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11.19: Drew Gooden and Ricky Rubio



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Tue, 10 Jul 2012|

In this edition of the Lunch Box we visit Drew Gooden's charity event and we catch up with Giants ace, Matt Cain.


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Hey this is Matt Cain in your team into the lunch box. If anyone with a man in the heart and good in the of course -- was -- with a play like your third time on the lunch box itself it with that is sick you're thinking. -- you're second but at least it's more than once okay. All right so we're hearing for that make -- wish. Counties -- -- this talking again and you have seen me you've gotten backing here okay and right before a Dodgers. I Giants Dodgers game Heidi I mean I needed that. This has a lot of are making him come out -- -- social work even in between games like that our approach to baseball -- this program. That's. -- Absolutely there's a statement Hendry goes and there. No definitely still putting this all together for the foundation how important is coming Phillies pitching like it's huge it's huge it's a commitment -- them to. To a certain of -- language barriers chapter. And a this has been successful as a source that. And those were good calls and people come -- -- -- beautiful because it was a pleasant thing in -- -- -- about plus you have one. Of course and having fun days beautiful it's an easy. The lineup that you have here is unbelievable. China to support you can't you give him to shut up that line. Probably got -- -- right here we. Injured Ross here we. Down Strickland from the Jets here we have -- change myself showcase in Sacramento Kings. We have hoods who who who's coming -- gave us that we got to -- an actor I was time. And yeah a lot of people I'm actually I'm surprised I got up 40 how many people -- just over the top of my hit list I got this in my back pocket you don't get a result. -- -- -- -- gaffe that gave up that night lineup that you have there so -- neck -- forget what it with experience. His conditioning -- these it's all. -- sense we'll do an offseason. To have miserable night is. We're -- no other better place and -- place -- Of course Cain. Why aren't they -- and that could bring your alma California for him for drew good gains golf tournament for make a wish. Very nice organization would have to say about Nicholas it's wonderful you know we were able just to kind of get on board with these guys this year and we've had nothing but. Everybody's been so great to work with. And we've been we we can be happier with and it would and it went in with -- Nicholas. And everything that. The children have actually done for us and we can go back -- it. You know we're having so much on the. Now you hear on the fairway at infineon. Okay we are you know came off a perfect game congratulations and packed up in the easy so -- -- you gonna have that type of energy here for the golf. Yeah definitely you know they -- just -- kind of participate in the -- in the with a driving contest that you know getting into -- but this has been great you know we've been in doing so far. We gotta get back and help Sam. When I have to ask just teaching me. How did you feel that that's how I know you've even asked this question in that -- how did you feel beating her thinking. I don't know -- -- it's kind of explain. It's still gonna also it and just got to go through them I can't wait to see that I actually watch it and because -- and it's been pretty tremendous power.

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    In this edition of the Lunch Box we visit Drew Gooden's charity event and we catch up with Giants ace, Matt Cain.

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  10. special teams we got a big turn over. Coverage was outstanding. Tennessee Jason Stillman. What you guys you know Tavares Gooden . Larry Grant Bruce Miller Delanie Walker. David Akers in really a tremendous job there on defense we get. The degree interception

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  13. much. It's just a confident like that it's it's what. I don't think. And it even worse if it really didn't do you Gooden and if anybody had any regrets about ultimately as a sort. Makes it tough for the most important really close was. With the

  14. the food and coming through so I think you know for. You know we kind of tanked when his games and in DC there. So it's Gooden to come in and pick him up you know I think he's been really really well. Over the last few years and he probably. Deserves

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  16. bullpen in Tampa. And you know we communicate pretty well so. We felt you know even through his bullpen today we we looked Gooden . When the problem and didn't look like was an issue during the game much like I said velocity was there stuff was as good

  17. farther. You know I usually we always news back a little bit you know it's just to make sure you get everything really you know Gooden going. You know it's kind of drags and those guys that have that kind of put a lot of a lot of them whenever they feel is

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