and it they can't do that. Are they going to be understanding as to why they can't do that that will be because question with Jason Kidd Rae Randall. How much of a reach is this for the Brooklyn -- single Jason Kidd. It's a significant reach because they're so few coaches. In any sport that went directly from playing. To coaching unless they -- player coaches. Don Nelson did it what retired pinch. In Boston went right to Milwaukee and he was the successful template the unsuccessful template was Magic Johnson. A lot here depends not only on the staff he gets though. But on his ability to reach Deron Williams because Deron Williams is the most important player on that roster and he's gonna beat that for a couple of years left. What -- kid can do.

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