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1.2: Warriors highlights



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Tue, 27 Aug 2013|

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Hey you all time to find out what's trending over Yahoo! Sports the dot com you know all sports information you need to go there I went there and you know when I was shocked because they -- all new -- -- -- but I'm in -- already. All your fantasy stuff plus the sports news of the day right there at your fingertips. But here money I was sports talk live with what we give it to you the real good. Well the body Billy Collins regular. Does that red reddish orange what eagle listening what does that. Color doesn't Redick stories -- -- got a break up the dale and that's you know well done by you -- young lady lets talk about what's trending including because I want Dirk Dirk Nowitzki went. Plus an NBA player but he he also an awesome insurance pitch man. Yes we'll be ever clever Dallas Mavericks guillotine has come out of this group of the original guys don't hump day commercial thing the Campbell. And it futures circuit if he's gonna put on perspective let's first take a look at the original back a couple of them. Bob Hope guess what day it is Jazz one day it is now. Everybody Julie I guess what day it is -- and I know you can hear me Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike -- there is Mike. Back -- guess what today is. -- -- -- I gave that the reds don't featuring that Campbell about this is the one of the Mavericks have an outlet. I'd hoped to shelling since you've -- ticket to select. Well below get -- It gets -- there and there's not anybody. -- I guess -- natives are come on and wouldn't you know being tentative downtown what David snapped a ha ha laugh very cast -- what today is. -- than what we're all. Our luck however your mavs fans to buy season ticket package I'd say having the dirt on game day good yeah. -- happy this season tickets -- amount dot com right now. I don't start did a pretty nice job let them. I think he did did drop below water in there I think. I think he dropped a heartland we all love the what what you can't go wrong with a good what flood by the way I myself a big fan of Farmers Insurance just for the record.

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  1. 1.2: Kings highlights

    Dirk Nowitzki scored 25 points to lead the Dallas Mavericks to a 99-91 victory over the struggling Sacramento Kings on Saturday night.

  2. 4.10: DAL/SAC Postgame- Paul Westphal

    crowd there supporting us tonight and they got to watch Dirk Nowitzki . Show what he can do he shows showed why he's one ..... team and if you know I think that the people to notice Dirk Nowitzki is. We don't have anybody like him. And so that

  3. What's Trending? Dirk's commercial spoof

    dale and that's you know well done by you young lady lets talk about what's trending including because I want Dirk Dirk Nowitzki went. Plus an NBA player but he he also an awesome insurance pitch man. Yes we'll be ever clever Dallas Mavericks

  4. What's Trending: Former Warrior Nate Robinson signs a baby

    Melanie Collins from Yahoo! sports' good afternoon Melanie how Afternoon I'm Harry I'm very good look Dirk Nowitzki Melanie as you know in the past. It wasn't pretty in the past and I don't know why or who gave him a memo to do

  1. Dirk's dagger downs Bulls


    Sun, 31 Mar 2013

    Dirk Nowitzki hit a go-ahead three-pointer with three seconds remaining, capping a furious last-minute comeback by Dallas to net the Mavericks a 100-98 win over the Bulls.

  2. could passable plus there a better team this as a better player right Minnesota's. Two months. Rubio and love Dallas. Nowitzki is out there there in flux right now my yeah I agree with you they are breaking their way. It's gotta be hell doesn't

  3. penalties they would Levy against him. Where this story really might get interesting is now that the FBI is involved with Jeff Nowitzki and they're finding his suppliers. For this testosterone and all the sudden you find a supplier may be find some more players

  4. 2009. I don't know if you remember the exact date but that was the day that you tried to take a charge. Against Dirk Nowitzki and you lost three teeth. Yeah in Dallas December 18 try to take its charge from their whiskey and I don't think

  5. that watching the game and invoke it. She had more ups and out of boot injury don't make good news is not good news there Nowitzki . With the three up seven after one quarter second quarter before a warrior Brandan Wright. Picking up spent the rebound and

  6. They had stretch fours on the all the mauled them Dirk Nowitzki is just not a fair match up and there's not a matchup ..... comfortable out there defending. You know the Romo all of Dirk Nowitzki . And the close out the game you know is a pro. And

  7. 10.31: SJS/NYR -- game highlights


    Tue, 1 Nov 2011

    it and slapper one nothing Rangers just like that it's. Later in the period. Blue shirts out of power play. And Brandon Nowitzki . We'll back door who step and makes who are nothing New York. But Sharks. With some fight left in them even after a long

  8. Well you know that's managements fault you have to know who to pay you pay a guy like Kobe LeBron James of the Dirk Nowitzki you know you're gonna get your dollars worth of those players so. You had to be used better judgment to give the

  9. about her access to the went out with that. Gabriel the Barry Bonds' perjury trial began with federal investigator. Jeff Nowitzki still on the witness stand under cross examination. Defense attorney Allen ruby essentially tried to chisel away at witness

  10. 3.18: The Barry Bonds trial saga


    Sat, 19 Mar 2011

    the way. Think from the very beginning this is all of them about it trophy hunting expedition by. IRS agent originally Jeff Nowitzki and the prosecution and I think we're gonna see the same thing that we did are my individual case that they just did not

  11. 3.16: DAL/GSW -- game highlights


    Thu, 17 Mar 2011

    first field goal of the game to tie the game at 96 and underperforming the golf Dallas up two of Tyson Chandler. To Dirk Nowitzki for the jumper during camp 34 Dallas wins one well. what I was sick so the Warriors two game home winning streak is

  12. 2.16: SAC/DAL -- game highlights


    Wed, 16 Feb 2011

    Kings Mavericks Sacramento last win in Dallas came on February 27 2000. Re late second quarter didn't hit them not Dirk Nowitzki . It hit that I'm beyond the yards snapped up by thirteen at the half third corner this time. It kid himself. From

  13. the Oklahoma City Thunder Blake Griffin the rookie. From the LA Clippers forward center Manu Ginobili San Antonio Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Deron Williams and you tough. Mets any names on that list that you could possibly consider cutting out in favor

  14. 12.7: GSW/DAL -- Game Highlights


    Tue, 7 Dec 2010

    through the Warriors down to zero right to steal. From Dirk Nowitzki and coast to coast for the two hand under tied at sixty ..... now tied fourth quarter. That's up apple. But there Nowitzki and I must put any fuel. Dallas up by six. Next possessing

  15. score the secret store down funny they're almost taking advantage of that and actually. This happen it's gonna be Kyle Nowitzki . Right one home one that they can't let that it would take advantage of stayed right there. Yet just a little bit of start

  16. My goal my goal is to keep the ball in the ballpark and keep it down on the ground and that's kind of how I've isn't. Nowitzki and got a pretty good they're pretty good job of lifting the ball and they lifted that we that didn't build do we hit homers

  17. 7.23: Chronicle Live- Victor Conte


    Sat, 24 Jul 2010

    they're not gonna get him. Six lawyers a lot of money. You gotta understand that you know look is going up against. Jeff Nowitzki who basically seemed to have unlimited funds to. I'll leave he's the leading a whole series of trophy hunting expeditions

  18. 7.16: Jason Kidd on Chronicle Live


    Sat, 17 Jul 2010

    originally drafted you and your back with a team that still has some very lethal arts and the team of course resigning Dirk Nowitzki this off season. How about charity got enough gas left in the tank for the Dallas Mavericks to make around this next

  19. with a minute film like I got paid man in and this will only get votes on his low didn't now that Jim Simons and would you Nowitzki considered them. Local Baltic. Everybody losses due to load the list. Have my my it is murder. They talk and talk about

  20. 4.8: LAC/SAC Postgame- Paul Westphal


    Fri, 9 Apr 2010

    Saturday when the Dallas Mavericks come in the town we'll have a four year beginning at 7 o'clock come on out and seen Dirk Nowitzki and mavs take on the kings. You get your ticket to kings that com slash tickets so we say good night here from Sacramento