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2.29: GSW/ATL postgame -- Dominic McGuire



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Thu, 19 Jul 2012|

SportsCaster- Warriors SYTYCH


Machine Generated Transcript

Unwelcome news sports net central I'm in -- boxing we began our program by heading straight out to ORACLE Arena where sportscasters are -- by today's top story. I'm at my friends that you think you can him let's look back at the Warriors Timberwolves game an eight round here's me. Thank you captain Golden State has Minnesota to take on him. -- get an early lead -- outlets -- 63 Minnesota. But the lawyers come back energized late they're Charles it's definitely. -- cut that lead to 64. Quarter Brandon Rush drives spins and hits the tempered ties the game and 81. Lawyers up to what the minute to play dubs defense forced turnovers Rusch finds Dominic McGuire for the -- and the -- take another look at that play. Golden State wins 9388. That's all dressed today DC great team in Kansas where it's not then I'll watch us every night at 1030 on the Comcast sports net Bay Area.

Video Results

  1. Dominic McGuire pounds it home

    Five things that play. He meant to 65 seconds to go Mikki Moore tickets yeah. Wesley Johnson. Couldn't get there in time to play defense. He got time to get required extra free throw.

  2. Dominic McGuire's alley oop finish

    The Warriors' swingman finishes the break with authority.

  3. McGuire thankful for Jackson's trust

    to be a big important piece down the stretch. And in the future Dominic McGuire joining us here chronicle live Think coach saying right there that ..... everything so take it was so thanks for joining us here polite person Dominic McGuire .

  4. Lee impressed with McGuire's versatility

    David Lee talks about teammate Dominic McGuire's ability to play different positions and his importance in the locker room.

  1. guys look at that you I dorms of Christ on one by Sapp. And so I don't I don't think during a fire maybe ankle. Bart McGuire on another way yes you know I've got a cliche of tattoos as track club Alabama football fan it's little sour about what

  2. triple overtime game and game wanted to Stanley Cup final he had a little bit of a slip up in his NBC interview with Pierre McGuire . Take a birds. John Reid said. Good unbelievable. That is also of the. This is so funny to me because he didn't really

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    Sun, 19 May 2013

    Milan Lucic spoke with Pierre McGuire immediately after the Bruins win on Sunday.

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    Fri, 17 May 2013

    After the win, Brad Marchand spoke with NBC's Pierre McGuire about the B's mindset during the game and more.

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  6. 130 - Catherine and Henry.S B


    Thu, 19 Jul 2012

    the tempered ties the game and 81. Lawyers up to what the minute to play dubs defense forced turnovers Rusch finds Dominic McGuire for the and the take another look at that play. Golden State wins 9388. That's all dressed today DC great team

  7. 127 - Brian and Raymond A


    Thu, 19 Jul 2012

    he anyone lawyers though bunting. A through within minutes of play though that has forced the turnover rest finds Dominic McGuire for them and in the take another look at the play called as they went on the theory That's off for us today they

  8. 128 - Demarcus and Toderick A


    Thu, 19 Jul 2012

    in his foot jumpers inside the game 81. What is up to within minutes of play defense voices. That turnover rest Dominic McGuire for the jam in the past. Take another look at that play. Go to stage when it's not even 88. Today to the sports

  9. 121 - Lucky A


    Thu, 19 Jul 2012

    and it drives. It and hit the job. Tied the game and 81. The men light up the fourth aren't over let's find Dominic McGuire I don't let. Don't think they look at that quiet. Don't pump but it went in 93. It yet. You furious is what

  10. 117 - Cee Cee A


    Thu, 19 Jul 2012

    jumper tied the game at any line. Lawyers that soon within minutes you play them eat it forces a turnover. Risk by Dominic McGuire let that jam in the out taken a lit at the play but they certainly not great agency. That's all we the day that

  11. 135 - Marie and Sharlyn


    Mon, 16 Jul 2012

    t hit the jumper tied the game at eight the white. Why they managed to play Dutch defense let the cat out. and Dominic McGuire what that stands and the I'll take another look at it and the hardest wing 9388. That probably have to thank you

  12. Dorrell Wright


    Mon, 16 Jul 2012

    I hit 64 then there are guys being in his they tied the game at 81. Now I. Play the Cubs did it flexes its. stunned me. McGuire . Let them. Allen making them. Play and wins ninety day. That ball putts today thank you boys. and you know. Watch it

  13. that this probably spells the end of the right tenure here in Golden State I mean they have right. They still have Dominic McGuire was restricted free agent. Richard Jefferson's under contract through a few more years. And Harrison Barnes is

  14. NC you were there for. I'll feel you know I was there further the big time McGwire run with all the runs Sammy Sosa Bart McGuire type of deal and you know it's incredible. Every you know that night in night out the way they were hit to watch Mark McGwire

  15. Highlights -- Hornets 83, Warriors 81


    Wed, 25 Apr 2012

    s second the last game of the season first quarter Charles Jenkins. one curly Golden State Dempsey at that board Dominic McGuire . Feel that long range tied it up at 43. At the great second half down six in the third Klay Thompson and doing this

  16. his comeback from 21 points down to anyone late in the fourth quarter. Roy is an exclamation point on become like Dominic McGuire gets it on the break and he slams. Have one lawyers win 93 to 88. Overall we did a great job balance. Based on

  17. quarter member of the Warriors. Were down 21 at one point Brandan with a 81 late in the fourth. Hit some Mason. Dominic McGuire with the dominates in the war is come back from 21 to win. 93. To 88 eight was apparently enough for the wars just

  18. Robinson and the drive in the face he had nineteen off the it's just a four point game down there a two point game Dominic McGuire . They'll face this one topping 61 run for the ducks tied the game at 85 apiece Portland up to about six minutes

  19. slow start for rest hits that three at the buzzer the Warriors are now just wanna start to roll they brought into the Dominic McGuire . stayed up seven at half. Dorell Wright's. It's fitness all by himself lawyers at seventeen one seven Warriors

  20. in the first quarter. 27 in the game hard nosed defense in the second half. Joseph wall's drive into the open Dominic McGuire says excuse me you don't have provision that do that in my house ask me next time. Later Warriors with the skill