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Derrick Favors

Stephen Curry's 'And 1' finish against the Jazz



  1. David Bell1:49
  2. Marvin Williams1:29
  3. Al Jefferson1:17
  4. 49ers1:45
  5. Dan Boyle0:36
  6. Derrick Favors1:28
  7. Harrison Barnes1:09
  8. Jake Allen0:38
  9. Sharks0:15, 0:45, 0:56
  10. Beat writers0:26
Wed, 20 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Time now with the wind this morning -- -- as a Bay Area dot com. Good morning Internet discoveries with your -- morning minute we had a couple of Bay Area teams trying to end that long losing streaks beginning with the Sharks in saint Louis the -- -- -- in the straight trying to get. Well they hadn't even letting games get more than 295. Hockey that so there on the clock. -- -- Beat writers of bull got kind of -- for burglar is on a four game goal streak. Have -- another week but here come the short game in the second period Dan Boyle shot saved by Jake Allen Joseph Thornton. Kicks into himself can stay at home his fourth of the year tied the game have won with the Sharks still love leaving so they're still on the clock. And Tim Kennedy get a change all that advantage that -- His second goal of the year is the game winner of the Sharks finally on this night with a 21 win in the same blue. Lock for the Warriors being used trying to snap their five game skid and that's pretty much what it's been like. Golden state of the -- third quarter Harrison Barnes put it on the floor -- And the late in the that was his only field goal of the game that he used to do. Al Jefferson yeah Bogut -- The matadors beat Jefferson champion team -- point and then the Jazz creating some separation. Derrick Favors from Marvin Williams for three -- -- of what you want from me on the are. And 115101. Victory the ducks have now lost six straight yeah that's akin to a high. Six and don't forget we put a -- on the 49ers magical season the final cut twice twelve posted by David Bell when it debuts. It was a Wednesday at 630 on Comcast sports net. Scott -- this is okay. Bay Area dot com.

Video Results

  1. Jazz extend Warriors' losing streak

    t very well driving vets have former Jazz coach Sloan was in attendance and second quarter just Gordon Hayward to Derrick Favors . had fourteen it. Guys. Was that Masterson. Play an important Randy Floyd hits and three jacked up to that point

  2. HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors 94, Jazz 83

    game already. Staff hadn't won his first eleven points in this one. Seconds left in the first Jets down seven Derrick Favors a huge here. Coming off the block. But the led by five at the other one early second quarter. And it's and play

  3. Sharks snap skid, Warriors woes continue, 49ers Final Cut

    Jefferson yeah Bogut The matadors beat Jefferson champion team point and then the Jazz creating some separation. Derrick Favors from Marvin Williams for three of what you want from me on the are. And 115101. Victory the ducks have now lost

  4. Highlights -- Jazz 99, Warriors 92

    orient it went right well ensuing Jazz possession. Derrick Favors . And what theaters doing. But don't give them ..... out on fire they start out any six nothing run in. Derrick Favors a part of that the down low we had a game high 23

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  7. going. Didn't. Com I think this you know more player friendly. Position for it's. They tell everybody. Think it really favors the side and business and you being an wide receiver down the sideline. Your strength of your game is going to be in the past

  8. deck circle you know there's a right hander out of the bullpen. Yeah I mean honestly I thought yeah. Must blitz heavily favors speed left handed pitchers so far this year put them. You know fortunately for us to. Just took advantage of you know intangible

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  10. hit it really because this season it's good score a lot of runs. You guys get a lot of heads up and all three games this favors . And we always do throw pretty good fast and we didn't. You know give you break it open here here and hopefully great opportunity

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  18. like Ron Amadon to come out here and conducting today and pretty You know he was my roommate for eleven years there's so many favors it shows me this since this is just one of many but. He's such a great guy and in one of my best friends and jump all over

  19. problem so what. Affects. It. But you know We're we're always going to. We always going to err on the side of what what favors us in that case in this moment what he's. But we can't read where if you can't stop to it via. Every thirty seconds

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