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Matt & Mindi: Harbaugh's QB change proved correct

Sun, 30 Jun 2013|

According to a report, former Sixers coach Doug Collins wanted to sign Kwame Brown to a five-year, $30 million deal last summer.

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  1. Jenkins: 'It's a blessing to be with a great organization'

    happy. Man. Might forgive my ignorance do you have does. background and returning survives. You know our target is Doug Collins too much much via a to a year and a every little The around I mean. That's something that mean. I can do great dedicated

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    Coming back home to help this organization. Reach greatness. That's that's what home. It's dream job. And Doug Collins and his partners again yeah. The Raiders have one have been as personnel departments football operations that just

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    mean it's still. Idealists are certainly see guys like Brandon you know and even even Crabtree and so when I was Doug Collins and he knows seeing these guys on TV every is kind of different rooms in person and I didn't start sawgrass are causing

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    good chance of the league's Eastern Conference team that's been. Had won nine of their last fourteen games oh and Doug Collins and emphasizes defense but you guys are sort of not a 110 point. You're sharing a thought adapt we had about 75

  1. he was something that they had to do in order to keep him available to play this season. Turn the niners are net thereby we Collins great players know Merlin Olsen over her deacon Jones. But will they be playing him in the first game after the bye against

  2. with a play called. The big sleeper. Bruce Miller lined up wide. On the right side all alone takes up 43 yard pass from Collins cap predicament 49ers offense was rolling. Even before the 49ers got on the scoreboard they set the tone for this game. A

  3. hit from James Montgomery the third he that two walk on for northwestern basketball team. Before her kids head coach Chris Collins had this the entire team surprise James himself. Rolled tape the that he some good news that make this very news let's see

  4. Ninkovich, Collins ready to adapt with Mayo out


    Thu, 17 Oct 2013

    Both Jamie Collins and Rob Ninkovich are ready for increased roles -- on the field and off -- with Jerod Mayo out.

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    Tue, 15 Oct 2013

    Joe Collins talks with "5 Outs..." producer Ryan McGuffey and previews the premiere of the documentary telling the story of the 2003 Chicago Cubs team that came oh so close to making the World Series.

  6. the best coverage as the Oakland a's look to finish off the Detroit Tigers turn in October watched on CSN California we have here at 1 o'clock. We do all the way up the first pitch I'm Dave Collins have a great day. Area dot com.

  7. the game ball to him between four Charles Woodson really the entire starting eleven. We'll talk about Charles Woodson Nate Collins . and any steps did anything we don't play. By the end I you know that fumble recovery for a touchdown that definitely and

  8. Bears lose DT Collins for '13 with torn ACL


    Mon, 7 Oct 2013

    The Bears' thin defensive unit took another blow after DT Nate Collins tore his ACL against the New Orleans Saints. The injury typically calls for an eight-month recovery.

  9. Melanie Collins talks Chicago Blackhawks gaudy new championship rings.

  10. And she has done Collins Joe's sports correspondent. Always so happy smiley chip Gosh she's so close of the weekend she's just I feel excited just

  11. And a prior probably everything you makes you want out of a second year player. Very. Explosive dangerous player I think Collins doing fine you know he's coming in every day working hard. And and hasn't changed. I'm not gonna get into the strategic

  12. you know has to be Castano. Jets a big problem ready gang it. Anything like that has the test out we're not only human Collins do abundant. Yeah room at the end making zone it's. Pretty much the same. I think it just yeah complete corner happen

  13. now. Our favorite part of a Shell of what stranding knowing Collins not my side are young sports scores the game. Melanie I ..... right there well done Josh Donaldson. Even better by Melanie Collins she's my pal every day right here. They have a great one

  14. Time now with the windy morning minute Collins CSN Bay Area dot com. Good morning on this with your morning minute we start off with some baseball. Giants began their new York

  15. You know. I was surprised. Because I knew Collins knows that. He's more than just the runners he's also ..... thankful that I as a blessing these guys. That we had. But Collins . You know they believe in him we believe in them. So we

  16. ve got a new fresh face Johnny mountain out you need your debut last night at the plate. He's exciting to watch the new Collins is there there first and them. How excited were eating up dancing in the. and you know just. It's amazing experience that

  17. love it. Our guys correspondent smiling as always knowledge Collins . brighten our day you better right now our day you're gonna ..... That somehow I mean anybody and all that dad. Did you Lily Collins are honey not. And I love talking to you to find a patron

  18. right now so. With that being CAA. I mean. You can expect anything. You can you know you can't expect. to go out in. And do all the things that we did last year because this is a new year two different teams Collins a different man.

  19. Yahoo! Sports correspondent. Melanie Collins everybody can. Say well in no money ..... quick once you become not Melanie Collins and right all those things that you'd like to write but you can't under Collins there'd be some freedom and that

  20. yeah I love finding out what's trending over Yahoo! Sports I'd like to know what's going on for the fantasy football but also we take a look. Terrelle Pryor starting for the Raiders and what should we expect to little piece there. They Yahoo! Sports coat check it out. But what I wanna find out