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12.21: The Weekend Riff: Monday Edition



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Mon, 21 Dec 2009|

Insiders Urban and Steinmetz riff on everything from CIF football to Alex Smith to each other in this edition of "The Weekend Riff."


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Are you go in his first Monday edition of the weekend ripped -- Friday. We broke down. Fire that's basically quite break it down that we talked about what we're looking forward see happening in order we talk first about the Stanford women hosting. The Tennessee won -- two rematch that we talked about the high school state football bowl games we talked then about -- and kings a little bit. And we went to Raiders and Broncos and the niners. Hand that thing and that's Richard Eagles. So what we're gonna do now and we're gonna do everybody's look back on the topic that we discussed on Friday games that we can -- Friday edition comes write Monday's edition we look back so Madison claiming dominance this weekend. Because. You mentioned a couple of names and those names and work out but we're gonna start. And you're gonna get an idea that was his metrics for success restart with the Tennessee. Stanford women's basketball now. You're claiming victory because you -- -- Personally like you'd like to thank -- for -- The human though it was. Basically a dominant performance by assignments. Blowout. Basically. You recall I said I'd like Stanford this weekend what you didn't. If you -- But so I'll I'll -- Stanford just jump -- -- -- the Raiders -- I got everything right let's focus but spoke. It's on the Stanford look at Tennessee now. Not close yeah so -- -- expect this you know 23 you're expected to go down the wire. The series has always been even you know two powerhouse program that's what it. But it was basically blow -- percent. And now they're -- -- Wednesday against UConn and that scheduled Stanford and I think Emerson. That number three. Tennessee coming in particular number one UConn. It was a it was a did you expect Stanford to Iraq women and while I expected it. That's why I didn't watch the game because I knew that there was going to be in control what I can -- -- -- Twitter account and I saw Watson. Tweets about now PO Pat Summitt was. No one -- think she looked so mention written you gone. So if you let it smack on the greens to let me but he didn't some things well this weekend to. And I actually like more than it did. Last Friday and we taped the show because obviously you know -- -- male coach. She would be. Wouldn't say categories management coaches just the demanding so. Excuse she's good managers but she's one of the few women coaches that -- when you talk about. Some. Asked. But I've never used that she's a polarizing figure he gets. What if she were met she would not be all right they should just be -- another demanding college coach. And I -- it went like this Friday. Coaches and school football -- super state yeah yeah metric and the Mets fan it's metric because you mentioned Bob Ladouceur. He's taking it as a victory Democrats his victory. We didn't make predictions about the here but because you mention Bob -- Houston victory. -- I could -- -- selfless and I don't know I'll -- and other options were there. And you know as somebody who covered the -- football for two or three years back in the day. I'm certain affinity toward them but I didn't you gonna you know Ron Graham Crenshaw Nick Price I knew that. On your back after that working out -- You know due to physical punishing -- -- yeah. Really like about this game Snoop -- on the side I think on the Crenshaw sideline workers are here union goes. Well. Performance well tomorrow. Also say it turned you on Friday. I think -- great -- matter subjective. It's wrong. Warriors. -- got beat by the Wizards on Friday. Old friend Gilbert Arenas came back into town scored 45 points and I don't remember this Michael let them we talked about what may happen on Friday said -- -- -- you batteries is going to be wound -- so your first stop throwing. I'll list three you know a guy coming back to play team that keep -- posted. It's going to be -- I mean this team in progress. I think part of his former team because you -- you'd be our. And because he's worked for me directly in union so victory -- Yeah because I picked -- that Gilbert Arenas was going to be wound up as opposed to end one game this general Earl Boykins. Currently reside in you do -- actually given by specifically talked about I specifically talked about when he comes back to Oakland she here. Fan favorite. Yeah I knew he was gonna feed off and that's exactly what -- to skew the answers -- -- expertise -- tourism -- You agree -- twenty plus points last year. Like Erica misses likes babies. -- Actually. He's getting that there's no doubt about. He's figured out the pro game. He's getting used to the speed undersized defenders. You know it's nothing -- could be far I don't know whether he's gonna be a a big time starter in the NBA or whether just gonna be -- rotation player but he's going to be somebody you can help a team. No you use the tax expression again this thing that's mr. You -- JaMarcus Russell is going to be fine so. And because he said that jamarcus do what you -- and Sunday against the Broncos start missing Richard now I'll give him this victory. He didn't victory here to win in Denver last. You -- to Marcus. When pressed view on argued that jamarcus fan you really means that if Stella by JaMarcus Russell. And in no way shape or form bonds JaMarcus Russell and neither is Tom cable because right after the games at right is Lester we're right next week. I doubt yes -- tell you something. Last week I was probably the only Bay Area medium. Who stood behind JaMarcus Russell while being tiger Bay Area -- community was -- guy. Right I got in front of the cameras and said he's gonna be fought. And sure up what then happens to guys might lose JaMarcus Russell leads Oakland Raiders to victory with a last minute drive. That's at least I think he did pretty fun that's how basketball guy. Option that's -- we don't bring you specifically his basketball because you can just bring him in every sport you can breakdown jamarcus Russell's right great future so black. Specifically preseason there. And senators u.'s list too these are your knowledge of the raiders' organization -- Two people who believe that's assignments and Al Davis. All I'm gonna say. Excuse -- -- you're doctor once every niners Eagles. This is an easy -- I thought you kind of went away with the 49ers you walk. No but -- the Philadelphia Eagles are here and the 49ers. Just out out out and and the other thing that I said and also proved to be. True. Alex -- Would you talk about the 49ers skill positions Frank Gore Vernon Davis Michael Crabtree. Schmidt is not. Even that. Just think for the 49ers to take the next step they're gonna have to upgrade. For me it's not that -- but it isn't good. It's that we need to be better. I agree with the all of that I got caught up tonight you play you're Brennaman and careful going at such tremendous game. I never thought that the Mariners are playoff team even if they had won this game against the Eagles. There were -- they're gonna do well. And I think yesterday that there are officially since you know I have to be done without -- I'm a guy who just you know I give second chances I give their kids like -- fortunes. Actually give Alex anymore chances in this was. You know for lack of better phrase this was the biggest game of the here's your. Cardinal game was the biggest game here at the time and he performed OK but that was the game won by the defense of frank -- -- Alex Smith needs to at some point winning game by himself. He's never -- game all by himself with the 49ers and you know I mean he threw three picks yesterday. They were never really in the game. To answer your I don't know. And I'm gonna go with your tune and. Three -- -- when wilt scored a hundred had a right -- just piece of paper 100. That's and I went through you know and that I don't understand is. The 49ers go into the link in December. For the coach oh yeah by perennial. On -- Philadelphia Garcia who lives in -- admitted that I kind of got sucked into the moment and Bobby had a great game Monday Night Football I got caught him -- got. -- not a -- -- guy he's not from this area I'm -- Bay Area -- so. I mean all things being equal inside with -- right on them in -- man. That translates into objectivity. I -- -- Michael -- as the weekend -- -- review interview and assignments undefeated. And we'll go Friday night every Friday this week. It's going to be Thursday -- Wednesday and kickbacks Houston area. Well some point gets you into next week in the octagon Altman.

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